China's three best fighting armies have gathered, with hundreds of thousands of people: determining the centuries of China's history

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China's three best fighting armies have gathered, with hundreds of thousands of people: determining the centuries of China's history

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The battle of Shanhaiguan in 1644 can be said to be a battle that decides the fate of China. Dashun, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the most elite troops are gathered in this narrow battlefield. After the Songjin War ended, Huang Taiji said, "The only soldiers who were relied on for their grandparents'longevity, and the soldiers of Jinzhou, Songshan, and the provincial reinforcements led by Hong Chengchou have all been defeated. That is to say, recruiting new recruits can only be used up. Can they resist the war?" In fact, that is to say, the Ming Dynasty has no military strength, and its demise is only a matter of time. At that time, although there were only 35,000 troops in Guanning Army under Wu Sangui, the army was expanded to 50,000 after intensive expansion. The elite force is thousands of Mongolian cavalry. In fact, as early as April, when Dashun Army broke through Beijing, Dolphin had ordered the army to be called up.

The Korean envoy at that time in Shenyang said: "Nine Kings of the Hectare (referring to Dorfan) heard that China was sitting empty, and within a few days, they rushed to gather troops and horses. Men under seventy years old and over ten years old all join the army. The judgement of success or failure, in this act. On the ninth day of April, Dolphin took command of the three kings, including Manchuria, Mongolian soldiers, and Han troops, Gongshun, and Xushun soldiers. Even the people of the Qing Dynasty said that "there is no such thing as revitalizing the division before and after." There were about 80,000 troops in the Manchu and Qing Dynasties.

and Li Zicheng and Liu Zongmin also led the elite troops to nearly 100,000 battles, known as 300,000. Wu Sangui's Guanning Army had 50,000 troops. It can be said that at that time, more than 200,000 of China's most elite and skilled troops were assembled at the Shanhaiguan front line. After the outbreak of fighting on April 21, the Guanning Army of Wu Sangui had an irresistible trend. In fact, the main force of the Dashun Army also had a large number of elite forces of the Ming Dynasty frontier army who surrendered. The combat effectiveness is no less than that of Guanning Army, which has already filled water. Li Zicheng was the first to fight against Wu Sangui's troops. Bai Guangen and Tang Tong's 20,000 troops surrendered to the elite of the Ming Dynasty's frontier army. The troops of Bai Guangen and Tang Tong also have a large number of firearms which can effectively suppress Wu Sangui. But as soon as the Qing army entered the Customs, Bai Guangen and Tang Tong's troops were destroyed. The turning point of the battle was on April 22, when the Dashun Army set out a long serpent array outside Shanhaiguan, mainly composed of spear infantry and crossbowers. The most elite cavalry of Dashun Army was accompanied by Li Zicheng.

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Wu Sangui Army is on the right wing, mainly composed of a large number of lance infantry, Musketeers and small artillery units, followed by thousands of Mongolian cavalry. The Qing army was all cavalry, concentrating on breakthroughs. In Shanhaiguan, all the Qing troops who actually participated in the battle were temporary cavalry, and the Qing infantry did not enter the battlefield.

Just when the battle between Dashun Army and Wu Sangui broke out first, the infantry and cavalry of both sides began their bloody white-edged melee. The Qing army was flying in the wind. Twenty-eight thousand flag troops galloped and rushed into the main camp of Dashun Army at once. They were completely dispersed by a round of riding and shooting. The battle was basically an instant, when Dashun Army collapsed and Liu Zongmin was wounded and retreated. There is really nothing to say about the battle of

that is, a charge is over, the Dashun Army has lost tens of thousands of people, while the opponent has suffered slight losses. And this charge led to a sudden drop in morale of the Dashun Army to the freezing point. After Dashun troops returned to Beijing, they took their remaining troops and retreated westward. The leading troops of the Qing Army overtook Dashun Army in Qingdu, defeated Dashun Army and killed Gu Ying, the main general. Then, in fact, they broke out a war with Dashun Army again and won again. Dashun Army could no longer stand in Zhili and retreated directly to Shanxi. The pursuing Qing Army also returned to Beijing on May 12.