The brain hole has to be served by Luo Guanzhong: with 28 words, write a classic of stagnation

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The brain hole has to be served by Luo Guanzhong: with 28 words, write a classic of stagnation

2018-11-08 10:25:32 314 ℃

Hello everyone, I am using history as a proof of the sang.

Today we continue the small story of "The Three Kingdoms". At present, most people's understanding of the three countries comes from Luo Guanzhong's classic novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

When Luo Guanzhong wrote "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", he not only referred to the history books "Three Kingdoms" and "The Later Han" The book, "Shi Shuo Xin Yu" ... also referenced many wild history and folklore that have been lost, most of them respect the epic, and a small part of the brain opens. But it is just the words that opened up this part of the brain hole, which brought us the classics of Wolong, Zhuge Liang, and the Confucianism, grass and boat borrowing arrows, borrowing Dongfeng, Sanqi Zhouyu and so on.

But today we are going to talk about the story of Pang Tong, the phoenix of the same name as Wolong.

The story of the phoenix Pang Tong is not lacking in the history books. In the early days, Jingzhou and Dongwu were unhappy. Later, Liu Bei was only a county magistrate. These are basically true records.

But the death of Pang Tong, who only made people sigh, was strongly rendered by Luo Guanzhong, and he wrote the feeling of being mad!

First, Kong Ming, who is far away from Jingzhou, feels wrong, so the night In view of the name of the sky, he decided to write a letter to dissuade;


After receiving the letter, Pang Tong believed that Zhuge Liang was unwilling to make his own merits, and also advised Liu Bei, and he was ready to retire.


Liu Bei, who listened to Pang Tong’s opinion, decided to split the two roads with Pang Tong and seized Yizhou in one fell swoop. On the way to the army, Liu Bei Pang Tong rushed to take a dangerous path. The harmony between the monarch and the minister is incomparable.


Liu Beizheng is not a Pang Tong, so the two of them are farewell to each other; but unfortunately, when they were farewell, Pang Tong horses somehow, and Pang Tong, Liu Bei gave his mount Lu to Pang Tong;


In the end, Pang Tong led the army to Luofengpo and saw "Luofengpo", saying "This place and my The road number is unfavorable!" When he was preparing to retreat, he was appointed as Liu Bei Wan Jian, and shot under the horse.


After the death of Pang Tong, it is logical to lead Zhuge Liang and Zhang Fei to enter, leaving Xia Guanyu guards Jingzhou.

It can be said that the passages of Pang Tong’s death are extremely wonderful, and Pang Tong’s death is also a sigh of relief. Finally, I left Guan Yu to bury the hidden worry of Jingzhou.

But is it really recorded in the history books?

In history, Pang Tong offered Liu Bei to enter Yizhou and won Yizhou as a base. So Liu Bei and Pang Tong led the army to the west, Zhuge Liang and others stayed in Jingzhou.

Pang Tong made a plan for Liu Bei along the way. When he met Liu Wei, he took Liu Wei directly. Yizhou was settled. Unfortunately, Liu Bei met for the first time. This was too unfaithful to refuse. So Pang Tong offered the next three counts, and Liu Bei chose to do it. These are similar to the records in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

But then Pang Tong was killed in Jixian County, and the death of Pang Tong in the Three Kingdoms was only a short 28-word record:

Into the county, Commanding the masses to attack the city, for the flow of the middle, the death, the time is thirty-six. The Lord is deplored, and the words are flowing. - "Three Kingdoms"

You can see that Pang Tong is not dying in ambush But died in siege operations. And Pang Tong did not sit high in the back like an ordinary adviser. Instead, he personally commanded the battle on the battlefield and took the lead. Unfortunately, Pang Tong was too lucky to be shot by a cold arrow.

We went back to make a comparison between the Romance and the official history, only to find that Mr. Luo Guanzhong’s brain was extremely big, and the short history of twenty-eight characters in the history was hard to make up for the brain. A series of popular stories, such as the night view of the sky, the writing of Kong Ming, the gift of Liu Bei, the Lu Yizhu, and the fall of the phoenix. Moreover, each story has a connection with each other, and the descriptiveness of the writings is worthy of being the four famous classics.

This series of writing skills is extremely scarce for online writers. It can be said that if you want to write a good novel, Luo Guanzhong’s overhead technique based on real historical materials, nine true and false, is The object of learning well.

When I write here, for the predecessors, I have to wait for the brains of Luo Guanzhong’s predecessors to sigh and admire!

I use history as a glimpse of the sang, and there are interesting historical stories every day. Welcome attention.