How did Song Guangzu’s death and Zhao Guangyi seize power?

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How did Song Guangzu’s death and Zhao Guangyi seize power?

2018-11-14 10:25:35 353 ℃
Today, 1042 years ago, on November 14, 976, the founder of the Chinese Song Dynasty, Song Taizu Zhao Wei died.

In the Song Dynasty's work "Lishuijiwen", it was recorded that when Taizu was just driving, it was already four, and the Queen let the inner waiters know that Wang Jilong summoned Qin Wang Defang. However, Wang Jilong believed that the idea of ​​the emperor's passing to the Jin Wang Zhao Guangyi had already been fixed. So he did not call Zhao Defang, but he quickly rushed to Kaifeng to find Zhao Guangyi. Far away, I saw the medical officer Jia Dexuan sitting in front of the government gate. When asked, the man said that at night, someone knocked at the door and said that his maid called the king of Jin, but he did not see anyone when he opened the door, like this three times. I am afraid that Jin Wang is sick, so I will come and see.

Zhao Wei

Wang Jilong felt very strange, so he took things Tell him that the two went to see Jin Wang Zhao Guangyi. Zhao Guangyi was very surprised. He hesitated to go forward and said, "I want to discuss this with my family." It didn't come out long after I entered. Wang Jilong urged: "Things can't be delayed for a long time, otherwise they will be taken over by others." So they went to the palace together. The Queen of Song heard someone coming in and said, "Is it Defang?" Wang Jilong said: "It is the King of Jin." Song Queen saw the King of Jin and was shocked and said: "Our mother and child are entrusted to the official." Jin Wang cried and said: "We have a wealth together, please don't worry."

After this text, there is a comment from Ding Chuanjing, saying, this paragraph and "Xiang There is a difference in the record of the mountain, when the Taizu died in this record, Taizong was not around, so he could wash away the suspicion of the candlestick axe.

In fact, this passage not only did not wash away the suspicion, but let Zhao Guangyi take The fact of position is even more obvious.

First, when the Taizu died in the text, the Queen was at the side, and the one who sent the insider’s call was Zhao Yu’s second son, Qin Wang Zhao Defang. However, Wang Jilong made his own claim and changed his letter to Zhao Guangyi. how so? It must have been that this person was Zhao Guangyi’s confidant. Once something happened, he would inform Zhao Guangyi as soon as possible. As the Queen's most trusted insider turned out to be Zhao Guangyi's man, you can see Zhao Guangyi in the court, in the palace, the tentacle is everywhere.

Second, Wang Jilong went to Zhao Guangyi’s house and saw the medical officer. Is this medical doctor really afraid that Zhao Guangyi will be ill if he is sick? No, when it was the news that the emperor Zhao Wei was dying or had passed away, he immediately told Zhao Guangyi. As a long-time arrogant Zhao Guangyi bought a foreign eunuch, and bought a medical officer, what is hard!

Third, when the Queen of Song saw that the person who summoned him was not his own son, but the younger brother Zhao Guangyi immediately admitted his orthodoxy, without a trace of resistance, isn’t it strange? As the mother of a country, we must profoundly recognize the meaning of the recognition of the successor of Zhao Guangyi. In politics, you have always lived and died, and there is no second way to go.

I think the true meaning of this passage is just to supplement the orthodoxy that proves Taizong’s position. Including Zhao Guangyi's hesitation when he entered the palace, everything is so meditation, and he thinks in his heart, but he has to refuse many times, because this is etiquette.