The Nazi accomplice has become a Ukrainian "national hero" who complained to the 1 million World War II undead

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The Nazi accomplice has become a Ukrainian "national hero" who complained to the 1 million World War II undead

2018-12-11 00:25:56 335 ℃

According to today’s Russian news report, this week, the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill aimed at expanding the scope of veterans’ demarcation and will award World War II. During the period, the veterans of the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization (Ukrainian National Rebels) were treated as veterans who had surrendered to Nazi Germany and fought against the Soviet Red Army. Prior to this, only World War II veterans who fought Nazi Germany could enjoy the treatment of veterans.

The Ukrainian Rebels were founded in 1942 by Ukrainian nationalists, mainly in the western part of Ukraine, and are extremely right-wing political organizations. The goal is to establish an independent Ukraine and to use this extreme means, including the implementation of terrorist activities, to achieve this goal. During World War II, the Ukrainian insurgents worked with Nazi intelligence agencies to confront the Soviet regime and organized massacres against Poles and Jews. According to public data, members of the Ukrainian insurgents killed at least 1 million during World War II, including The 200,000 Poles who were killed in the Warren massacre.

Ukrainian Rebels (UPA) supporters marching in the streets

Russian Jewish activists opposed The passage of this bill, they believe that "this bill is a denial of the Holocaust, a falsification of history, a contempt for the people, the country and even Europe."

In January 2010, Ukrainian President Viktor Andreyevich Yushchenko chased Stepan Bandera "Ukrainian hero", causing strong Polish The protest was due to the massive massacre of the Ukrainian Nationalist Organization (OUN), led by Bandera, during the Second World War in eastern Poland, when 100,000 Poles were killed. Polish President Lech Kaczynski accused Ukraine of doing this as a behavior that reversed historical rights. Kaczynski believes that this phenomenon shows that "political interests are higher than historical truths." In January 2011, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych announced the withdrawal of the award decision.