Xu Wei and Dian Wei are Cao Cao lovers, why Dian Wei entered Cao Cao Temple Ting Xu but did not

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Xu Wei and Dian Wei are Cao Cao lovers, why Dian Wei entered Cao Cao Temple Ting Xu but did not

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After the death of Cao Cao, there were five batches of outstanding meritorious generals who entered the Cao Cao Temple from 祀, for example, Xiahou Temple, Cheng Hao, Yi, Xia Houyuan, Cao Ren, Cao Hong, Zhang Liao , Zhang Wei, Le Jin, Dian Wei, etc., can enter, are made great efforts, the average person is not qualified to enter, then, among the five groups of personnel, Cao Cao’s love will enter the code, but Xu Wei did not enter, this is What is the reason?

The first batch of three people entered, Xiahou Hou, Cao Ren And Cheng Hao.

"Three Kingdoms Ming Emperor" records: Xia May, Shen Shen, the generals of the generals Xia Houzhen, Da Sima Cao Ren, the car rider General Cheng Hao Yu Taizu Temple.

The second batch has the most, there are 20 people, respectively, Cao Zhen, Cao Xiu, Xia Houshang, 桓 , Chen Chen, Zhong Yu, Zhang Wei, Xu Huang, Zhang Liao, Le Jin, Hua Wei, Wang Lang, Cao Hong, Xia Houyuan, Zhu Ling, Wen Hiring, tyrants, Li Dian, Pound, Dian Wei.

《三国志 少帝纪》 Record: Autumn July, the old Sima Caozhen, Cao Xiu, Zheng Nanda General Xia Houshang, Tai Changzhen 阶,司空陈髃,太傅钟繇,Cheqi General Zhang He, Zuo General Xu Huang, former General Zhang Liao, Right General Le Jin, Tai Yu Hua Wei, Situ Wang Lang, Qi Qi General Cao Hong, Zheng Xijun Xia Houyuan, Hou General Zhu Ling, Wen, hiring, ruling, ruling, general Li Dian, Liyi General Pound, Wu Meng School, Dian Wei, in the Taizu Temple.

The third batch of one person, hehe.

《三国志 少帝纪》Record:Winter November, 诏祀故尚书令荀攸太 祖庙庭.

The fourth batch of one person, Sima Yi.

《三国志 少帝纪》 Record:In November, there are singers who should eat in Taizu Temple The more the official is the second, Tai Fu Sima Xuan Wang Gong Gao Jue Zun, the most on.

The fifth batch of one person, Guo Jia.

《三国志 少帝纪》 Record: is the old age, 诏祀 军 祭 祭 郭 郭 Guo Jia Yu Taizu Temple court.

In this case, it is worth noting that in the military commanders, in addition to the ban on casting Guan Yu, the evening is not guaranteed, basically entered, but there is no Xu Wei, then, Xu Wei and Dian Wei The same name, are the love of Cao Cao, personally guard Cao Cao, why Dian Wei can enter, and Xu Wei can not enter? Why is it so thick?

First, why can Dian Wei enter?

Dian Wei died earlier. In the battle of Wancheng, Dian Wei tried to protect Cao Cao, fight Zhang Xiujun, and finally died in battle. He was seriously injured in his body and died very much. heroic. Cao Cao heard that Dian Wei was dead, crying and crying, and personally honouring Dian Wei.

"Three Kingdoms code Wei Chuan " records: Wei was dozens of creations, short soldiers to fight, thieves beat. Wei Shuangqi two thieves killed, the thief did not dare to go. Before Wei Fu sneaked a thief, killing a few people, creating a re-emergence, and screaming and dying. The thief dared to take his head, pass it on, and the army would look at his body. Taizu retired from the dance yin, Wen Wei died, was a rogue, recruited to take the funeral, personally crying .

It can be said that the battle of Wancheng, if there is no Dian Wei to protect Cao Cao, Cao Cao will die. Therefore, Dian Wei made great contributions, and Dian Wei died for Cao Cao.

While Xu Wei was in the battle of Shaoguan, holding a saddle in one hand and supporting the boat in one hand, also saved the life of Cao Cao, but Xu Wei died in the Cao Yu era, then, relative In fact, Xu Wei did the escort work for the later monarchs, and the credit was relatively scattered.

In addition, Xu Xinsheng was straightforward and offended many people. For example, Xu Wei offended Cao Ren. Once, Cao Ren came back from the field to see Cao Cao. Cao Cao was sleeping. Didn't get up, Cao Renla Xu Wei went to talk next to him, Xu Yan said coldly, Wei Wang is coming out. After he finished, he went straight in. He left Cao Ren aside, and he didn't give any face. Cao Ren was very angry.

It can be seen that Xu has many people who have offended. Even the clan generals such as Cao Ren have been offended by Xu, who have offended others and can be imagined. Perhaps this is an important reason why Xu Wei did not enter Cao Cao Temple from 祀.

Not only that, but later, Xu Yi’s son, Xu Yi, was in the middle of the clock, because the clock would be stuck on the bridge, and Xu Yi was a pioneer. The bell will be furious and ordered Xu Yi to beheaded. It can be seen that Xu has offended many people. Otherwise, how can no one stop it? Xu Wei made such a great effort, and the ending is like this, it is really regrettable!