Can Webcast enter the Forbidden City on Shangyuan Night without an appointment? The Imperial Palace responds

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Can Webcast enter the Forbidden City on Shangyuan Night without an appointment? The Imperial Palace responds

2019-02-18 18:32:44 244 ℃

Information Map: At the end of 2017, Luming, reporter of Xinmin Evening News in Qingchang, Palace Museum,

[Xinmin Evening News, Xinmin Net], will hold a cultural event on Lantern Festival tomorrow. It is reported that this is the first time that the Palace Museum has opened its "Night Evening Evening Evening Evening" in 94 years. The ticket reservation system of the 15th and 16th of the first lunar month "Shangyuan Night" was open in seconds. Today, the ticket website of the Palace Museum website was once paralyzed. Many Netizens found that the tickets had been sold out when they were not easy to enter the page. Some netizens could not help but lament that "it seems that they have missed the beauty of their lives!"

"Shangyuan Night in the Forbidden City" is hard to get a ticket. Various versions of the online "Shangyuan Night" strategy have appeared. "The unsuccessful person who has not made an appointment looks here", "If you want to enter the evening, please chat with me"... ________ Xinmin Evening News reporters contacted one by one and asked the Palace Museum staff about these strategies, which proved that these "strategies" were unreliable. Without invitation and reservation, we can not participate in the cultural activities of "Shangyuan Night of the Forbidden City". Strategies 1: Buy tickets on the 15th afternoon of the first lunar month and avoid the clearance

Reporters saw in the sticker bar that some netizens suggested that there were more than 30,000 tickets left on the 15th day. They could buy tickets on the afternoon of the 15th day, and hide in the toilet or in the rockery until 5 o'clock when the Palace Museum was cleared. In response, the reporter consulted the Palace Museum staff and said that this is totally unrealistic.

On the one hand, in order to ensure the safety of cultural heritage, the Palace Museum will send a large number of security teams to clean up. At the same time, the Palace Museum has a strict security system. Even if a cat moves, it is also fully grasped in the security system of the Palace Museum. More than 3000 high-definition cameras work 24 hours to avoid clearance is impossible. On the other hand, the venue of the event is mainly in the areas of the noon entrance exhibition hall, Taihe Gate Square, the East Wall of the Palace Museum, Shenwumen and so on. These areas will be arranged systematically before the event starts, and they will be cleared completely. Even if they avoid the afternoon clearance, they will not be able to enter these areas. The Palace Museum also reminds tourists that they should travel civilized according to the regulations of scenic spots. If tourists intentionally violate the regulations and stay after the Palace Museum clearance without authorization, they may be blacklisted and restricted to enter the Palace Museum.

Strategy 2: "Internal Channel" will let you enter

Many netizens turn to second-hand trading platform, and "Purchase" is the voice of the birth of "Shangyuan Night" high-priced tickets. Reporters found that some people said that "the Palace Museum night ticket, internal channels, packaged entrance", the price of 200 yuan, but through the phone, the other side charged 3000 tickets, no bargaining, and many people queued up to ask. He told reporters that he had several "guest tickets" for the Forbidden City, which he could enter without an appointment. However, the reporter asked the staff to find that the Guest Ticket of the Palace Museum is a welfare ticket issued by the Palace Museum to the relevant units. It is not allowed to sell and resell, and it is unavoidable to make an appointment to participate in the "Shangyuan Night" activities. Journalist

then asked several resellers of tickets, some people said that they could provide coupon codes such as express reservation code, internal tickets, etc., a piece of coupon code ranging from 500 to 2000 yuan, and express delivery home after payment. In response, the staff said that the Palace Museum did not provide tickets such as reservations for the above-mentioned "Shangyuan Night" activities. Participation in the "Shangyuan Night" is required to make an appointment through the official website and enter with an ID card.

Strategy 3: Falsely using ID card to enter the forum

Reporters found in the forum post bar that some successful booking netizens are reselling their tickets. When the reporter asked one of them, he said there was one way to get in, that is, to exchange ID cards. The person who has not made an appointment passes through the ticket gate with the ID card of the successful person who made the appointment. After the visit, he comes out and exchanges his ID card back and forth. When the reporter asked the ticket inspectors what to do if they found the information on the ID card was not consistent, he said that he had just been to the Forbidden City two days ago, no face recognition, the rigorous point of his package must be no problem.

The staff of the Palace Museum told reporters that the checking of tickets at the Palace Museum is very strict, and the checkers will check the identity of tourists one by one. Especially in the "Shangyuan Night" tourists more, in order to ensure the safety of cultural relics, ticket checking efforts will be increased accordingly. At the same time, if visitors are found to be using identity cards and other irregularities, they may be blacklisted in the Forbidden City system. Moreover, leaving your ID card in the custody of strangers may result in the risk of losing or using it fraudulently.

The Palace Museum once again emphasizes that there are only two ways to participate in the activities of "Shangyuan Night of the Forbidden City" announced on the Palace Museum's official website. First, the representatives of various circles, such as the model workers invited by the Palace Museum, the Beijing model, the courier boy, the sanitation workers, the PLA and the armed police officers and soldiers, the firefighters, the police officers and so on, can enter with certificates. Second, the audience friends who have successfully booked on the official website of the Palace Museum can enter the entrance from the noon gate security check with their ID cards, and stop the entrance at 20 p.m. that night.

In the announcement, the Palace Museum said that the successful visitors could enjoy the magnificent and magnificent posture of the Wumen Gate Tower and the East and West Yan Wing Tower under the light before entering the hall. After the entrance of the Wumen Gate, the Taihe Gate Square was first enjoyed, and then the Wumen West Ma Road went to the Wumen Gate Tower to visit the exhibition "New Year in the Forbidden City". After the exhibition, the visitors will walk along the city wall decorated with red lanterns, which is full of festive atmosphere, to the southeast corner building. After that, the visitors will walk through the east wall of the Palace, which is full of red lanterns, and through the exhibition hall of the Donghua Gate Ancient Architecture Hall, you can see that some ancient buildings near the west side of the city wall are also lit up to create a festive and peaceful Festival atmosphere. Upon arrival at the northeast corner building, the audience will walk to Shenwumen Gate, in this area, you can see paintings such as "Thousand Mile River and Mountain Scroll" projected on the roof of the building through artistic lights on the south side of the city wall. After leaving Shenwumen City Building, you can also choose the corner restaurant and corner coffee on both sides of the East and West outside Shenwumen as the end of this trip. However, don't be discouraged if you miss the "Shangyuan Night" in the Forbidden City. In order to further promote the excellent Chinese culture and let people see more aspects of the Palace Museum, the Palace Museum had an early idea of opening the night scene. Shan Jixiang, president of the Palace Museum, has said that two "Forbidden City Cultural Streets" are planned to be built outside Shenwumen to open the night market of Shenwumen Square. In addition, after the renovation of the Dagao XuanDian, some areas may hold thematic cultural activities at night. With the further opening of the Palace Museum in the future, tourists are expected to sit in the night breeze of the Forbidden City and watch the red light for thousands of miles. They can enjoy the coffee in the palace and spend sleepless nights. (Xinmin Evening News trainee journalist Pan Zixuan)