Why did Princess Yang "wash three" to her dry son, Anlu Mountain, 18 years older than her?

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Why did Princess Yang "wash three" to her dry son, Anlu Mountain, 18 years older than her?

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Why did Princess Yang give her dry son Anlu Shan, who is eighteen years older than her?

Yang Guifei, a national beauty, was so loved by Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty that she played an incredible absurd game in the back palace. Tianbao Decade (751 A.D.) on the sixth day of the first month, the gongs and drums in the harem of Chang'an were noisy and lively. This is neither a festival nor a festival, but why is the harem so noisy? It turned out that Princess Yang was washing the three-day-old obese dry son, Anlu Mountain, who was 18 years older than her.

At this time, Anlu Mountain was the envoy of Fanyang (governing Youzhou, now southwest of Beijing). He was deeply favored by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty and was called by Emperor Xuanzong. Anlu Mountain once had a banquet with the emperor and his concubines in the casual hall. Whenever he sat down, he did not worship the emperor but his concubines first. Xuanzong asked, "Why don't you worship me first and the noble concubine first? What is the etiquette?" Anlu Mountain answered, "This is because we Hu people only know their mother and their father." Tang Xuanzong laughed and thought that Anlu Mountain was honest.

In the sixth year of Tianbao (747 A.D.), Anlu Mountains entered the imperial court, and Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty hosted a banquet in the inner palace. He played Xuanzong and said, "The ministers of the imperial court were greatly honoured by the lord, but they had nothing special to do with his majesty. He wished to die as his majesty." Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty felt very helpful after listening to this. He ordered Yang Guifei's cousins, Yang Nao, Yang Cao and Yang Shi, who served the banquet together, to match with Anlu Mountain's brothers and sisters. When Anlu Mountain saw Yang Guifei's favorite six palaces, he knew that it was very advantageous for him to have a good relationship with her. In order to win Tang Xuanzong's deeper appreciation, Anlu Shan showed great courtesy in front of Yang Guifei, although Yang Guifei was 18 years younger than him. But he asked to be his son to Princess Yang. Yang Guifei deliberately laughed but did not reply. Tang Xuanzong encouraged the concubine to accept the "good boy". Ever since Yang Guifei became the empress of Anlu Mountain, Anlu Mountain has gained a reputation in the prohibition of entry and exit at will. He sometimes eats opposite to the emperor's concubine, sometimes stays in the palace all night, and there are many scandals about their coming and going with us outside the palace, colluding with each other in adultery.

This is also the farce that the elegant Princess mentioned at the beginning of the article gave his obese dry son "Xisan": Tianbao 10 years on January 3, is the birthday of Anlu Mountain, and Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei gave him rich birthday gifts. On the third day of her birthday, Mrs. Yang invited Mount Anlu to enter the palace to hold a three-day washing ceremony for her eldest son. Yang Guifei asked people to treat Anlu Mountain as a baby in a big bathtub and take a bath for him personally. After bathing, the Royal brocade Satin special swaddle was wrapped around Mount Anlu, and the maids and maids put him on a colorful sedan chair and carried him around in the garden of the back palace. They kept calling, "Luer, Luer!" Play for fun, cheer for joy. Tang Xuanzong sent people to inquire about what was so noisy and said in return, "The noble concubine washed Lushan for three days, washed and wrapped it up, and amused in the backyard garden with laughter." Xuanzong hurriedly set off to watch, but also the Dragon Yan Dayue, so rewarded the noble concubine laundering gold, silver and coins, happy to stop. It is self-evident that Mount Hu'anlu in the palace is "Lu Er", and its access to the palace is not subject to any restrictions. Did Princess Yang collude with Mount Anlu in adultery? It's always a mystery. The ambiguity in the bathtub seems to be no better than anything else. But anyway, Yang Guifei bathed his 18-year-old son, Anlushan, in a farce, whether for pleasure, ambiguity or adultery. Who is in Mount Anlu? Anlu Mountain, Liucheng, Yingzhou (now Chaoyang, Liaoning Province) hybrid Hu people. He didn't have a surname. His name was Rongqishan. Mother Asteur, a Turkic wizard, was engaged in divination. The pronunciation of the Turks'word "fighting" is "rolling buckwheat hill". Alfred used it as the name of Mount Anlu. Anlu Mountain, who lost his father as a child, lived with his mother in the Turkic people. General Anbo's brother, Anyandan, married his mother and changed his surname to An. In the early years of the first year of the first century, Anlu Mountain escaped from Turkey with the son of General Andobai. When he grew up, Anlu Shan was fluent in six languages and became a toothman who negotiated prices for buyers and sellers. In the twentieth year of Kaiyuan (732 A.D.), Zhang Shouqi was appointed the Youzhou Festival Envoy, and the Anlu goat was caught stealing. Zhang Shouqi tortured him and was ready to kill him with a random stick. He shouted, "Doctors don't want to destroy the two Tibetans? Why kill me! " Zhang Shoupu let him go when he saw that he was white and fat and had a strong language. He was ordered to join his fellow countryman, Shi Siming, in capturing the prisoners alive. They could catch them on time as long as they went out, so they promoted Mount Anlu to a partial general. Anlu Mountain is famous for its bravery. Zhang Shouqian took him as a righteous son.

