Historical Conjecture: The Destruction of Liangzhu Civilization and the Truth of "Collision of Gonggong with Buzhoushan"

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Historical Conjecture: The Destruction of Liangzhu Civilization and the Truth of "Collision of Gonggong with Buzhoushan"

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Archaeology is the cornerstone of history, especially in ancient times. It is no different from commenting on a mythological novel only by means of so-called handed down literature. The Five Emperors did not believe in history at all. They only talked about history books. What influence of later generations is to deduce on the basis of fiction, which is no different from nonsense. So we can only match legends with archaeological discoveries. Even so, a large number of conjectures dominate. However, with more clues to guess, there is more room for imagination and some interesting things appear.

Below is my guess about the legends of "Gonggong Raging against Zhoushan" and "Juanxuan Jedi Tiantong". These two major events are likely to be one thing.

formerly, the co-workers and chin-chin contend for emperor, and they are angry and touching the mountain. The pillar of heaven is broken and the earth is destroyed. When the sky falls northwest, the moon and stars move away; when the earth is not satisfied with the southeast, the water and dust return. (Huainan Honglie)

Co-operation is a water hazard, so it is well-known. (Wenzi) < br >

< p > King of Joint Work, Seven of the Waters, Three of the Land, Take advantage of the situation of the heavens to control the husband. (Guan Guan Yao Du)

Princes have Gonggong clan, who allow wisdom punishment to be a powerful but not a king, and using water to ride mummy is a battle with Zhu Rong. To be overwhelmed and angry is to be overwhelmed by landslides, broken pillars and lack of land. (Shiji Busanhuang Benji)

is the life of Li, Jedi Tiantong, there is no downgrade. (Shangshu Lu Xing)

is not that. Ancient people and gods are not mixed. If so, the gods will descend, in the men say goodbye, in the women say witch... And the decline of less, nine Li Chao De, people and gods mixed, not prescriptions. Madame's enjoyment, family is the history of witchcraft, there is no essential quality. The people live in sacrifice without knowing their blessings. Enjoy unlimited, the people and gods are in the same place.................................... To accept it is to order the south to revert to God and the fire to the earth to the people, so as to restore the old to the normal and inviolate each other. It is called Jedi Sky Tong. (Mandarin. In Chu dialect < br >

< p > Gao Yangsheng is called "Sheng Zhang", and "Sheng Zhang Sheng Chongli" is called "Sheng Zhang". Chongli is the emperor of Gaoxin live in the fire, very meritorious, able to melt the world, the emperor ordered Zhurong. (Historical Records of Chu Shijia)

When I was a child, I read the little book Nuwa Butian, in which the plot of "Zhurong Great War and Co-operation" was really wonderful, which left me a deep memory. In the end, the Communist Party knocked down Mount Buzhoushan, which connects the heaven and the earth, triggered a huge disaster, and achieved the story of "Nuwa mending the heaven". Is Zhurong's War Communist Party just a myth and legend? Would the story of the fall of Wuzhoushan be a profound memory of the real events in ancient China?

"Juanxuan Jedi Tiantong" is another legend, which tells us that Juanxuan (the grandson of Huangdi) reorganized the order between heaven and earth, ordered Sun Tzu Chongli to interrupt the originally interconnected passageway between heaven and earth, so that heaven and earth are separated and man and God are not disturbed. However, this story has the same protagonists as "can't hit Zhoushan" - Zhu Xuan and Zhu Rong (Chongli), and both of them have broken the connection between heaven and earth. Would "knocking down Wuzhoushan" and "Jedi Tiantong" be the same thing at all?
Recently, Liangzhu culture has been redefined as Liangzhu civilization. Liangzhu civilization, with its magnificent urban construction, complete water conservancy facilities, exquisite jades and ritual culture ahead of the times, became the advanced civilization on the land of China 4000-5000 years ago.

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Liangzhu Civilization was supposed to be a "co-working" group because of its unique capacity for water conservancy construction. If Liangzhu really works together, can it be connected with the story of Zhoushan? Who is Zhuan Xuan and Zhurong? In recent years, Chinese archaeology has found that there has been a long war between Liangzhu civilization and Wenkou culture. For example, the ten newly discovered Jiangzhuang sites in 2015 have found a large number of war deaths in tombs. As two adjacent cultures, Dawenkou and Liangzhu have had long-term exchanges in the past several hundred years. The two sides are intertwined at the cultural sites in Jiangsu. Moreover, the Dawenkou type site once appeared the Liangzhu type Jade Duan, while the Liangzhu type site excavated the bottom pottery of the Dawenkou type, which proved that the two sides had conquered each other's villages and were in a long-term situation of saw-pulling.

