Where did Zhang Zuolin’s “aircraft carrier” come from, and where did he go last?

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Where did Zhang Zuolin’s “aircraft carrier” come from, and where did he go last?

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"Northeast King" Zhang Zuolin sits on hundreds of thousands of troops and is well equipped and powerful in many warlords. What's more, he also owns an aircraft carrier called the Zhenhai ship.

The "Zhenhai" ship is equipped with a 4.7-inch two-door naval gun, a 3-inch four-door artillery gun, weighing only 2,708 tons, and a speed of 12 knots. It has two "Shirak". FBA-19 waterborne carrier aircraft.

("Zhenhai" ship old photo)

However, the "Zhenhai" ship The plane could not be taken off on the ship. It must rely on the crane to lift the aircraft out of the ship. After the aircraft takes off and performs the mission, it is recycled to the ship by crane. Therefore, every time the carrier aircraft is dispatched to perform the mission, the "Zhenhai" must stop the ship and anchor, and it takes time and effort.

However, it is such a warship. In the case of China at that time, it was considered to be relatively advanced. It at least realized the combination of warships and aircraft, and it also had the impact of sea and air. Therefore, the "Zhenhai" ship is known as China's "first aircraft carrier."

Where did Zhang Zuolin’s “aircraft carrier” come from?

The "Zhenhai" is actually a German naval transport ship, formerly known as "Xiangli", which was later converted into a commercial ship and has been engaged in commercial operations on the Shandong coast.

In 1922, when he first fought in the warlords, Zhang Zuolin came to the front line to supervise the war. He was bombarded by the other side of the ship and almost killed the fire. This fierce shelling made Zhang Zuolin realize that it is still impossible to have a strong army, and he must vigorously develop the navy. Therefore, Zhang Zuolin handed over the task of forming the navy to Shen Honglie, the chief of staff of the Jiheijiang Fleet.

(Shen Honglie's old photo)

This Shen Honglie is a naval talent, 1905, He entered the Japanese Navy’s Jiangtian Island School and returned to China to develop the Chinese Navy. He served as an officer of the Nanjing Provisional Government Admiral of the Republic of China and had a lot of experience in the construction of the Navy.

After receiving the order of Zhang Zuolin, Shen Honglie immediately set up the "Special Air Traffic Police Department of the Security Command of the Eastern Three Provinces" and began to secretly raise the Navy's formation for Zhang Zuolin.

It was almost impossible to publicly buy a warship from abroad shortly after the Washington meeting. Therefore, Shen Honglie thought of a compromise, buy an old merchant ship, and then transform it into a warship, which can save money and minimize time.

But the acquisition of the old merchant ship is also a huge investment for Shen Honglie. After receiving the report of Shen Honglie, the Northeast Army wanted to spend a lot of money and vetoed his plan.

After learning the news, Zhang Zuolin reprimanded the military chief: "The formation of the navy is imminent. This is the task I assigned to Shen Honglie. Even if you give money, my Northeast Army has money." /p>

So, Shen Honglie bought the "Xiangli" merchant ship from the merchant and converted it into the "Zhenhai" warship.

After that, Shen Honglie gradually transformed the other two warships, and the captured Russian icebreaker, the Northeast Navy began to take shape.

In 1924, after the second outbreak of the Great War, the Northeast Navy, with the "Zhenhai" as its main force, intercepted the direct military south escape road in Qinhuangdao, and broke the powerful Bohai Fleet to help Zhang Zuolin. In the second straight battle, he won the victory.

(Zhang Zuolin's stills)

Zhang Zuolin tasted the sweetness of the navy and took huge sums of money from France purchased eight "Schluck" FBA-19 seaplanes to further enhance the power of the Northeast Navy.

In 1927, Zhang Zuolin played the power of the "Zhenhai" to the extreme, and took the initiative to attack the naval aircraft on the "Zhenhai" to bomb the naval vessels and bomb the warships. The navy caused great shock.

In 1928, after the northeast changed to the flag, the "Zhenhai" was used as a training ship at the Huludao Airport Police School for naval trainees to train internships, and trained a large number of naval soldiers for the National Government.

On October 1, 1930, the "Zhenhai" was the flagship and participated in the ceremony of recycling Weihaiwei in China, witnessing the important historical moment of land recycling.

In 1937, after the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, in order to prevent the Japanese invasion of Qingdao, Shen Honglie ordered nine warships including the "Zhenhai" to sink together at the Qingdao Xiaogang Terminal and block the navigation channel. The heavy weapons unloaded on the ship played an important role in the later battle against Japan and became a powerful equipment.

The "Zhenhai" ended its legendary life in a near-cruel manner.

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