Kaiyuan 28 (740 A.D.), Anlu Mountain was appointed as the military envoy of Pinglu. He is intelligent and intelligent, and most people praise him. The court conferred on him the rank of governor of Yingzhou and Ambassador of Pinglu Army. He used courtesy to bribe officials and asked them to speak good words for him in the court. Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty trusted and loved him more. In the first year of Tianbao (742 AD), Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty set up a temple in Pinglu and appointed Mount Anlu as the minister in the imperial history. After that, he could play a speech at the court, and Xuanzong of Tang was more fond of him. In the third year of Tianbao (744 A.D.), Anlu Mountain served as an envoy of Fan Yang Festival, Hebei Interview and Pinglu Army. The interview made Zhang Lizhen accept his bribes frequently; a few years later, Xie Jianhou, the deposed minister, said that he was impartial and selfless; as for Li Linfu's catering to Tang Xuanzong, they all said good things about Anlu Mountain. These are the courtiers whom Tang Xuanzong trusted. Tang Xuanzong's affection for Anlu Mountain is more firm.

< p> Anlu Mountain is charming to Princess Yang, but she looks at the Prince differently. When Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty ordered the Prince to meet with Anlu Mountain, he was surprised to see the Prince but did not bow down. He asked him why he did not bow down. He said, "The officials of the Tibetans do not know the rites of the court, and they do not know what the prince is?" Xuanzong explained, "The Prince is Chu Jun, and I will pass on to the prince after I am 100 years old." Anlu Mountain said, "Your Majesty is always the only one who knows your majesty. If you don't know the prince, you should die today." Around him, he worshipped, and then he worshipped. Such rude behavior, Tang Xuanzong did not punish, but believed that Anlu Mountain was loyal to himself, which means "raising tigers and causing trouble". < p > < p > < p > Mount Anlu is very obese, with the abdomen hanging over the knee and self-claimed abdominal weight of 300 kg. Every time he walks, he lifts and pulls his body from left to right. He entered the dynasty by post-horse, and built a special post-horse to change horses for him. It was called "doctor changing horse-platform", otherwise, the post-horse would often die of fatigue. The post station also specializes in choosing horses for him, which can only be used by horses carrying five stone and earth bags. A small saddle is specially installed in front of the saddle to support its abdomen. Although he was so fat and bulky, he danced in front of Xuanzong, but he rotated freely. "It was as fast as the wind." When Xuanzong saw that his stomach hung over his knee, he asked what was in his stomach. He answered jokingly, "There's nothing left but bare-hearted ears!" It made Xuanzong laugh. Mount Anlu is such a foolish and insensitive person who actually hides evil.

< p> At this time, Anlu Mountain was also the envoy of Pinglu (now Chaoyang in Liaoning), Fanyang and Hedong (now Taiyuan in Shanxi). Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty built a mansion for Mount Anlu in the capital city, and said to the palace supervisor who supervised it, "Be good at deploying, Hu people have high eyes, don't make me laugh." After the completion of the mansion, the terraces, pavilions, carved beams and painted buildings, embroidery in the room, although the large interior can not pass. < p > < p > < p > Tang Xuanzong once set up a golden cock tent in the east of Qinzheng Building. Before the tent, he placed a special couch, rolled up the curtain and ordered Anlu Mountain to sit on the couch. Downstairs to perform a hundred operas, Tang Xuanzong and Anlu Mountain to watch. Prince Li Hengjiao said, "In the past and the present, nobody has ever heard of his subordinates sitting with the monarch at the theatre. Your Majesty will be proud if you go too far on Mount Beloved Lushan. Xuanzong said quietly, "He has a different face, and I will be tired of it."

In fact, because Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty ignored the government for a long time, the outline of the dynasty had been in great disorder at that time. Li Longji, Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, not only failed to get rid of the Huer's flames, but also opened up the ambition of fighting against Mount Anlu and seizing the world. In November of the fourteenth year of Tianbao (755 A.D.), Anlu Mountain, the "dry son" of Xuanzong and Yang Guifei of the Tang Dynasty, rebelled from Fanyang. It's time to say, "Heaven is full of taboos, joy is full of sorrow." This unchangeable truth.