Is Wu Sangui really for Chen Yuanyuan, is he rushing to surrender to the Qing Dynasty?

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Is Wu Sangui really for Chen Yuanyuan, is he rushing to surrender to the Qing Dynasty?

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In 1644, Li Wangcheng, the king of the king, attacked the capital, and the emperor of Chongzhen hanged the coal mountain, and the Ming Dynasty perished. Then Ping Xibo Wu Sangui rushed to the crown and became angry, and led the army into Shanhaiguan. Wu Sangui’s anger caused Man Qing to enter the Central Plains, which affected the direction of history. Did he really surrender to the Qing Dynasty to love Chen Yuanyuan?

Crying the six military sects, rushing to the crown is angry. In the history of our country, there are many people who are angry with the crown. Like the Spring and Autumn Period, the interest of the king of the country, Cai Houhou, sang his wife, and angered and asked Chu Wenwang to catch Cai Ai Hou. As a result, Chu Wenwang also saw the interest of the lady, and destroyed the country. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Lu Bu, in order to swear, angered Dong Zhuo. It’s no wonder that there is a saying that “the red water is a disaster”.

Wu Sangui at the end of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is also considered to be an outstanding representative of the red anger. In 1644, after the demise of the Ming Dynasty, Wu Sangui had surrendered to Li Zicheng's Dashun Dynasty and was ordered to rush to the capital to worship the new master. It was said that Chen Yuanyuan, one of the 妾 妾 Qin Huai Ba Yan, was taken by Li Zongmin, the general of Li Zicheng, in anger. Returning to western Liaoning, attacking the guardian of the Shanhaiguan ruling Tang Tong, took the Shanhaiguan, and surrendered to the Qing Dynasty, and led the army to enter the customs.

According to historical records, Wu Sangui was on his way to Beijing and met a Xiaoji and a servant Riding a horse ran wildly. The two lied to Wu Sangui that he had been arrested and that the family had been killed and that the two of them escaped. In fact, the two had been in private for a long time, and they had stolen property and fled. There are also historical records, Wu Sangui heard that his father Wu Hao was arrested by Li Zicheng, so-called 200,000 two, Chen Yuanyuan was taken away by Liu Zongmin, and so on. There are many arguments in the historical data, but it is because it is difficult to determine. The most well-known is that Wu Sangui turned against Chen Yuanyuan.

The rushing crown is angry, it sounds like a love story that can touch people's hearts. In fact, many people think The saying that Wu Sangui rushed to the crown was nothing more than a cover-up cloth that concealed his surrender to the truth. Wu Meicun’s poems pointed out the truth: “The whole family has a white bone into a gray soil, and a generation of red makeup is like a Han Qing?” For the sake of Chen Yuanyuan’s senior Ji, Wu Sangui actually placed his parents and other immediate family members (when the family members were in Beijing). Is Chen Yuanyuan really so heavy in his heart?

You may say that Wu Sangui was only 32 years old when he was young and prosperous. This kind of statement is totally unreliable. Even if the modern people are at this age, it is possible to be so angry that even the aunt does not care. Not to mention that the ancients were precocious, and they were still in the rivers and lakes for more than a decade, and the high-weight Ping Xibo Wu Sangui.

In the eyes of Wu Sangui, the safety of his parents may make him scruple and be forced to surrender Li Zicheng. But if you want to say that you are not even a wife, but rather Chen Yuanyuan, it is 10,000 impossible. What is most valued in his mind is actually his own security and power, status, and even his parents have to stand by. This is by no means nonsense, but it has been proved by the facts.

Li Zicheng learned that Wu Sangui had turned against him and led the troops into the three customs, but at this time did not give up the fight for Wu Sangui With Wu Hao and the Prince of the Ming Dynasty and some princes, I hope that they can recruit Wu Sangui through these people and the result is rejected. If it was said that it was because of misunderstanding, this time to refuse to return again, is to push his old man and his family into the fire pit. Li Zicheng, who eventually defeated him, helped him complete this wish. On the way to the retreat, he killed him and returned to Beijing, killing dozens of his family.

Why should I refuse to return to Li Zicheng again? Because he may have been suspicious that Li Zicheng is cheating on him, and this is the reason. On the way to Li Zicheng's entry into Shanhaiguan, he had colluded with the Qing court. With the backing, it was precisely for the army of Dolce to gain time. He sent people and Li Zicheng and the snake to delay the time.

In fact, Wu Sangui has a greater ambition to emulate Li Yuan and borrow money from Dorgon. After the completion of the property and land cutting as a reward. Only he is not Li Yuan, nor has he played too much. At the beginning of the Shanhaiguan War, Dole was not in a hurry to shoot, just like a yellow bird watching Wu Sangui and Dashunjun. In the first matchup, Wu Sangui, who was turned over by the Dashun Army, no longer had the bargaining capital. He could only be forced to shave his hair and begged Dolce to help.

There was a killing of the Dashun Army and the Nanming forces for the Qing Dynasty. Wu Sangui, who was the queen of the seal, had more Mei Hao, Chen Yuanyuan was beaten into the cold palace and had to be a monk. It can be seen from this that Chen Yuanyuan is absolutely dispensable for Wu Sangui.

In short, Wu Sangui’s remark that he is angry with the red face is the most impossible. He surrendered to the Qing Dynasty as the root cause of the party leading the way, that is, his ambition is too big, he wants to call the king to be the emperor and lead the wolf into the room. The result was bitten by a wolf.

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