When Yue Fei died, he chose to live in seclusion.

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When Yue Fei died, he chose to live in seclusion.

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< p > In the novel Shuo Yue Quan Zhuan, there are many famous generals under Yue Fei, such as the heroic pick of Huache, Yang Zaixing who killed Xiao Shang River, Niu Gang who fought for the champion, and four powerful eight big hammers, etc. The author highlights Yue Jiajun, so that few other commanders play, but few of them are generals.

However, one of them is not a general of Yuejiajun, but has many connections with Yuejiajun. He is a general of Han Shizhong, but he knots with Yueyun. He once kicked the battalion to kill the golden man, and his martial arts are extraordinary. This person is Han Yanzhi.

Kill Big Brother Jinwushu

Han Yanzhi is the son of Han Shizhong and Liang Hongyu. He is 12 years younger than Big Brother Han Shangde and is loved by his parents. At that time, Song Gaozong was in Niutou Mountain. Han Shizhong and his two sons conquered Cao Cheng and others in Runan. They collected 100,000 troops and sailed down the waterway. They planned to escort Niutou Mountain. Han Shizhong let Han Yan go straight ahead to deliver the message.

Han Yanzhi was 16 years old, so that a tiger-head gun, a single-shot horse went. Just arrived at Niutoushan, found that the famous general Jinjie defeated, he was also escorted to the original, but did nothing but sticky. Han Yanzhi did not say anything. He went straight ahead and stabbed sticky people. One shot resulted in sticky people's lives. Then he reported himself to his family and went to Niutou Mountain.

Of course, although Muhan is the eldest brother of Jinwu Wushu, he is not a great general. < p > < p > < p > Shengzhao "Jinwu Shu" < / P > < p > Letters have been sent, Han Yan went straight back, Yue Fei let Yue Yun send him out, so Yue Yun kicked the camp to send Han Yanzhi; Han Yan saw Yue Yun send himself, determined to send him, two people came back three or four times, hit Jinbing and ran. When righteousness and morality coincided, they became brothers.

Jinwushu defeated Huang Tiandang. Han Shizhong and his wife decided to let Han Yanzhi be in charge of catching Jinwushu alive. Unfortunately, Jinwu Shu digs through the river and runs away. Han Yanzhi captures Jinwu Shu alive in seven or eight rounds, but this Jinwu Shu is false. In the course of encircling and suppressing Yang Yi of Dongting Lake, Song Jun was Han Shizhong and Yue Fei who jointly worked out the plan. At that time, Yan Bi, Marshal of Yang Yi faction, showed a challenge. Han Yanzhi and Yan Bixian fought 30 times, and when Yan Bixian was in pursuit, Han Yanzhi returned to his horse and whipped Zhong Yan Bixian with his left arm and captured Yan Bixian alive. After the murder of Yue Fei's father and son, Han Yanzhi withdrew from the court and retired to the West Lake.

Yueyun's Jieyi brothers, Yunnan Heimanlong, learned that YueShuai's father and son had been murdered, they had to take revenge for the younger brother and YueShuai. His army moved northward, all the way to Linan, Wang Wu, the general soldier, was killed, and Zhang Jun was determined to rob the fortress.

In his sleep, Hei Manlong put on his clothes and went out to fight, but he fell into the water and was captured alive by Zhang Junbu. At this time, Han Yan inquired about the news, shot Zhang Jun's subordinates and saved Black Manlong. The two men speculated in words and worshipped as brothers.

The book ends with no mention of Han Yanzhi, which should be as good as history. Han Yanzhi in the history of

did not have so many records of killing and catching thieves, but he was also a great anti-gold general. Moreover, he had sent to Jin and had great courage, which was admired by Jin people. After Yue Fei was killed, he also dealt with those who occupied Yue Fei's family property, cleared up those who framed Yue Fei. In his later years, he even wrote a book about citrus.