The girl's 25-year imprisonment with her mother for love has provoked outrage in France.

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The girl's 25-year imprisonment with her mother for love has provoked outrage in France.

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Imagine a beautiful young girl who had been imprisoned in a dark, mouldy attic for 25 years without sunshine, lights, air conditioning and heating systems. Her hands and feet were tied up, her body was naked, her food was leftovers, and her only friend was a rat stealing breadcrumbs.

Figure: The girl in the attic for 25 years

is even more shocking: the girl's "crime" is only for love, and the one who imprisons her is her biological mother. On the day of May 1901, the Attorney-General of Paris received an anonymous letter, in which he wrote, "Sir, I am honoured to inform you of a particularly serious situation: the wife of Monier Manor, who has imprisoned a man for the past two decades, hungry and living in a rotten and dirty house." The Minister of Justice was seriously disturbed by the contents of the letter and immediately sent the police to investigate it.

Picture: Mrs. Monnier, whose portrait is

anonymous letters and reports, is a respected Parisian aristocrat. Mrs. Monnier is 75 years old, widowed, has huge property and wealth. She enjoys a high reputation in Paris's upper class society for her love of charity, and even won community awards in recognition of her. A generous donation.

Mrs. Monier's son, Marcel, has excelled in school and is now a well-known lawyer. It is worth mentioning that many people remember that Mrs. Monnier has a little daughter, Blanche Monnier, who is known as "very beautiful, gentle and kind", but no one has seen her for more than 20 years.

Picture: The portrait of Blanche as a young woman

has a lot of secrets in the upper class society. It is common for young ladies to elope, marry illegitimately and even have eccentricities. Therefore, no one carefully considers this strange plot any more. The family has lived their noble life as if nothing ever happened. The police entered the manor and did not find any abnormalities until they noticed a foul smell coming from a small room in the attic and an iron lock on the door.

Realizing that something was wrong, the police broke the lock and broke into the room, unprepared for the horror they were about to witness.

The room was dark and the only window was closed behind the thick curtains. The room smelled so disgusting that the police could not breathe. A policeman jumped over and opened the window. When the sunlight came in, the policeman was shocked to see rotten food debris, feces and vomit scattered around the floor and the dilapidated bed. A middle-aged woman with ragged hair and waist was tied to the bed.

Picture: Police took this shocking picture of Blanche when she was rescued, when she looked at the window

This was the first sunshine Blanche Monier had seen in 25 years - since her mysterious "disappearance" 25 years ago, she has been stuck naked in bed, unable to move and covered by her own filth. Cover, there's only skin and bones left.

The police were shocked by the horror that they couldn't stay in the smelly room for more than five minutes: the woman had stayed for 25 years, and she was 50 years old.

Figure: Blanche was immediately taken to hospital in hospital

Blanche, after bathing and medical treatment, found that she weighed only 55 pounds (49.8 kg). Hospital staff reported that although Blanche was extremely malnourished, she was very conscious and kept saying "how cute it is" when she breathed fresh air. At last, her whole sad story began to unfold. The young and beautiful Blanche had many suitors 25 years ago. Her family wanted her to choose a young and wealthy aristocrat, but Blanche fell in love with an older general lawyer, claiming that he was not married, which angered her mother.

Figure: 25 years ago, after Blanche

had many quarrels, Mrs. Monel locked her in this small room, claiming "when to abandon her love, when to let her go". Over the years, however, Blanche refused to give in.

Picture: Blanche's imprisoned attic

Until 10 years ago, Blanche's beloved lawyer died, but she was still locked in her cell by her mother, accompanied only by rats and lice. For 25 years, her brothers and all her servants did not help her, and the servants later claimed that they were too afraid of Mrs. Monel. Mrs. Monel, the wicked mother, was arrested the next day. The French people who knew the truth were angry because of media reports. When the wicked mother was captured, a large number of people gathered spontaneously at the entrance of the manor, shouting curses and threatening to smash rocks, almost forming a riot.

Picture: At that time, media reports

Mrs. Monel was frightened to have a heart attack on the spot, and died in hospital 15 days later. Blanche's brother Marcel was not charged because technically, he never committed any form of violence against her. After being rescued, Blanche spent the rest of his life in a French sanatorium and died in 1913.

Figure: Blanche in the sanatorium

So far, no answer has been given to anyone who wrote anonymous letters. Some speculated that it was a servant whose conscience had been discovered, and others that it was her brother Marcel (who, as a lawyer, knew that his mother was dying of old age, would become the guardian of his sister and might be accused of ill-treatment). Whoever he was, he saved Blanche.

Figure: Blanche's story is so shocking

Blanche Monel incident is one of the most tragic prison incidents in the West, one is because of the vicious mother, the other is because Blanche insists that he is willing to be imprisoned for love for 25 years, how many people in the world can do it?

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