In the 1962 war against India, what rank were the top officers killed in battle between China and India?

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In the 1962 war against India, what rank were the top officers killed in battle between China and India?

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In 1962, during the Sino-Indian border war, three brigades of the Indian army were wiped out, three brigades were basically wiped out, and three brigades were maimed, totalling nearly 10,000 people. Among them, one brigadier general was killed, one captured and 26 school officials captured. The highest officer lost by the Indian army is Brigadier General.

So what rank is the highest officer sacrificed by the PLA?

may make many Indians shame.

is only a battalion commander. His name is Li Baishi.

p>Li Baishi's sacrifice process is roughly as follows:


At noon on November 19, 1962, PLA battalion 3 chased the Indian army fleeing along the road from Bondira, crossed a fork, and met with an Indian guard unit near a bridge. Nine company commander Li Jialu led the avant-garde three rows to open the battle formation and rushed past, killing more than 10 Indian troops in a few minutes, and capturing two cars.

Battalion Commander Li Baishi heard the gunshot and immediately came up from behind. He found that the Indian army's car head was heading north. The Indian army was well-equipped and well-equipped. These days, when they saw the disabled soldiers who had fled southward desperately, they were judged to be two. They immediately said, "This is the first unit of the Indian reinforcement force, and there may be a large force behind. ” < p > < p > Li Jialu asked, "Shall we wait until Camp l comes up?" < / P > < p > "No way." Li Baishi decisively ordered, "If we hesitate a little, these guys will turn around and run away, and just hit him by surprise."

So Nine Company rushed into the ditch along the highway, and then fought with the Indian reinforcement of Jammu Kashmir United.

Because of the narrow terrain of the valley, there is no road to go around. Nine companies rushed along the highway with the Indian army's firepower on their scalps. At the cost of more than 30 casualties, they passed this section of the road and arrived 30 meters away from the Indian army convoy. At that time, the Indian army's firepower became more and more fierce. The sharp knife platoon fired six heavy machine gun racks on both sides of the highway, suppressing the Indian army's firepower, and nine companies rushed into the convoy, from beginning to end.

Suddenly, there was a roar of motors behind the Indian convoy. Dozens of Indian troops dragged four mortars toward the tractor, ready to go. Huang Xulin, the head of the rocket barrel squad, who followed the sharp platoon, fired a bullet at the front tractor, making a loud bang. The tractor ignited a big fire and was deadly blocked in the road. Huang Guosheng, deputy battalion commander, caught up and saw that the Indian artillery truck was blocked. Crowds of Indian soldiers jumped out of the truck and ran backwards. They immediately rushed forward with nine battalions until they reached a narrow mountain pass behind the convoy, blocking the escape routes of more than 300 Indian troops.

The commander of the Indian Lieutenant Colonel Battalion saw that both ends were blocked and immediately took the soldiers to climb the hillside beside the highway in an attempt to cross the ditch and take the path to escape. When Li Baishi discovered it, he immediately took eight platoons and two platoons along the hillside, blocking the Indian army's way. Just then, an Indian machine gun fired and a bullet hit him.

Li Baishi fell to the ground, bleeding and sacrificing.

He is the highest ranking officer killed by the Chinese side in this counter-attack. Two and a half hours later, the encounter between one battalion and one battalion was over. As a result, the 3rd Battalion of the Indian Joint Force of Jammu Kashmir was defeated, 170 people under the Secretary-General of the 67th Brigade were killed, and 34 people under the commander of the Lieutenant Colonel Battalion were captured.

and the highest general killed by the Indian Army was Brigadier General Hoschel Singh, the 62nd Brigade Brigade Commander.

How did he die? On his way to the front headquarters, he and his party met a platoon of the PLA. As soon as the PLA opened fire, his brigade and a guard platoon were dispersed. In panic, he and three Indians collided with four PLA soldiers. Originally four to four, but the PLA shuttle, Hoschel Singh and three other people were killed. < p > < p > Hoschel Singh didn't have time to shoot a single shot and the battle was too simple to be any simpler.