Yu Zuomin's biography: Zhuangzhuang, who has doubled the economy 800 times in 12 years, was once a prisoner.

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Yu Zuomin's biography: Zhuangzhuang, who has doubled the economy 800 times in 12 years, was once a prisoner.

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Yu Zuomin was born in a peasant family in Jinghai County of Tianjin on April 3, 1930. He has been active and courageous since childhood, and he is a famous "capable man" far and near. In 1958 (28 years old), joined the Party. In 1974 (44 years old), he became Secretary of the Party branch of Daqiuzhuang Brigade in Jinghai County.

p>Daqiuzhuang has poor natural conditions and is full of low-lying saline-alkali land. All the people in the village worked hard, but still could not get rid of poverty. In 1977 (47 years old), the branch secretary was replaced. Villagers suggested that people who could make everyone rich should be secretaries. Yu Zuomin assured everyone that he would step down automatically if he could not take off his poverty hat within three years.

Yu Zuomin believed that agriculture could not become rich and decided to try to set up Township enterprises. In that year, the brigade took out 50,000 yuan and raised funds from the villagers to make up 150,000 yuan and set up a strip mill with three rolling mills. After putting into operation in 1978, it made a profit of 170,000 yuan in only one year. Yu Zuomin, who tasted sweet, set up a printing and electrical factory in 1982 (52 years old). In 1983, Daqiuzhuang Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd. was established to form a system of industry. Under the head office, there are industrial, agricultural, commercial and construction companies with 51 factories. In addition, there are automobile repair factories and industrial service departments in Tianjin.

In order to develop and become rich, Yu Zuomin desperately, as long as he can do something for Daqiu Zhuang, Yu Zuomin will treat him well and give him a huge "information fee". Some people reported to their superiors that Yu Zuomin "dug the corners of socialism" and "bribery corrupted state cadres". In October 1984, the state promulgated a policy of economic restructuring to encourage the development of commodity economy, and Yu Zuomin became a typical example. Since 1985 (55 years old), he has been elected an outstanding Communist Party member in Tianjin for three consecutive years.

(American car presented by Yu Zuomin)

Daqiuzhuang's further economic development, with cold rolling strip mill, high frequency pipe mill, printing mill, electrical plant as the center, each factory has set up a number of branches. In 1987 (57 years old), Yu Zuomin changed the four main factories into four big companies, which became larger and larger. The output value of the whole village reached 500 million yuan, with net income of 80 million yuan. In 1987, Yu Zuomin was named the best peasant entrepreneur in China. The following year, he was elected a member of the CPPCC National Committee. In 1989, Yu Zuomin appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala as "Top Ten Farmer Entrepreneurs in China" and was elected as a national labor model. At the same time, Yu Zuomin became more and more domineering and domineering, and became an absolute "local emperor". He even said that Daqiuzhuang's billions of assets "can also be said to be mine".

His house is becoming more and more luxurious, with six telephones and a belt worth tens of thousands of yuan. He bought 16 Mercedes-Benz cars at one go, and whenever there were senior leaders or media visits, he launched a huge fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars.

In 1992, Deng Xiaoping's speech on the South Tour raised a new upsurge of economic construction throughout the country. Yu Zuomin seized the opportunity and formed four groups of companies, Yao and Shun, Wanquan, Jinmei and Jinhai. On this basis, industrial zones have been built, with an annual production capacity of 10 billion yuan, making them the world's largest.

Even the New York Times wrote: "There are 4400 people in this village, but there are 16 Mercedes-Benz cars and more than 100 imported luxury cars. In 1990, the per capita income was $3400, which is 10 times the average income of China."

However, the turning point appears.

On December 13, 1992, a salesman in the village farm was suspected of embezzlement. Wanquan Group Manager led people to "interrogate" him, beating him continuously, eventually leading to the death of the salesman.

On December 15, Tianjin Public Security Bureau sent people to the village to investigate, and the result was that they were illegally detained for 13 hours. Finally, the mayor of Tianjin personally ordered that Daqiuzhuang be released.

In February 1993, the public security organs dispatched 400 men to Daqiuzhuang to arrest the suspects. Yu Zuomin ordered that automobiles, tractors and carriages be mobilized and obstacles set up to form "five lines of defense". He also asked villagers and workers to hold sticks and steel pipes to confront the armed police. After several days of confrontation between the two sides, the armed police were unable to enter the village and had to withdraw. Yu Zuomin disseminated materials, saying that law enforcement was aimed at the cause of reform in Daqiuzhuang and that it was necessary to "seek justice from the people of the whole country". Once it was reported by the media, it shocked the whole country. On April 15, two months after

(10 billion roads built by Yu Zuomin)

, Yu Zuomin received a telegram saying that the Secretary of the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee would talk to him at 2:30 p.m. Yu Zuomin came to the meeting place with his bodyguards and was arrested immediately.

On August 27, he was sentenced to 20 years'imprisonment for several crimes, such as harbouring, obstructing public service and illegal detention.

In November 1993, Daqiuzhuang withdrew its village and built its town. At that time, there were more than 200 industrial enterprises, with more than 12,000 employees and a total output value of more than 4 billion, more than 800 times that of 1981.

Yu Zuomin's imprisonment brought the glory of Daqiuzhuang to an end. The once bustling "Hong Kong Street" has gradually declined. After a period of restructuring, the economy gradually recovered.

(Hong Kong Street, Yu Zuomin's inscription is still visible)

On October 3, 1999, on the occasion of the 50th National Day of New China, Yu Zuomin died of heart disease in a hospital and was 69 years old. But there are also rumors that Yu Zuomin committed suicide by swallowing a lot of sleeping pills. The Tianjin Municipal Committee refused the villagers'request to take the remains back to Daqiuzhuang for burial and cremated them in situ.

Daqiuzhuang today has a developed economy and a wide gap between the rich and the poor. One villager said, "Now Daqiuzhuang is good, but it's all personal. It has nothing to do with us. Secretary Yu was really good at that time because he was thinking about the collective. Now? It's all about doing your own thing."

(289 works of Wanxiang History and Biography Writing Camp, 21 works of Camp Staff "Tao Sheng")