Why did Kuimu Wolf get the Jade Emperor's commutation so soon? So he helped Laojun draw this picture!

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Why did Kuimu Wolf get the Jade Emperor's commutation so soon? So he helped Laojun draw this picture!

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(Snail Watches West Journey No. 2510)

Wen/Walking with Snails

Huangpao Monster is originally named Kuimu Wolf and belongs to one of the 28 stars in the sky.

He is the most infatuated monster and the most ferocious monster.

said that his infatuation was a love for Princess Hundred Flowers and Shame. Baihuashi was also a maid in heaven. One day, when Kuimu wolf passed through the Hall of Dressed Incense, he inadvertently took a look in it and took a look at it with his maid. However, courtship is not allowed in heaven, so the two agreed that the maid would go down first, and then the wolf would go to him.

I have to say that Baihuashi still needs to love thoroughly. She directly chose to be reincarnated and become the princess of the country of treasures, but she lost her memory.

and the wolf may still be reluctant to give up all his mana, so his method is to steal the lower bounds. This way down to earth, can only be called demons.

Faced with the loss of the shy flowers, Kuimu wolf had no choice but to pluck the shy flowers into the cave for thirteen years.

If the Tang monk did not drive out Monkey King, and was not trying to strengthen himself to go to Huazhai, the life of Kuimu wolf and Baihua shy would continue. Because the Tang monks crashed into the cave by mistake and broke their peaceful life, they also took the Tang monks in.

The wolf changed into a handsome man. He went to Baoxiangguo and gained the trust of the king. Then he turned the Tang monk into a demon and put him in a cage. Also wounded the white dragon horse, Sha Seng was locked in the hole, the pig eight quit frightens not to dare to come out. Watching the Bible-taking team collapse. Fortunately, Bai Long Ma said that he wanted to return to Sun Wukong.

Monkey King and Huang Pao-wei are similar in power. However, the Monkey King will go down to heaven to find out the details and soon bring the 27 stars down to heaven.

What crimes did the wolf commit? First, go down to earth privately; secondly, marry secretly; thirdly, eat people; fourthly, turn Tang monks into demons. Any crime can put Kuimu Wolf to death, but the Jade Emperor punished him in this way -

demoted him to go to the palace and set fire to the Emperor Tai Shang Lao Jun, took salaries, resumed his duties with merit, and aggravated his crime with no merit.

will punish him to be an igniter and continue to receive his salary. And left a live slogan: meritorious reinstatement, reactive aggravation of its crime. How long did the pyrotechnics of Kuimu Wolf work? When the Tang monk team encounters rhinoceros essence, Monkey King asks for help from heaven. Kuimu Wolf has been restored to his post. He also follows Monkey King's lower boundaries to receive rhinoceros essence.

Therefore, the pyrotechnics of Kuimu wolf did not last long. One year from day to day, the Tang monk team traveled from Boyue Cave to Jinping House where rhinoceros emerged and disappeared for about ten years, that is, ten days in the sky. The pyrotechnics of Kuimu Wolf were inaugurated in less than ten days.

Then, he must make a contribution, and the Jade Emperor will forgive him. What contribution did he make?

Originally, the Queen Wolf went to set fire, and the former King of Golden Horn and the King of Silver Horn ran to Pingdingshan and became the King of Mountains. What's more strange is that they also have a picture in their arms, on which is a portrait of Tang monks and apprentices. In those days, there were no mobile phones and no cameras. You had to see yourself or hear people talk about your appearance when drawing. Golden Horn and Silver Horn have never seen Tang monks and apprentices before. Otherwise, they would not hold a picture.

Since no Tang monks and apprentices have been seen in Golden Horn and Silver Horn, who painted this painting? Obviously, that's the yellow-robed monster. That is to say, he painted or asked people to draw the portrait of Tang monks and apprentices while he was burning fire with Laojun. Then he gave the portrait to Laojun and Laojun to the two boys.

Just because he did it successfully, he did not burn for long, so he was reinstated.

can see that the solemn heavenly rules are also divided into human beings. The pig and the sand monk committed minor mistakes and were punished so ruthlessly.

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