The most complete "Thirty-six Strategies" version must be collected!

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The most complete "Thirty-six Strategies" version must be collected!

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to learn the 36 strategies of ancient military tactics together, not to compete for a city hall, but to appreciate the ancient soldier's wisdom.

The first set of winning strategies

The first plan is to conceal the sky and cross the sea

and to be idle in preparation for the week. It is common to doubt that Yin is in the yang, not in the pair of yang. Sun, too cloudy.

thinks that it is easy to relax if you are well prepared; if you are used to it, you will no longer doubt it. Secret plans are hidden in the exposed things, not excluded from the public forms. Very public often contains very confidential information.

The second plan is to encircle Wei to save Zhao

the common enemy is better than dividing the enemy, and the enemy's Yang is worse than the enemy's yin.

We should not build too many enemies. We should break them down individually and conceal our intentions if we are not busy eliminating them.

The third plan of killing by knife

The enemy is known, the friend is undetermined, the friend is attracted to kill the enemy, and the enemy is not self-reliant, so as to undermine the deduction.

The target of battle has been determined, and the attitude of friends is not stable. We should induce friends to destroy the enemy and avoid wasting their strength.

The fourth plan is to wait for work

in the predicament of the enemy, not to fight, but to gain strength and gain flexibility.

Control the lifeline of the enemy's strength development to kill him, instead of taking the offensive situation, this is the application of the principle of "losing rigidity, gaining flexibility".

Fifth plan is to rob the enemy by fire

when the harm is great, take advantage of the situation and be firm and soft. If the enemy's crisis is serious, he will take advantage of the opportunity to attack the weak with his superior strength.

The sixth plan is to strike East and West

in disorder, not to risk the phenomenon of "turning the pot into the pot"; to take advantage of its involuntary action. < br >

< p > The enemy collided randomly and could not figure out the situation. This is the chaotic sign of "putting the Kun under the kun" mentioned in the seal of the Book of Changes. We must use the opportune moment when the enemy loses control to eliminate it.

The second set of enemy tactics

The seventh set of enemy tactics does not produce

instructions, neither does it. Shaoyin, Taiyin, Sun.

< p>

Unborn existence is the use of illusion, but not the falsification to the end. It is to make the illusion real, to make the size of the illusion, to cover up the truth.

The eighth plan is to make a secret crossing to Chen Cang

to show the movement, so as to make it quiet and active and "benefit from the action". < br >

< p > deliberately exposes the action, and makes use of the opponent's time to stick to it, then takes the initiative to attack.

Ninth plan of watching fires across the shore

Yang is disorderly, Yin waits for adversity, violence, and its potential is self-defeating. Let Yushun move, let Yushun move.

When the enemy is divided and disorderly, I wait for him to riot. When the enemy is fierce and fierce, it is bound to die by itself. I must be prepared for the changes of the enemy, and when I am ready, I must act in accordance with the changes of the enemy.

<10 Xiaoli Tibetan knife

letter and peace, Yin in order to map, and then move, do not change: rigid in the soft outside also.

To convince the enemy of our side and make it paralyzed and relaxed, we should plan secretly, make full preparations, and act immediately whenever we have the opportunity to prevent him from responding to changes. This is a tactic that is fierce in the dark and gentle on the surface.

Eleventh count of peach stiffness in Li Dai

is bound to damage Yin and benefit Yang.

When the development of the power of the authorities has suffered losses, they should give up part of the losses in exchange for the overall advantages.

Twelfth by-hand lead

micro-gap is necessary to multiply, and micro-profit is necessary. Shaoyin, Shaoyang. Micro-loopholes must be exploited and micro-benefits must be obtained. To turn the enemy's negligence into a small victory for us.

the third set of attack tactics

is suspected to be true. If you have doubts, you should reconnoiter the facts and take action after you have fully grasped the facts. Repeated reconnaissance is a factor in discovering hidden enemies.

The fourteenth plan of "Returning the dead to the soul"

Useful people can not borrow, can not borrow, borrow and can not borrow. Bandits beg children, children beg me.

Useful can not be used, for fear that I can not control it, but use it, because I can completely control it, use it can not be used and control it, it is not I am dominated by others, but I dominate others.

Fifteenth plan to transfer tigers from mountain to mountain

and wait for days to be trapped, using people to induce them to "go back and forth".

Wait for the weather to be unfavorable to the enemy, then go to besiege him, and use the false impression to deceive him "if there is danger ahead, turn back and leave".

The sixteenth plan is to arrest the enemy and force the enemy to fight against the enemy, but the trend will decrease and not press on. Tired up their strength, dispel their fighting spirit, scatter and catch up later. No blood, no need, no light. If < br>

< p> forces the enemy to have no way to go, it will be resolutely counter-attacked; if he escapes, he will destroy the enemy's momentum, so we must closely follow the enemy, but do not force him, so as to deplete his physical strength, disintegrate his morale, and wait for his forces to disperse, then we can catch him again. In this way, the use of troops can avoid bloodshed, do not force the enemy, and convince him that this is beneficial to the war.

