Which countries have defeated the United States since its establishment? It's not the worst thing to be hit in the capital and burn down the White House.

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Which countries have defeated the United States since its establishment? It's not the worst thing to be hit in the capital and burn down the White House.

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Some netizens asked: Which countries have defeated the US military since the founding of the People's Republic of China? Referring to the influence of the United States on all of us, both military strength and economic strength are very strong. When the two are combined, they naturally give people a strong attitude, but the strong are not invincible, and sometimes they are beaten to the ground. In 1812, for example, in order to turn Canada into the fourteenth state of the United States, the United States declared war on Britain, the first foreign war since the independence of the United States. At that time, the American hero was so high-spirited that he picked up the bird gun to shoot the king. The British Empire in the early nineteenth century still had the halo of the sunset empire on its head. The United States declared war on Britain. In British words, this is just a smoke!

Sure enough, the British Expeditionary Force pushed all the way to Washington, and the American army was not only beaten to the ground but also burned the White House with a fire.

Look at the following picture of the British burning the White House. It's so strong and fascinating.

The so-called waving of one's sleeve brings a flash of fire, then one's sleeve, leaving a piece of ruins.

Of course, some people said that the United States had not lost the war. After all, the British army suffered defeats several times in the latter part of the war, and Britain finally abandoned its blockade against the United States. But the United States did not eventually annex Canada, and the United States was almost suppressed by the British throughout the war.

But the United States in the Second Anglo-American War was not the worst, and there were three wars much worse than the Second Anglo-American War.

the first is the pig Bay incident. In 1960s, the relationship between the United States and Cuba deteriorated. The main reason was that Cuba was once an American younger brother before independence. But after independence, Cuba implemented a series of policies against capital vampires in order to reform the domestic ills, which touched on the capital company of the United States in Cuba. Interests.

In fact, this is very simple. Once American companies could make money lying in Cuba, but the more money they earned in the United States, the poorer the Cuban people became. Cuba was naturally unhappy after independence. So Cuba smiled at the United States and said, You'd better go! We can get rich by working without your capital intervention.

The United States, which used to lie down to make money, suddenly could not make money. Of course, it was unhappy. If the United States was unhappy, it would use force.

First of all, the United States imposed the first round of economic sanctions against Cuba, Cuba pinched its fist and said it would not yield. In the second round of the United States embargo on goods against Cuba, Cuba smiled and said that it was a big deal for me not to eat sugar.

The United States can't help but start using the big killing tactic, which is an invasion by force. Of course, at this time, the United States also wanted to maintain the dignity of the big powers and did not dare to launch its own fleet of aircraft carriers directly, so it trained a group of Cuban pro-American elements to provide them with military weapons and let them carry out the invasion plan of the United States.

turned out to be unsuccessful. The Group officially launched the invasion plan after landing in pig Bay. After three days, 90 people were killed. Afterwards, the Cuban government used these people as hostages and asked the United States to pay 6.2 million pesos as war reparations. The United States had no choice but to grind its teeth and accept them.

This was the first time that the United States paid war reparations in its foreign history, and then President Kennedy of the United States was labeled weak.

The second Vietnam War was caused by France's desire to continue to control Vietnam after the end of World War II, which led to a nine-year war with North Vietnam. France, a country that had been worried about its performance in World War II, was very active after World War II. It had once given Vietnam to the Japanese army in the face of the Japanese French army, and wanted to continue colonizing Vietnam after World War II. The brain circuit was very strange.

France fought in Vietnam for nine years, but the French army really could not fight it. I don't know if the German army broke the backbone in World War II and the French army was defeated in the Vietnam War, so they had to withdraw from the north of Vietnam. France was sad at that time. It had colonized here for so long, and now it can only run back to its native land in disgrace.

But after France left, Vietnam presented a situation of confrontation between the North and the South, but after World War II, the hegemonic United States came out, did not recognize the regime of North Vietnam, and began sending so-called military advisers to Vietnam one after another to help South Vietnam fight North Vietnam.

But North Vietnam was really tough at that time, and American military advisers came one after another, but the North Vietnamese army was getting bigger and bigger, and South Vietnam was always unable to fight.

An incident occurred in 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated and the new President Johnson expanded the war. By 1964, the number of US troops in Vietnam and Vietnam had reached 30,000, and has been increasing since then. At that time, American soldiers often had a question in their minds. How did the North Vietnamese soldiers fight harder and harder, as if they would escalate? The number of U.S. troops began to rise sharply after

. By 1966, the number of U.S. soldiers entering Vietnam reached 430,000, but although the force was increasing sharply, North Vietnam still had a strong counterattack force.

The U.S. Army did all it had to do at that time, in the form of massacres, bombings and so on, but everything was helpless to North Vietnam. By 1975, the death toll of the U.S. military had reached 58,000. As a result of the fierce domestic anti-war public opinion, the U.S. government had to renounce the war.

But although the United States lost its wife and lost its troops in the Vietnam War, there was no other war that caused more serious losses to the United States. For this war, we subscribe to two books, which we will continue next time.