In 1961, the last emperor Pu Yi had no taste of the emperor.

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In 1961, the last emperor Pu Yi had no taste of the emperor.

2018-12-27 00:25:32 1398 ℃

In 1961, the last emperor Pu Yi sunbathed at his home in Beijing. The former emperor lived in an ordinary courtyard house in Beijing, where trees and flowers and flowers that the owner loved were planted. Pu Yi wore a pair of deep glasses and wore a tunic suit. A pen was inserted in the left pocket of the shirt, which was no different from the intellectuals of that era. The most busy thing he usually does at home is to write an autobiography in the study, which is the "My First Half Life" published later.

At that time, he still lived alone. In the second year, he passed the introduction of others and married the nurse Li Shuxian. The Aixinjue family is a big family. Puyi is not lonely in Beijing. There are often relatives in the family who come to visit him. Pu Yi has no children, and always looks very happy when she is with her nephews and prostitutes.

In 1960, Pu Yi worked in the botanical garden in the outer suburbs of Beijing. The picture shows Pu Yi in the Beijing Botanical Garden with colleagues.

There are no other people who are photographing these photos. It is the German wife Yeva of the famous modern poet and translator Xiao San ( Chinese name Ye Hua), the picture shows Ye Hua (third from left) interviewing Pu Yi. At that time, Pu Yi was wearing a tunic suit all day, and she could not find the taste of an emperor.

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