The official website was crowded to paralysis by ticket-snatchers. The Palace Museum responded whether to release night tickets again.

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The official website was crowded to paralysis by ticket-snatchers. The Palace Museum responded whether to release night tickets again.

2019-02-18 18:32:44 259 ℃

This year's Lantern Festival, the Palace Museum opened its first night in 94 years and watched the Lantern Festival for free. On February 17, the news was painted on the social media. Although only two nights were open, many fans were yearning for it. The night ticket application for January 16, which opened in the early morning of February 18, was blown up by too many servers. In this regard, overseas network interviewed the Forbidden City ticketing department, they said that there is no increase in ticketing news. On February 17, the Palace Museum will open on the 15th and 16th of the first lunar month. The news of the Lantern Festival has blown up all kinds of social media. It's the first night of the Forbidden City in 94 years and it's free. But admission also requires booking tickets online. Tickets for the fifteenth day of the first month (February 19) were opened for booking yesterday (February 17). Unexpectedly, they have been stolen. The public need to make an appointment on the Forbidden City ticketing website free of charge. The quota is limited until it is full. The Palace Museum is scheduled to open its ticket reservation for the evening of January 16 on February 18, but no specific opening time has been announced.

and many netizens hope to grab tickets for the night of January 16 (February 20). Many people have been brushing the website since last night, but before zero, they found that the website was "paralyzed".

After 0:00 on February 18, netizens began to try to open the website for booking tickets, and the results were "520 Bad Gateway". This situation has caused many netizens to Tucao on the Internet. They have posted a screenshot of their landing appointment but unable to enter the website. According to screenshots released by netizens, before 0.51, the number of visitors for the three periods on the "Forbidden City on the Evening of the Yuan Dynasty" activity page had remained 0, and the tickets had been grabbed, but at this time, some netizens even failed to open the reservation page.

This time, the cultural activity venue of the Forbidden City Shangyuan Night is arranged in the afternoon entrance exhibition hall of the Palace Museum, Taihe Gate Square, the East Wall of the Palace Museum, Shenwumen and other areas. Before the entrance, the audience can enjoy the magnificent and magnificent appearance of the Wumen Gate Tower and the East and West Yan Wing Tower under the light. After the entrance, there are also "Forbidden City New Year" exhibition, virtual reality film "Corner Tower", and "The Way to Build - Forbidden City Architectural Art Exhibition" waiting for you. When walking through the east wall of the Palace Museum, which is nearly a kilometer long and covered with red lanterns, you can also hear the sound of opera coming from Changyin Pavilion. The opening of the Palace Museum Night Stadium in 1994 also allowed many people who could not get tickets to buy on the Internet. And the price of the ticket is about the same as that of the concert ticket.

The information of purchasing night tickets for the Palace Museum

Many netizens shouted "I have not entered the website? The tickets will be stolen?"

Some netizens have added a "court drama" in the commentary area and have expressed their intention to go to "Danggge" and "find eight elder brothers and four elders".

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< p> Some netizens suggested that the activity should be open on the day of live webcasting, and many netizens'@'Dean hoped to prolong the activity time and increase the number of open sessions.

On the 18th, Overseas Network consulted the Open Administration Office of the Palace Museum. The Management Office said it was not sure whether it would continue to issue tickets. All the tickets purchased on the Internet would prevail. Reporters asked if more evening events would be opened in the future, the management said, this need to consult the ticketing department. Subsequently, the ticketing department of the Palace Museum said that there was no news of increasing night tickets at present. It is also unclear whether more evening events will be opened in the future, and all the information will be based on the official website of the Palace Museum. Overseas network reporters also called the Forbidden City Public Relations Section and the Publicity Section, but the phone was unanswered.

For these lovely "drama" netizens in the comments section, Xiaobian hopes you all have tickets.