How do the Gulf people evaluate the Communist Party? You can't imagine the answer!

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How do the Gulf people evaluate the Communist Party? You can't imagine the answer!

2019-02-09 09:18:19 1425 ℃
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< p > Author: Taiwanese scholar

< p > Introduction: A recent article from Taiwan academia, "Looking at the Kuomintang's indignation, I can understand why only the Communist Party can save China!" 》 Popular Internet. The following is the original text:

I think the Communist Party has done the following things.

First, China's fragmentation is avoided. If the Kuomintang wins the civil war, China will be united on the whole, but in fact it will be fragmented inside. There are Li and Bai in Guangxi, Longyun in Yunnan, Yan Xishan in Shanxi and Erma in Qinghai in Ningxia. If the international opposition is met, the Kuomintang army can hardly enter Tibet and control Xinjiang. The internal fragmentation of

makes the whole country unable to form a resultant force, the economic development is not coordinated, and the politics are mutually restrictive. The fragmentation within a country is actually a kind of unification on the surface and a de facto division.

Let's look at Taiwan, a palm-sized place, can actually separate South Taiwan from North Taiwan, can also be divided into local provinces, actually also divided into Blue Camp and Green Camp. If the Kuomintang's capabilities were in the mainland, it would not be known how many battalions and battalions could be spared.

While the Communist Party sweeps the world, sweeping away all the old dramatic forces, wiping out the local tyrants and evil gentry, opening up from top to bottom, entering Tibet, controlling Xinjiang, and uniting the Central Plains to the frontier in an all-round way. Since then, China has achieved a genuine unification in territory, politics and culture. Only then has this country gained real strength. In China, besides the Communist Party, who else can do this? No

< p> < strong> Second, China has achieved comprehensive industrialization. Why has China been bullied for more than 100 years? Because we are a backward agricultural country, it is the industrialized foreigners who have entered the backward agricultural China. Without industrialization, there will be no national confidence. Can the Kuomintang take China on the road of industrialization?

I think that under the leadership of the Kuomintang, China will have industry, but it is impossible to achieve full industrialization. Politically, the Kuomintang is controlled by the United States. During the anti-Japanese war, the United States supported it. It was the United States that saved the Kuomintang's China. In the process of industrialization, what the Kuomintang's China can and can't develop basically depends on the will of the United States.

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p>strong>nuclear weapons?
Don't think about it, the aerospace industry? The extent to which Americans have developed is to what extent. < p > < p > < strong > aviation industry? can be repaired. It is certain that there are few categories, and most probably some light industries, electronics industries and so on. China is an agricultural country, unlike Japan, which insists on heavy industry, and the nation has no inherent industrialization requirements. If there is no strong leadership, no determination of industrialization and no resistance to external pressure and impact, then industrialization is only a dream. China, led by the Communist Party of China, does not listen to any country's blackmail, is not afraid of any country's threats, and unswervingly takes the road of industrialization and priority over priority. Over the past sixty years of struggle, we have become the only country in the world with all kinds of industries. What does industrialization look like? is like a family, other people have a car, you only have two legs, that other people's one foot accelerator smoke no shadow, you two legs run off, it is another hour's journey.

What does our industrialization look like?

Other people have BMW Mercedes-Benz, we have BYD, almost, but I do not have to walk on two legs! I can also add gas on the highway! With industrialization, we dare to say to anyone, how, want to fight, then go, let's find a place to practice!

Third, the Communist Party has given the Chinese self-confidence.

Decades ago, China was scared and desperate.

The strength of human beings is based on material basis. The human feelings of pretending to be human can only burst out after having enough to eat and drink. Many people don't understand why Syrian government forces have surrendered even though they know they're being caught cutting their heads or not, because they can't understand what despair is. Over the past few years,

, gunfire has been heard everyday, death is waiting everyday, and nervous tension is high everyday. No food to eat, no rest, dirty elephant ghosts, like this everyday, people will be depressed, will be desperate, for them, death is the only way out, to live is to fight, to fight is to strike luck, today is not dead tomorrow.

Being caught and killed means knowing when to die. When people are bravest, they usually shoot at each other. When they face life and death, they collapse faster than anyone else. When Ho Yingqin accepted Japan's surrender, he really couldn't stand up. Even if Japan was hit by two atomic bombs, if the United States and the Soviet Union stopped at that time, it would still be loose to attack China on that broken Japan. The attack could not be carried out and there would be more room to defend the occupied area. They heard that Japan had declared its surrender before they came out to take the fruits of victory. What is the mood of such a person?

, so even after Japan surrendered, no one in China dared to look down on the Japanese. Hate is affirmative, fear is more. Even if Japan surrendered, it would not dare to offend the defeated soldiers and try to fix it, fearing that the Japanese would call back later. The Communist Party fought the Korean War, fought against the Soviet Union for several years, fought against India and Vietnam.

The courage of the nation is "fighting out"! But now, some people who are so talkative are always scolding a certain party for its weakness. They don't know who gave them their courage. It seems that Chinese people are born with such cows.

Now Taiwan people look at Japan and Taiwan people look at the United States as if they see their father. If the Kuomintang were on the mainland, we would expect that to happen.

To sum up, look at Taiwan today and the Kuomintang today. I think maybe our nation is really destined to die. Thank Chairman Mao and the Communist Party!

American imperialism is a paper tiger!

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