The first time that the Forbidden City opened its ticketing website to the public in the evening collapsed at zero!

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The first time that the Forbidden City opened its ticketing website to the public in the evening collapsed at zero!

2019-02-18 18:32:48 1498 ℃

Cover News (Reporter Yu Ting) On the morning of February 18, many netizens crouched in front of the computer waiting for tickets to "Night Tour Forbidden City" were once again disappointed. "Painted 502 overnight", "The nearest ticket to see the remaining 0 people, I was desperate." "It reminds me of College elections." <<





is located in the afternoon entrance exhibition hall of the Palace Museum, Taihe Gate Square, the East Wall of the Palace Museum, Shenwumen and other areas. Before the entrance, the audience can enjoy the magnificent and magnificent appearance of the Wumen Gate Tower and the East and West Yan Wing Tower under the light. After the entrance, there are also "Forbidden City New Year" exhibition, virtual reality film "Corner Tower", and "The Way to Build - Forbidden City Architectural Art Exhibition" waiting for you. When walking through the east wall of the Palace Museum, which is nearly a kilometer long and covered with red lanterns, you can also hear the sound of opera coming from Changyin Pavilion.

The fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the first "lantern party" held in 94 years since the founding of the Academy, and the first free opening to the public in the evening, when such a tour and these many "first" gatherings together, it is foreseeable that netizens will also rush to grab the enthusiasm. The Palace Museum officially opened the booking platform for ordinary audiences around 14:40 on the 17th

and the tickets for the event on February 19 of that afternoon were fully booked. Tickets are open for booking on February 20 and 18. At 0:00 on the 18th, many netizens entered the website on time, but found that the website "crashed". "You can't open it at all. Opening it is 502. Error." After more than half an hour of brushing, some netizens found it difficult to see the "real face" of the official website. They clicked on the activity page of "Shangyuan Night in the Forbidden City". However, they found that the number of visitors in the three periods was 0. "Cry to death, tickets have not been grabbed, also can not sleep." Some netizens suggested that the day of the event be open to live webcasting, and many netizens, Dean Aite, hoped to extend the activity time and increase the number of open venues.


real-name netizens who are envious of snatching tickets will only be carrying small benches and waiting for live videos from the palace.