Wu Zetian spoiled countless men all his life, but he couldn't get the man's love.

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Wu Zetian spoiled countless men all his life, but he couldn't get the man's love.

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Last year's two popular palace warriors "Yanxi Strategy" and "Ruyi Zhuan" once again let us see the bloody storms of the ancient rear Palace struggle, but history of the rear Palace are really as dangerous as the film and television series?

as the only female emperor in ancient China, Wu Zetian was young and unpopular when she first entered the palace, and finally mature and hot, when the emperor was in the world, the hardships and obstacles she experienced were unimaginable. It is well known that Wu Zetian was the concubine of Taizong in Tang Dynasty. Wu Zetian entered the palace about 11 years after Zhenguan and 39 years after Li Shimin, when he was only 14 years old. Because Wu Zetian's father, the warrior Yi and Tang Gaozu, had some origins and had been a high official, he entered the palace as a genuine talent of five qualities.

Tang empress imperial concubines have eight ranks: wife, concubine, beauty, talented person, Baolin, imperial daughter and daughter-picker. Wu Zetian is in the middle reaches, and the starting point is still acceptable. < b> < b> < font> But perhaps because of being too young, it is immature to deal with life. It is quite unvirtuous to show one's own edge as soon as one seizes the opportunity. < font> Taizong's empress palace, with virtue as its main tone, is too aggressive to fit in with the number of Taizong's paths. The legend of

once said that Taizong of Tang Dynasty asked how to subdue the Lima. Wu Zetian said that he used three tools: iron whip, iron stick and dagger. Although Taizong appreciated it, it was said by young girls, which seemed too different.

and Xu Hui, another talent contemporary with Wu Zetian, is quite benevolent. < font > < b > < b > < font > Xu Hui has a good family education, a high cultural accomplishment and a good poem and fu. < font> Taizong was very fond of it, and filled her with Jinfeng second product (one of the nine). Emperor Taizong in the late Tang Dynasty repeatedly raised troops. Xu Hui also wrote an article advising Taizong not to burden the people too heavily. This action was greatly appreciated by Taizong. The empress and concubines of

actively rectify the current problems, which is the style formed by Queen Changsun in her lifetime. This is why Xu Hui got Taizong's glare. < font > < b > < b > < font > while Wu Zetian was always a talented person and did not make any progress, probably because of the lack of moral cultivation at that time.

As for Wu Zetian's heart and fierce, although it is said to be common people, in the eyes of Tang Taizong, who fell out in the sea of blood in Daoshan, it is a small pediatric department that is not worth mentioning and can not be exchanged for any opportunities for her. < font > < / P > < p > < font > Li Shimin seldom even visits Wu Zetian. In the years after she entered the palace, Princess Yang and Princess Wang returned two sons to Li Shimin, but Wu Zetian did not move. Maybe Li Shimin doesn't like Wu's character very much. After all, as a strong politician, he prefers a gentle and virtuous woman rather than a woman with strong heart and hair.

But Wu Zetian did not give up hope of life as her unloved concubine did, and perhaps there was no concept of despair in her eyes. After Taizong's death and Gaozong's accession to the throne,

Wu Zetian, relying on Li Zhicheng's success, became a favorite concubine of the new emperor. < font> At that time, Li Zhi had established a queen, and Wu Zetian was not very high after entering the palace. The queen once hoped to suppress Xiao Liangdi, who was in the ascendant by means of Wu Zetian.

It is obvious that the narrow-eyed and ignorant queen did not know that she had led the wolf into the room. < font > < b > < b > < font > Wu Zetian went into the palace and soon captivated Li Zhi, Xiao Liangdi quickly lost power. Wu Zetian pointed his spear at the queen again, and by means of false accusation, he gradually alienated Gaozong from the queen.

Queen is too falsely accused and jealous of martial arts, she is so good at the empress palace that she foolishly uses the method of wishing and hating to win, and completely loses the high trust after the accident. In the six years of Yonghui, Queen Wang and Xiao Liangdi were both abolished. Wu Zetian fulfilled his wish and was registered as queen. But Wu Zetian, with profound mind, did not stop. She took advantage of Gaozong's unprincipled trust and participated in politics more and more deeply. When the emperor was still alive, she could even be called the two saints of the emperor. Who could expect the emperors of the Tang Dynasty?

To be fair, Wu Zetian's palace fighting skills are not very brilliant, but it's just very fierce. The reason why can reach the summit of her life lies mainly in the fact that her strong personality is just complementary to Tang Gaozong's slightly weak personality. seize a point, diligently expand, coupled with Wu Zetian's deep motivation, firm perseverance and extraordinary ability, which has made the queen's legend unprecedented in Chinese history.