The only person who was framed by Cao Cao and Liu Bei, the two great warlords, did not know whether it was glory or sorrow.

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The only person who was framed by Cao Cao and Liu Bei, the two great warlords, did not know whether it was glory or sorrow.

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After the battle of < strong > Wolong (11)

< Chibi, Liu Bei captured the four counties of southern Jingzhou, and sent his Zuo General's residence to Jiangyou County south of the Yangtze River in Nanjun County. He renamed Jiangyou Public Security as it is now, which is opposite to Zhou Yu's residence in Jiangling across the Yangtze River. And I want to ask Zhou Yu for a bigger place, which means that Zhou Yu had better give him Jiangling, the prefecture of Nanjun. Of course, Zhou Yu didn't do it. It took him a year to get the city. Why did you want me to let him? Liu Bei also knew that Zhou Yu would not give up Jiangling, so he wanted to skip Zhou Yu and go directly to Sun Quan to borrow Jingzhou. Will Sun Quan be able to do what Zhou Yu refused? At this time, the central government of the Eastern Han Dynasty under Cao Cao's control officially appointed Zhou Yu as Taishou of Nanjun and Cheng Pu as Taishou of Jiangxia. This seemingly simple act actually contains obvious malice. It should be known that Sun Quan's official position at this time was only "to ask for generals and comprehend Ji Taishou" (Biography of Wu Zhuzhu, Three Kingdoms). Zhou Yu became Taishou and Sun Quan Ping in Nanjun. You are Taishou and I am Taishou. There is a question of who commands whom.

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Moreover, at this time, Zhou Yu Chibi was famous for defeating Cao Cao, while Sun Quan was defeated and confronted, and decided to win or lose. In addition, Zhou Yu was older than Sun Quan, so people at that time all suspected that Zhou Yu had a place at this time, with prestige, he would stand on his own as king. Cao Cao sent Jiang Gan to lobby Zhou Yu. Although he failed, he succeeded in creating a public opinion that Zhou Yu wanted to stand on his own. Sun Quan is a little restless. After all, Zhou Yu's ability and strength are all above himself. Now he has defeated the invincible Cao Cao Cao. For a while, he is the most powerful person in the world. Why can't he stand on his own feet? And Sun Quan has always been less reassured about Zhou Yu. In the face of Cao Cao's 200,000 troops in the Chibi War, Zhou Yu asked Sun Quan for 50,000 horses. Sun Quan gave only 30,000 yuan a 60% discount, and sent Cheng Pu, who had a bad relationship with Zhou Yu, to be his deputy with Zhou Yu's equal powers. He did almost bad things: in the past, Zhou Yu and Cheng Pu were the supervisors of the left and right ministries,... They were all governors, so they were not in harmony with each other, and they were almost defeated in state affairs (The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms, Biography of Sun Jiao). Now that Zhou Yu has taken root in Nanjun, besides letting Cheng Pu serve as Jiang Xia Taishou and Huang Gai as Wuling Taishou to control Zhou Yu in the East and South directions, Sun Quan also thought of proposing marriage to Liu Bei and marrying his teenage sister to Liu Bei, who is over 40 years old. In this way, Liu Bei and Zhou Yu restrain each other and Sun Quan's seat is stable. In addition, this marriage, everyone is a family, Zhou Yu is brother of elder brother Jia Lianxin, Liu Bei is brother-in-law, Sun Quan can be the elder brother.

old rival Cao Cao's means and Sun Quan's practice of "Entering Sisters and Fixing Good"("Three Kingdoms History: Previous Biographies") let Liu Bei see the opportunity of "borrowing Jingzhou". So Liu Bei joined in the alienation of Sun Quan and Zhou Yu. On the occasion of Sun Quan's marriage to his sister, Liu Bei personally went to Jingkou to ask Sun Quan "to supervise Jingzhou" (Biography of Lu Su in the Three Kingdoms), and at the same time, he took this opportunity to put Zhou Yu's bad medicine in front of Sun Quan. At that time, Liu Bei had become Sun Quan's brother-in-law. Sun Quan brought a group of people from Zhang Zhao and Lu Su to send Liu Bei back to the public security. At the end of the drink, Sun Quan drove the others away and continued to drink alone with Liu Bei. The two men were chatting and drinking on Sun Quan's Feiyun boat. Liu Bei said a very cruel sentence: "Gong Jin's strategy of literary and military affairs, the elite of thousands of people, considering its vast quantity, feared that he would soon become a minister's ear." (The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms, Biography of Zhou Yu) Apparently, it is a boast of Zhou Yu. In fact, it is a reminder to Sun Quan that Zhou Yu may soon become a minister. What do you think of him as the head of the people? "Three Kingdoms Zhi Zhou Yu Zhuan" quoted "Jiang Biaozhuan" also said: "Yo prestige is far-reaching, so Cao Gong and Liu Bei Xian want to suspect it." Zhou Yu was framed by Cao Cao and Liu Bei. It is not known whether it is glory or sorrow. Sun Quan's attitude toward