Seventeenth plan throwing bricks to attract jade

class to induce, hit Mongolia too. < br >

< p > use similar things to confuse the enemy and fool the enemy.

The eighteenth plan of capturing thieves and capturing kings

destroys its strength and takes the lead in order to disintegrate it. It is a fierce general decisive battle to destroy the enemy's main force and seize his leader so as to crush his war apparatus.

the fourth set of scuffle tactics

the nineteenth bottom drawing salary

is invincible, and the trend is weakened and the image of dry up is replaced.

can not defeat the enemy in strength, but can disintegrate his momentum. This is the way that the Book of Changes casts down the "flexible and rigid" mentioned in Qian Shang's "Ru Gua".

Twentieth plan of fishing in troubled waters

multiply its disorder, benefit its weakness and lack of ownership, and then, in order to feed into obscurity.

Take advantage of the internal chaos of the enemy, the weakness of the country and the confusion of the master, there is no policy of peace and security in the country, and there are no people who can resist insults outside, take advantage of the situation. It is timely to seize the country and secure the people. The rise and fall of honor and disgrace, as circumstances permit.

Twenty-first plan of golden cicada shelling

save its shape and complete its potential; friends are unquestioned, enemies are unmoved; maggots are on the upper side.

Preserve the original position, create a strong momentum, so that the friendly forces do not doubt, the enemy dare not rush into the offensive, but I can secretly break through another enemy.

The 22nd plan closes the door and catches thieves

The small enemy is trapped and stripped, which is disadvantageous. For weak and weak enemies, encirclement and annihilation are necessary; for dying and struggling enemies, it would be disadvantageous to chase them from behind.

23rd long-distance and close-attack

shape-forbidden lattice to facilitate near-by. Harm to the distance, fire to the bottom.

is in a disadvantageous situation. We should consider the direction of its development and attack nearby areas, which is beneficial and harmful to attack distant areas.

The twenty-fourth plan of false substitutes

between the two, the enemy threatens to follow, I assume the situation, difficulties, and believe it. When the enemy coerces a country between the two powerful enemies at hand, we appeal to it for help and send out troops immediately.

Fifth set of combined tactics

Twenty-fifth plan of stealing beams and changing pillars

to change their battlefields frequently and draw their strength brigades to defeat, and then take their wheels.

Changed the enemy's ranks many times, shifted his forces, waited for his defeat, and then tried to attack him.

The twenty-sixth count of fingering mulberry and cursing Huai

Dalingxiao should be lured by the police. Just in the middle, take risks and go smoothly.

Strong deterrence is weak, so it should be induced by vigilance. Appropriate toughness can be supported, and risk fraud can be complied with. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > The twenty-seventh plan is "False dementia without epilepsy < / P > < p > False knowledge without action, false knowledge without action, quiet without exposure, Yunleitun also. < br >

< p > preferring to pretend not to know, not to act, not to pretend to know and act rashly. Be calm and don't reveal any secrets. It's like a fierce cloud and thunder hiding underground calm in winter.

Twenty-eighth plan to go up to the house and pull out the ladder

in order to fake it, before instigating it, stop its assistance, fall to death, be poisoned, it is also inappropriate.

deliberately exposes flaws, lures the enemy into our side, and then chooses the opportune time to cut off the enemy's forward and rear support, so that it is completely dead.

Twenty-ninth Planning Tree Blossoms

With the help of the situation, Hung-chien's plumage can be used as an instrument when he is on land. < br >

< p > Lend the situation of others to form a position, and it seems that the line-up is also strong when the force is weak. The wild goose flies to the mainland with its plump feathers.

Thirty counter-passenger is the main

slot insertion, and its main engine is becoming more and more popular. "Br>

< p> When he has time, he should step in and hold his main brain organ in check. This is what"progressing in sequence"means.

The sixth set of defeats

The 31st Beauty Plan

Strong Soldiers, attack their generals. Let the wise be judged by their feelings. Weak soldiers will decay and their potential will wither. The use of imperial aggressors, Shun Xian Bao also.

If the army is strong, it is necessary to attack his general; if the general is wise, it is necessary to attack his mood. The general's fighting spirit is weak and the morale of the army is depressed, so his morale is bound to atrophy on his own.

The 32nd empty city plan

is empty and doubtful; when it is firm and soft, it is strange and strange. The emptiness of

makes it more difficult to guess, and the use of empty tactics to conceal one's emptiness in attack and defense becomes more and more extraordinary.

33 counter-count

doubts in doubts are more self-evident than in doubts. < br >

< p > in doubt