"The Queen of Solitary Solitude" is broadcasting the real solitary Gallo in history.

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"The Queen of Solitary Solitude" is broadcasting the real solitary Gallo in history.

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Looking at this topic, you must know: Now, another big female TV series has landed in our field of vision - yes, it is "The Queen of Solitary Solitary" starring Jon Chen!

But, you must ask?! Why does

Lonely Queen bring loneliness to others for a lifetime?

Right! Be jealous! Jealousy of the youngest three - in those days, jealous husbands should marry concubines!

This feminist who lived more than 1500 years ago is not only jealous of his husband's marriage to his third child, but also... Jealous of his son marrying the third child. He was jealous of his subordinates marrying Junior Three. Is it not the loneliness of a lifetime that

brings to others?

The result is a catastrophe!

Fig. 1 "Lonely Queen" photo

1, distinguished birth

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Lonely Queen is jealous because of the capital of good jealousy!

Dugu Queen, formerly known as Dugu Galo, is the seventh daughter of Dugu, an important member of Guanlong Military Group, a top noble in the Northern Wei-Northern Zhou Dynasty. Married to Yang Jian at the age of 14. Du Guxin, the Minister of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, assisted Yu Wentai to build a successful career and was one of the eight pillars of the country. After the establishment of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, he was promoted to Taibao, a great uncle and the patriarch of the State of Jinfengwei.

More importantly, it is believed that a daughter has become a queen. That's the eldest daughter, Dugu, who married Emperor Yu Wenyu of the Ming Dynasty of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Of course, there were three queens left alone later. In addition to the Mingjing Queen mentioned earlier, there were also Queen Yuanzhen, mother of Li Yuan, Gaozu Tang, who was later named Queen, and the three queens, the protagonists of this article, who were all single believers.

is really "a family of three queens, a good father-in-law of the nation"!

Although he had a distinguished stature, he was suspicious and murdered by Yuwen Hu, the Minister of the Northern Zhou Dynasty. <


Figure 2 Yang Jian (541-604), namely Sui Wendi emperor

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< section >< section >< section >< section >< section >< section >< section >> < section The results of this study are as follows:1. Queen. So let's focus on her being queen!

The most important thing about her jealousy is that she is "jealous" (from Sui Shu)! Think about the word


As a wife's solitary family, when she first married her husband (just 14 years old), she forced her husband to swear not to marry concubines all his life, and swear to "swear not to have an alien child"!

Later, Lao Yang became emperor. Although the empress palace has a renovated imperial concubine in name, it is only a famous person with no actual personnel arrangement (no one dares to do it). So much so that Lao Yang is more than fifty, without a concubine.

Once, the lonely queen was ill, Lao Yang was really lonely and impatient. He met Chi Shi, the daughter of Chi Quan, the criminal minister, who was put into palace detention at Renshou Palace. He felt very beautiful. Fortunately! The lonely queen knows it, and she's furious! ___________ Immediately kill Wei Chi. Emperor Wen was so angry that in order to express his indignation, he went so far as to ___________ I chose to ride a horse and run (I'm too afraid of my wife)! In the end, ministers Gao Su and Yang Su mediated between them, and the two sides were as good as ever.

Figure 3 Yang Su ()

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< b> 3, the fierce jealousy thing

section> < section> Yang Jianjian became emperor according to etiquette law, he was the eldest son of the emperor and solitary empress Yang The Prince chose to marry Yuanshi, the daughter of the imperial family of the Northern Wei Dynasty, but the eldest son didn't like the girl who came from a famous family (probably because she came from a famous family, so she was proud of her situation and did not please her husband). Yang Yong likes a humble Yun Zhaoxun, which eventually makes his wife Yuanshi childless and dies!

This can cause catastrophe! The lonely queen hears it, and is furious! Should my son fall at the feet of the son of Yun Zhaoxun, who had given birth to Yang Yong's eldest son and was established as the son of the world? The angry mother decided to encourage her husband to grow up and grow up, and finally succeeded in supporting Yang Guangwei as Emperor! < p >< section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < section > < p > < b > 4, jealousy three - fostering jealousy mentality of daughter-in-law < / b > < / P > < / section > < / section > < / section > < / section > < section > < p > with the support of such abnormal mother-in-law, daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law express their great joy!

So, there appeared the case that the husband was poisoned by his wife because of his lucky concubine - this is Yang Jian and the third son of the lonely queen, King Qin Yang Jun. Yang Jian and Dugu Queen chose to marry their third son, Yang Jun, the daughter of a famous family, Cui Shi of Qinghe and Cui Hongdu's sister, Cui Shi. The princess is also very jealous (more than her mother-in-law)! When I saw my husband doting on concubines, I went so far as to... Poison your husband, poison him to death! <>

Figure 4 Gaohu (541-607), Sui Dynasty famous prime minister and military minister

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> V, Humor envy four-instigated the husband to abandon his subordinates

But our queen of wonderful flowers did it!

The minister she envied was not someone else, but a good friend Gao Xun, whom she had known as a teenager. She also introduced her husband Yang Jian to become Yang Jian's founding minister, minister and prime minister.

said that Gao Yu's wife died of illness. Out of concern, the lonely queen decided to tell her husband to let Gao Yu marry another house (?! Trial?!) Gao Bingxiao annoyingly refused, saying that she only loved to send her wife, which made the lonely queen very happy! But I didn't expect that in a few days, there was news that Gao Xun not only had concubines, but also had a delivery room. People were born! The matter of

also broke out the small universe of the lonely queen's jealousy. He also slandered Gao Yu in front of her husband the other day, even went to the outline to say that Gao Yu deliberately concealed what he was doing. Bullying you! Eventually, a generation of virtuous prime ministers will be dismissed!

Fig. 5, Yang Guang (569-618), that is, Sui Yang Emperor

VI, the evil consequence of fierce jealousy /p>

alone queen, because of fierce jealousy consequences, ultimately produced extremely evil consequences! That is to say,

led to the demise of the Sui Dynasty.

Because of the appearance of a person, Lonely Queen and Yang Jian's second son, Yang Guanghengkong, were born!

This evil monarch who eventually kills his father, kills his brother, seizes the throne, marches on Koryo, digs the Grand Canal, provokes Jiangdu, indulges in luxury and lust, does nothing evil but does nothing evil, and finally loses the Sui Dynasty. The evil monarch who dies is the result of his mother's jealousy, but uses the other way to get the mother's favor, and then becomes the prince!

said that Yang Guang did not accept concubines, especially the Xiao clan of Nanliang imperial family who married Yang Jian and the lonely queen for herself. He even intentionally put forward a side of affection with his wife in front of his mother, which was approved by his mother and helped by his mother. He became the prince and eventually became the emperor of the Great Sui Dynasty. < p > < p > and then, fourteen years later, the Great Sui Dynasty died!

We can conclude that loving husband and being jealous are understandable! But there must be a limit - especially for being jealous and loathsome, and eventually interfering in politics! The lesson of solitude is not far away.

Lonely Queen,

Bring others a lifetime of loneliness.

Wen: Niu Yida

Reference: Sui Shu

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