"Huguang Governor" and "Governor Governor", who is higher? Which one is more powerful?

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"Huguang Governor" and "Governor Governor", who is higher? Which one is more powerful?

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In the Qing Dynasty, in order to more conveniently and effectively govern the place, the Ming Dynasty system was followed and the position of Governor was established. Used to assist the court and govern the place. However, when the Ming Dynasty established the Governor, it was not established for a long time, but it was temporarily arranged according to the tasks as needed. This kind of governor, and the requirements of the Qing Dynasty, must be very different.

So, after the Qing Dynasty entered the customs, it took decades, or even hundreds of years of adjustment, to gradually explore a A more complete system of governors. Prescribe their authority, jurisdiction, grade, and so on. When the Qing Dynasty, there were two kinds of governors.

One is represented by the Governor of the Transport and is responsible for an important matter throughout the country. The other is represented by the Governor of Huguang, who has mastered the powers of several provinces or regions.

Although they belong to the same country, they also govern military affairs. However, the Governor of Huguang and the Governor of Suiyun are still very different. Let me talk about the Governor of Huguang. During the Qing Dynasty, the Governor of Huguang governed the military and political powers of the two provinces of Hunan and Hubei. Because of this, it is also known as the "two lake governors."

In the official system of the Qing Dynasty, the Governor of Huguang was originally a second-class official. However, in order to make it better to exercise military and political power, the imperial court will generally let the Governor of Huguang take up a higher-level position.

In general, in most cases, the Governor of Huguang will concurrently serve as the right-hand censor of the right-wing court and the military department. Positions. The Imperial Court’s right-wing history is mainly for the purpose of supervising and supervising the affiliates and civil and military officials throughout the jurisdiction.

The Ministry of Military Affairs is only a title, which can make the Governor better responsible for military affairs. With these two positions, the Governor can truly grasp the military and political power. After taking up these two positions, the Governor’s rank will be promoted from the second product to the one product.

However, in some special cases. Such as a sudden war, or a civil strife uprising. The court may allow the local governor to serve as a university graduate. The cabinet is the highest institution in the name of the court. The Governor of Huguang, who held this position, was equal to the highest center of the imperial court in the case of the tyrannical seal.

This will greatly help the improvement of the official speech. Of course, compared with the Governor of Huguang, the Governor of Yuncheng is not bad. After all, luck in the past belongs to the imperial economic artery. In the first year of Shunzhi, shortly after the Qing Dynasty entered the customs, it immediately set up a patrol censor and collected grain for military use.

After several years later, the Qing Dynasty began to improve the entire transportation system. The Governor of Suiyun was also established. As the highest commander of the transport system, the Governor of Suiyun has to manage the transport and part of the river, warehousing and military affairs. The position of the governor of the squad is generally followed by the governor of Anhui, the governor of the river, the patrol priest, and the clerk.

The Qing Dynasty has been stationed in Huai'an, Jiangsu for more than two hundred years. Cooperate with the river governor in one place. In order for the Governor of Suiyun to exercise his powers better, the court will also allow it to hold some other positions.

In general, the right-wing priest is a long-term part-time job of the Governor of Suiyun. Granting this part-time job, the court has its own considerations. When the Qingyun system was in the Qing Dynasty, it was completely equal to the degree of corruption in the two systems of Yanzheng and Hedao.

After all, it’s a rich system. Officials of the transport system carry so much food every year. There are really few officials who can keep the corruption without being corrupt.

The Qing Dynasty granted this part-time job to the Governor of Suiyun. Just to make it better to supervise subordinates. Of course, the Royal History will also be dispatched to monitor the Governor of the Transport. After taking up this position, the Governor of the Ministry of Transport, who was originally a second-class official, will rise from the first grade.

However, the Governor of Suiyun did not concurrently hold the position of Shangshu. However, the Governor of Suiyun has a military directly under his jurisdiction, and the number is about three or four thousand. At the same time, it can control the soldiers who have passed through the province.

Therefore, from the Qing Dynasty official regulations, the Governor of Huguang and the Governor of Suiyun did not have much difference. In addition to different duties and responsibilities, these two official positions are similar.

Although the Governor of Huguang can theoretically serve as a university student. But that is only a special case. The operation industry is still the lifeblood of the court. However, by the time of the Qing Dynasty, with the influence of multiple factors such as corruption in the Qing Dynasty, taxation and grain transportation, and river congestion, the transportation itself began to decline.

The position of the Governor of Suiyun is naturally no longer important. The Governor of Huguang is different. In the late Qing Dynasty, the local governor began to increase his powers. The biggest advantage of Governor Hu Guang is that Zhang Zhidong has held this position.

Zhang Zhidong is a famous minister of the Westernization Movement in the late Qing Dynasty. He placed the blueprint originally intended to be placed in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions in the Huguang area, making the Huguang area an emerging city in the late Qing Dynasty.

The development around the Yangtze River has made the Huguang area a major industrial town in modern China. Zhang Zhidong later entered the center of the main body, and he has a great relationship with him as the governor of Huguang.

It is obvious that the Governor of Suiyun gradually went downhill until the late Qing Dynasty, until he was abolished during the Guangxu period. As a result of this change, the status of Governor Huguang is getting higher and higher. Not only in the place, but also in the court center, there is also a high amount of speech.

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