When the army arrived, the people greeted them with lights and colors. Suddenly, they took out grenades and guns from their baskets.

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When the army arrived, the people greeted them with lights and colors. Suddenly, they took out grenades and guns from their baskets.

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In the spring of 1947, Hu Zongnan's army began to attack Yan'an. To this end, he sent five other brigades outside the main force to occupy Qingyang and Heshui in Longdong. Of the five brigades,

the most arrogant one is Hodge, the commander of the integrated 48 brigade. He was a Japanese Sergeant artillery student. He was praised as the first military talent by Hu Zongnan because of his gold-plated experience in studying abroad. He trusted himself to be a high-powered artillery student and was given the crown of "He Cannon" by his colleagues.

When he headed his troops into the "cystic zone" of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, the PLA took the initiative to withdraw, and he saw what he saw, so he drove to Xi'an to meet Hu Zongnan, offered his ingenious plan of attacking Longdong, and was determined to take the lead. Hence, Hu Zongnan ordered the reorganization of 48 brigades to occupy Heshui and 24 brigades to occupy Qingyang.

On February 2, Hodge led the troops from Ningxian County, Gansu Province, to March day and night, and seized several small towns successively. On March 4, Hu Zongnan suddenly ordered his headquarters to assemble quickly from water-bearing areas through the original road of Banqiao Town to Binxian County. The purpose of Hu Zongnan's mobilization is to attack Yan'an.

He Qi refused to listen: "The Communist Army can't afford a single blow. Why should we follow the old road in a proper way?" Take a shortcut to Xihua Pool!" It's not a good thing to follow the old road, especially in Banqiao Town. It's not only to wade through the ice-cold Malian River, but also to walk around a big bend. It's a long way. Taking Xihua Pool can shorten the journey of at least two days. It can also pass through dense villages to get food for the people.

Hodge is not a straw bag either. When he left Heshui, he first sent people to Xihua Pool to investigate the falsity and reality. There was no abnormality. As a result, when they entered the village, they found that the streets were covered with lights and slogans. Not only did the people not flee, but they welcomed them out of town when they arrived.

This is an extremely abnormal phenomenon. He Qi is not surprised. The Chief of Staff drew his attention, and he scolded him: "You're a mediocre person, don't you know?" After that, he couldn't help scolding him again: "coward." The soldiers were then ordered to search for warehouses and loot food, salt and other supplies.

p>The whole brigade has completely relaxed its vigilance. At this time, the new 4th Brigade of the Northwest Field Army had arrived at Wangjiaweifang outside the town, and immediately began to form a formation, which caught fire with the guards of the integrated 48th brigade. At the sound of gunfire, enemy intelligence reported to the brigade. He Qi said, "This is part of the Communist Party's harassment activities." There was no response. Unexpectedly, the PLA's offensive became more and more fierce.

Suddenly, many people in Xihuachi Street Market took out grenades and pistols from baskets and coverings and opened fire on the officers and soldiers of the integrated 48 brigades.

He Qi knew it was not good, panicked, ordered 143 regiments and heavy artillery to reinforce the town, but was roofed by five battalions of the new 4th Brigade in an isolated village in the north section of the street, like an old cow falling into a well, which could not be effectively used. At the same time, 142 regiments were also Besieged by 358 brigades of the Northwest Field Army in the villages west of Xihuachi.

The battle was very fierce. He Qi's brigade troops suffered heavy casualties in the town and serious threats to the side and back. The PLA launched more than ten attacks in a row. He Qi's mobile forces, which were not under control, could do nothing. In a panic, he hurried up to a roof to observe the situation of 143 regiments and battalions, when a bullet flew up to the roof and hit his thigh.

The proud general was immediately thrown down on the roof, and the soldiers worked hard to lift him off the roof.

At this time, the opportunity for staff officers to Hu Zongnan a telegram, to the effect that he did not listen to the command, acting without authorization, delaying the overall situation.

This is tantamount to withdrawing salt from his wound. He Qi "Ouch" and closed his eyes with the telegram.

Staff officer waited for his reply. Half-loud, he was silent. He Qi looked down and saw that he was blue and purple, his eyes were closed, and he was out of breath.

He Qi died, Hu Zongnan was in a hurry. He ordered the 48 brigades to stay in Xihua Pool and not move. He ordered the 48 brigades to travel 180 miles in 24 days, forcibly crossing the torrential Malian River and drowning more than 160 people. Only then did they rush to Xihua Pool, rescue the 48 brigades and carry Hoqi's body back to Binxian County.