Why is the American president engraved on the mountain old Roosevelt instead of Roosevelt?

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Why is the American president engraved on the mountain old Roosevelt instead of Roosevelt?

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As we all know, the statue of President on Mount Rushmore is a famous landmark in the United States, and Mount Rushmore is therefore also known as the "US President Hill." The four American presidents engraved on Mount Rushmore are: Washington, Jefferson, Old Roosevelt, and Lincoln.

The influence of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln needless to say, they have national-level official memorial venues in the US capital. But Old Roosevelt was engraved on the mountain but it made some people wonder: President Roosevelt, who has the greatest influence in history, is obviously Roosevelt!

There are two Presidents of Roosevelt in American history: Theodore Roosevelt (old), Franklin Roosevelt (small) The most influential and most famous of the United States is undoubtedly President Roosevelt. So why is the American president carved in the mountains old Roosevelt?

Old Roosevelt is one of the most distinguished presidents in American history, if Roosevelt is ranked in the top three in American history Old Roosevelt is also at least the top five. It’s just that Roosevelt’s light is too big, and the world’s reputation is too high, covering up Old Roosevelt.

The President of Mount Rushmore was opened in 1927, when the Governor of Roosevelt was not, the avatar certainly It may be engraved on a memorial project funded by the state. Before Roosevelt was president, Old Roosevelt was always alongside Washington, Lincoln and others.

With the achievements of Old Roosevelt, the avatar was engraved on the mountain with Washington and Lincoln. There was almost no controversy at the time. Only later, Roosevelt's achievements completely surpassed the old Roosevelt, which made the picture on Mount Rushmore somewhat strange.