Who are the highest rank generals killed in battle in the countries participating in World War II?

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Who are the highest rank generals killed in battle in the countries participating in World War II?

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Many people's answers are different because the definition of war death is different in different countries during World War II. Some suicides are counted as suicides or even deaths from illness. It's reasonable to call war death only when they die on the battlefield. So I won't list the generals who did not die in the battle (because of the war, even when they died on duty)

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Command-Commander-in-in-command of the Army Group Army, 1940, Zhang Zizhong was China's most high-ranking After confirming that it was General Zhang, he used the best wood to carry out the funeral and returned it. The wooden cards ordered the whole army to salute General Zhang, return the body to the rear, even stop air bombing, avoid destroying the body, and eventually return to Chongqing for burial, during which hundreds of thousands of military and civilians respectfully sent the coffin. It is said that at that time, the Japanese air bombers were above, and hundreds of thousands of people had no one to escape or escape.

In addition, Chinese generals such as Li Jiayu, Zuoquan and Peng Xuefeng were killed in battle. <


Lieutenant General Leslie McNair (1883-1944) Purchase AdAdmiral

>>Commander of the Army ground forces, commander of the United States ground forces in World War II, commander of the highest-ranking generals killed in the United States battlefield in World War II, when visiting the Normandy front pit in 1944, France, the United States Death in battle. Commander of the 10th Army, General Simon Bolivar Buckner (1886-1945) was subjected to Japanese bombardment while inspecting positions in the Pacific War, and finally the coral reef was inserted into his chest and killed.

Lieutenant General Hammond (1888-1945)

Commander of the US Army Aviation Corps, who died in a plane crash in 1945.

Rear Admiral Daniel Judson Carahan and Rear Admiral Norman Scott were killed in battle strictly.

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Nikola Fedorovich Vatugin(1901-1944)

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Commander of the Soviet Union Voronezh, who was attacked by Ukrainian guerrillas in 1944, was shot in the leg because of excessive bleeding, and died of ineffective rescue. General Ivan Danilovich Cherniahovsky (1906-1945)

was first promoted to commander of the Western Front Army and later to commander of the Belarusian Third Front Army. He was the youngest commander in all fronts and died in the Battle of Sternberg-Konigsberg. General Joseph Rodinovich Apanashchenko (1890-1943)

Soviet military commander, who died shortly after suffering serious injuries in the fighting in the Bergorod area.


Admiral Tom Phillips (1888-1941)

Commander of the British Far East Fleet, the battleship of the Prince of Wales was severely attacked by the Japanese, and was finally sunk, and died together with the battleship. Admiral Bertram Ramsay (1883-1945)

was killed in a plane crash on his way to Brussels, Belgium, to attend a conference. General Trevor Lee Mallory (1892-1944)

may have been too excited to take up the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations when he was promoted to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force.

II: Fascist countries


Italo Barbo (1896-1940)

Air Force Marshal, who died in 1940 when his aircraft was shot down by anti-aircraft guns from naval warships of his country over Tubrug. <


Yamamoto 56th General (1884-1943) taught Marshal

Commander of the 1Air combat unit, commander of the first air force, militarists, in order to pre-emptive, and attack Pearl Harbor, causing heavy losses to the US military. In 1943, in 1943, when inspecting troops, the US military aircraft was ambambassassissississississississississississississississiThat is to say, It is said that when he died, he was sitting with a long knife in his hand. Some people said that he committed suicide by cutting his abdomen.

< p> In addition, Army General Ishikawa and Naval General Cen Sheng were both killed in World War II.


Marshal Otto Moritz Walter Model(1891-1945)

German Army Marshal finally shot himself in the forest near Duisburg. Marshal Fedor von Bok (1880-1945)

German Marshal, 1945, was bombed by the British Air Force. Bok was stared at and shot by a fighter plane in an open car, and died of serious injury.

These are the senior generals who died in battle in the major countries during World War II. If there are any mistakes, please correct them.

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