is interesting. Originally Zhou Yu's suggestion to Sun Quan was absolutely not to lend Jingzhou to Liu Bei. He even asked Sun Quan to detain Liu Bei. In Zhou Yu's words, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei said, "It will not be long before they succumb to being used." So he suggested Sun Quan: "It's better to reserve Wu and build a palace for Shengwei. More beautiful women play well to amuse their ears and eyes. They should be divided into two groups (Guan Yu and Zhang Fei), each with one side." (The Chronicle of Three Kingdoms, Biography of Zhou Yu), that is to say, Sun Quan should shut Liu Bei to an easy nest, separate Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, and let Zhou Yu direct Liu Bei's deployment to work for Sun Quan. This suggestion contradicts Liu Bei's harsh remark. Originally, Zhou Yu and Sun Quan had a close relationship. This plan was for Sun Quan's consideration of fighting against rivers and mountains. Sun Quan should do so, and must do so in order to absorb Liu Bei's power thoroughly and make himself bigger. But instead of following Zhou Yu's plan, Sun Quan lent Jingzhou to Liu Bei. Why? According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms, this is Lu Su's idea: "Although the general died of martial arts, Cao Gong was powerful and had not reached Jingzhou at the beginning. His kindness and faith were inconsistent. More enemies, and self-cultivation of the Party, also on the basis of the plan. (Records of the Three Kingdoms, Biography of Lu Su) According to this meaning, the reason for the decision to "borrow Jingzhou" seems to be that Cao Cao's strength is too strong outside, so we must set up more enemies for Cao Cao in order to fight Cao Cao; from the internal situation of Jingzhou, because the feuds between Jingzhou and Jiangdong can not be quickly digested by the Eastern Wu, and we must use Liu Bei's signboard to appease the intellectuals of Jingzhou, and so on. When Liu Bei was already sitting in the university, Sun Quan was afraid of the system of preparing for death, so he refused to deny Zhou Yu's plan and decided to "borrow Jingzhou" to Liu Bei. At this time, Sun Quan's real trouble was not Cao Cao. The battle of Chibi had proved that Cao Cao could not swallow Dongwu in a short time. First, after the war in the north, it took time to recover the productive forces. Second, when Jiangling lost, Cao Cao lacked a port in the Yangtze River valley, and there was no water army to calm Dongwu's dreams. Sun Quan's own solution to the internal problems of Dongwu is the major problem, and in order to solve the internal problems of Dongwu, we must first deal with two people: Zhang Zhao and Zhou Yu. After the Chibi War, Zhang Zhao had already made up his mind. Because he had made a wrong stand before the Chibi War, he had been proved to be better than Sun Quan-ming in strategic decision-making, so Sun Quan could not listen to his words after the Chibi War. Sun Quan also took back the power of "internal affairs" from Zhang Zhao. Since then, Sun Quan had nine words and Zhang Zhao had one fall in the personnel rights of Dongwu. But after the Chibi War, another man, Zhou Yu, was even more uncertain. The victory of the Chibi War made Zhou Yu rank among the top generals in China after a thousand years. In the eyes of Wu's army and people, there was a godlike existence. One day Sun Quan had to entrust him with "foreign affairs", so his position and Sun Quan's position were not good enough. At this time, Zhou Yu's influence would be further enhanced than that of Sun Quan. Expansion, let Liu Bei out to check and balance him.

So another question is that Sun Quan's careful thinking of Zhou Yu can't see it? Zhou Yu grew up watching Sun Quan. Sun Quan's ideas must be clear to Zhou Yu. But what about clarity? He can't object to what has been decided, but can only carry it out. But Mei Zhou Lang has his own pride. Instead of simply executing Sun Quan's orders, he put forward his own plan to seize the world:

"Begging and striving to win Shu, and getting Shu and Zhanglu, so that he can keep his ground and help Ma Chao. Yu also practiced with the general according to Xiangyang. (The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms, Biography of Zhou Yu)

These sentences show that Zhou Yu clearly felt Sun Quan's distrust. The word "begging" at the beginning is full of helplessness. I beg you, okay? Can you promise? Then I said to General Sun Yu of Fenwei. Let's attack the land of Shu together, take down the land I don't want, and leave Sun Yu to defend (you gave Liu Bei to take down Jiangling anyway), and then I'll play Xiangyang with you (so you won't be afraid that my limelight will overwhelm you?) What do you think of the Northern Expedition from Xiangyang? Words in words clearly say that the world, sentences implicitly show loyalty. Zhou Yu's remark was both helpless and indignant. Sun Quan understood it, which means that Zhou Yu was finally finalized through Jingzhou. So Sun Quan agreed to Zhou Yu's plan, but Zhou Yu had just returned to Baqiu and died at the age of 36.

p> The hero's ambition is to die before he gets paid. It is not only Zhuge Liang who makes the hero full of tears.

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