The Japanese army sent two beautiful women to persuade the surrender of the anti-Japanese hero to be killed by him with two shots.

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The Japanese army sent two beautiful women to persuade the surrender of the anti-Japanese hero to be killed by him with two shots.

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Before < p > < br > History Inn, Gao Shiyi, the brigade commander of Du 1 Brigade of 120 Division of the Eighth Route Army, was originally a big landlord in Hebei Province, but resolutely raised the banner of anti-Japanese and joined the Eighth Route Army.

Actually, at that time, besides the only brigade, the 120 Division also set up a separate brigade, which was also headed by Wei Daguang, a native of Hebei Province.

However, Gaoshi was a big landlord, but Wei Daguang was a poor peasant. He was chivalrous and courageous from childhood, and was willing to fight against injustice. After the outbreak of the comprehensive anti-Japanese war in 1937, Wei Daguang filled with indignation and soon drew up an anti-Japanese army to fight guerrillas with Japanese aggressors in Hebei. Wei Daguang was very smart. He knew that the Japanese army was very strong and could not fight hard, so he turned it into zero. He often attacked the Japanese army, making it impossible for them to fight and catch up with them. He was very angry.

The Japanese Army had no way out, so it came up with a beauty trick and sent two beauty agents to join Wei Daguang's forces to counter it. The conditions offered by the beauty agents are very attractive. They say that as long as Wei Daguang is in Japan, he wants officials, money and guns, the two beauty agents are also his. Some people in the army were moved to say that we could surrender falsely and get the benefits of the Japanese first. Wei Daguang firmly opposed it and said, "The country is like a parent. Can we say that betrayal means betrayal?" I was killed by the Japanese, and I would never be a traitor!"

So, what about these two beautiful agents? It's very simple, slam two shots, kill all of them. Want to make beauty tricks for Wei Daguang? It's too low on him! However, Wei Daguang was a peasant with very little experience in fighting and suffered a lot. By 1938, when Wei Daguang heard that the 120 division of the Eighth Route Army had marched into Hebei Province, he said excitedly, "When the Eighth Route Army comes, we'll be back on the hill!" In November 1938, Wei Daguang's team was reorganized into the 5th detachment of the 8th Route Army and Jizhong Military Region. In March of the following year, it was changed into the 2nd Brigade of the 120th Division of the 8th Route Army. Wei Daguang served as brigade commander. Who was the Deputy brigade commander? Liao Hansheng, the founding lieutenant general, is also the nephew of Mr. He, the president of 120 division.

Mr. He had long heard that Wei Daguang was an expert at killing ghosts. After meeting him, he asked Wei Daguang, "How many ghosts have you killed?" Wei Daguang said atmospherically, "Don't count, come and die one by one until all are eliminated!"

So how many Japanese soldiers died under Wei Daguang? Without accurate data, Wei Daguang wiped out more than 1,000 Japanese puppet troops in the ambush of Prince Zhuang alone. In the eyes of the Japanese Army in Hebei Province, Wei Daguang is absolutely their nightmare. They all want to get rid of Wei Daguang in their dreams. They also put up reward announcements everywhere. Don't mention capturing Wei Daguang alive, it means that they can reveal to the Japanese Army Wei Daguang's foothold and all have rewards.

But the people of Hebei all know that Wei Daguang is a hero of the anti-Japanese war, and no one has reported it at all. The traitors and puppet troops want to make this windfall, but how dare they approach Wei Daguang's army to inquire about the situation? You know, Wei Daguang's eyes are "golden eyes with fire". Once a stranger passes in front of him, he knows whether he is a good man or a traitor.

Kuomintang Army also appreciated Wei Daguang very much. They sent people to persuade the Eighth Route Army to surrender and persuade them that they were so poor. What good could they do with them? Following the Kuomintang army, you can make a lot of money without delay.

Wei Daguang answered without hesitation: "It's not for any good that I fight ghosts. As long as your Kuomintang army can really fight Japan, I'm Wei Daguang, who will not say anything but support you absolutely!"

In May 1939, when Wei Daguang came down south with his newly recruited army, he met a group of Japanese soldiers coming by the river in a motorboat. Although the Japanese army did not know that the person in front of him was Wei Daguang, at first glance it was the general of the Eighth Route Army who opened fire without saying a word. It is a pity that Wei Daguang, a famous general of the generation, sacrificed fiercely on the spot in order to protect the recruits. He was only 28 years old.

Wei Daguang's sacrifice shocked 120 Normal Universities. He cried bitterly and said it was a pity that such a young and promising general should be. Ye Shuai also published an article saying that the death of Brigade Wei Daguang was "great loyalty to the country and great filial piety to the nation". General Liao Hansheng also mentioned Wei Daguang when he was awarded the title in 1955. Regrettably, if Wei Daguang had not sacrificed, he should wear the shoulder badge of Lieutenant General today.