Does the Lantern Festival Palace Museum open this year? See you tomorrow.

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Does the Lantern Festival Palace Museum open this year? See you tomorrow.

2019-02-18 18:32:50 1420 ℃

Recently, Speaking at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Abu Li Forum for Chinese Entrepreneurs, the President of the Palace Museum, Shan Jixiang, said that the Palace Museum will open for the first time in its history on Lantern Festival this year. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Palace Museum Consultation Office that the Palace Museum official website will have relevant replies on the 18th.

The Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Abu Li China Entrepreneurs Forum was held in Abu Li, Heilongjiang Province, from February 16 to 18, 2019. The President of the Palace Museum, Shan Jiuxiang, attended and delivered a speech. Shan Jixiang said the Forbidden City would open its first night in history two days later (Lantern Festival). "Every five meters a red lantern, on our city wall, more than 300 red lanterns string up a red dragon, linking five pavilions together, we hope to be able to light up some of the ancient buildings of the Forbidden City and hold the night of the Shangyuan Festival. Welcome to the Palace Museum, Qingming Shanghe Tu and Qianli Jiangshan Tu will be staged on the roof.

On the 17th, a reporter from Beiqing Daily called the Palace Museum Consulting Office. The staff answered that at present, we have no definite information. The announcement received at present is that tomorrow (18th) the official website will have a relevant response to the public.

It is known that in recent years, the Palace Museum has repeatedly heard that the night venue will be open, but tourists have never been able to see the night.

Wen/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Songxia

responsible editor: Yang Xiaoxu