But in the end, it was obvious that Liangzhu was defeated, Liangzhu civilization suddenly declined more than 4,000 years ago, and the grand city wall suddenly interrupted its construction. The impact of this war was profound.

We can guess that the last war between the two sides killed the Dawenkou culture (or Longshan culture after the rise of the Yellow Emperor) to the center of Liangzhu civilization. The commander of the Dawenkou Army was Chongli, son of Gaoyang's Zhunxuan, the grandson of the Yellow Emperor, who called Zhurong.

Liangzhu Archaeology has unearthed two strange corpses, whose skeletons have been monitored by strontium isotopes. They unexpectedly found that they belong to the northern people who eat millet. Rice and millet contain different strontium isotopes, which lead to different "strontium isotopes" in southern and Northern Human bones. It takes more than six months for a northerner who eats millet to eat rice in the south, so his "strontium isotope" will become the same as that of a southerner. That is to say, the two millet-eating northerners, less than six months away from the north, died in Liangzhu, the body was thrown into the river, mixed in a pile of Liangzhu people's corpses.

What is this situation? If we are concerned with the incident of Buzhou Mountain, can we guess that the Liangzhu people, under the fierce attack of the Huangdi Chongli (Zhurong) army, broke the dam in the mountainous area - Buzhou Mountain (position 678 below), trying to drown the Dawenkou Army (or Longshan Army).

The result of the dam breach terminated the war directly. How many survivors of Liangzhu and Dawenkou (Longshan) on the spot could not be known. But the huge floods are shocking for the survivors on the spot - the collapse of heaven and earth, thus forming a mythical memory inheritance. What is Buzhoushan? Some written records should correspond to the archaeological relics of Liangzhu - "The Book of Mountains and Seas, the Western Classic of Great Wilderness": "Beyond the Northwest Sea, the corner of the Great Wilderness, there are mountains that do not correspond to each other, so it is called inappropriate." Of course, Liangzhu is not in the west of China, but Liangzhu Dam Group is in the west of Liangzhu Ancient City, and the high dam is still in the Northwest Mountainous area. Geographical concepts of the ancients were fragmented. The local memory of every culture may be misplaced as a national concept through oral communication. In this way, the reservoir lake area and high dam located in the west of Liangzhu ancient city become the northwest sea and Zhoushan in the west of the great wilderness.

In addition, "Jedi Tiantong" has also been explained. First of all, the most important legacy of Liangzhu civilization is the Jade Cong, which has a strong purpose of sacrificing heaven and earth. It is not only the jade wares, but a series of exquisite jade wares in Liangzhu are mostly related to sacrifice, forming a complete set of jade ritual system. It can be said that Liangzhu civilization is an important source of worship of heaven and earth, sacrificial rites and ritual culture in China. In short, Liangzhu Civilization probably acted as the guide of religion in the Cathaysian Civilization Circle at that time, and had the highest voice of dialogue with heaven and earth. This is the truth of "the two worlds of man and God are interlinked" in the Huangdi era.

"Gonggong knocks down Buzhoushan" and "Chin-chin Jedi Tiantong" two things, the clue can be connected. The leader of the Huangdi Nationality, Zhuanxu, tried to seize the religious or economic leadership of Liangzhu people (co-workers and Zhuanxuan contended for emperor). However, although the war defeated the Liangzhu people, it caused the Liangzhu people to break their levees suicide, triggered floods (raging mountains) and destroyed the central area of Liangzhu. The Huangdi people had to abandon their conquered land and return to the north.
After the war,

, the Huangdi nationality captured the jade making technology and some residual rituals (rituals) of Liangzhu civilization, but the communication between Liangzhu Shaman and heaven and earth was not learned, and the authentic ability of "human-god communication" was lost (fate restored to Li, Jedi Tiantong).
In spite of this, the Huangdi people succeeded in seizing religious leadership and even economic dominance in the Chinese cultural circle. Since then, the Dawenkou (Longshan) - Huangdi ethnic group has upgraded in an all-round way by integrating a series of cultures and technologies of Liangzhu, opening up the heyday of Longshan culture. With the spread of the influence of Longshan culture, rituals and religious rituals such as jade cones spread all over the southeast and northwest of China.
The above are all conjectures. (Tao Mujian Studio)


In other words, the little book Nuwa Butian painted really well! It's a work of art. Today, it's amazing to think that Zhu Rong's war co-operation in Xiaoren's book may have happened in real life.

but the end of the war in the little man's book needs to be tuckered: "representing the bright of Zhu Rong, defeated the representative of the dark". Who is black and who is white? What is the truth of history?

(comic strips reproduced from collections)

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