300 ten thousand words "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" is condensed into the essence, the 10 sentences.

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300 ten thousand words "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" is condensed into the essence, the 10 sentences.

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< p> < strong > < strong > manuscript < Confucian Emperor's collation

< p> Zizhi Tongjian is an extremely important historical book written by Sima Guang in the Northern Song Dynasty in the past 20 years.

from King Wei-lie's 23 years (403 BC) to the sixth year (959 AD) of Emperor Shizong Xiande's expedition to Huainan, covering the history of 1362 years in 16 dynasties.

Zizhi Tongjian and Shiji are both famous historical works. Gu Yanwu of Qing Dynasty and Liang Qichao of modern times all appreciate this book.

Zeng Guofan of the Qing Dynasty: "Stealing the book of the great thinkers is not good at Sima Wenzheng Gong's General Guide to Zizhi, which is a compromise between the past and the future, so as to open up our minds." < p > < p > 1. It is not for the benevolent to commit an injustice and kill an innocent person and gain the world. —— Volume 4: King Zhou Piwang's 31 years

Even if he does a bad thing, killing an innocent person will get the world, and the benevolent person will not do it. Confucius once said that unrighteousness, wealth and wealth are like clouds to me.

The splendor and wealth gained by improper means is only a fleeting cloud, but the heart will endure long suffering. < p > < p > 2. Knowing what's wrong makes it difficult to mend what's wrong; saying what's right and doing what's right makes it difficult. —— Volume 25, Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty, Yuankang three years

It is not difficult to know one's fault, it is difficult to correct one's fault, it is not difficult to say good words, it is difficult to do good deeds. Confucius said that a gentleman is quick to act and blasphemous to speak.

It's easy to know but difficult to do. It's not important what you say, but what you do.

3. Virtue wins talent, which is called a gentleman; talent wins virtue, which is called a villain. —— "Zizhi Tongjian < strong > < / strong > Tang Ji < / strong > < / P > < p > Virtue surpasses talent, which is called a gentleman; talent surpasses virtue, which is called a villain. < p > < p > < p > The greater the ability, the greater the harm.

So the ancients looked at morality first and then at it. If a person is talented, but his mind is not right, he must not be reused. < p > < p > 4. Those who have heard of it will fade away and be blessed; those who have heard of it will suffer from daily damage. —— "Zizhi Tongjian Jinji"

People often say your fault, then you will make fewer mistakes, and fortune will come.

If all you hear is praise from others, then your disaster will come.

The ancients said that they would like to hear it.

Advice is good for action, listen to advice, don't be overwhelmed by praise words, a person can be blessed.


< p> seize the opportunity, act immediately, and don't wait until it's too late. < p > < p > Wang Mang took power in the Western Han Dynasty and changed the system of Han Dynasty more. Chen Xian, Shangshu, saw that the regime of Han Dynasty had gone. He said these two words with emotion, and then called him sick and retired.

< p> In the Book of Changes, it says that gentlemen should move from time to time. Everything is in a state of flux, no matter whether it moves forward or backward, we should judge the situation and seize the opportunity, otherwise we will lose all the games if we do not take the initiative carefully.

6. Those who are brave and slightly shocked are in danger, and those who are successful in overcoming the world are not rewarded.

Yongslightly oppressed the monarch and put him in danger; if his merits exceeded all the people in the world, he would not be rewarded.

Han Xingong, the earthquake-striker, said the above words to him, Han Xin did not listen, and was persecuted by Liu Bang at last.

There is no everlasting prosperity of people and things in the world. Prosperity is the precursor of decline. Humility and self-restraint, and rapid retreat are the true qualities of heroes. < p > < p > < strong > 7. Officials are clean on the top and vulgar on the bottom.

The honesty of the officials in the upper ranks has changed the folk customs. < p > < p > the upper beam is regular and the lower beam is not crooked. < p > < p > Cao Cao appointed Cui Yan as prime minister, Xicao Duan, and Mao Du as prime minister, Dongcao Duan, to select talents for the court.

They are devoted to their duties and let a group of young and promising people enter the officialdom.

Folk culture improved, officials began to take pride in honesty and integrity, and social meteorology became one of the new ones.

8, with expensive substances, things are not satisfied; people in Weijia are tireless.

oppress others with power, others will not obey you, will only spit on you.

If you want to convince others to take it orally, you have to show your true abilities, scorn and bully others, and only let others despise you. < p > < p > Low water makes the sea, low people make the king. Status and wealth can not make a person noble, but humility and courtesy and respect for others can make a person highly respected. People who achieve great things and do great things in public

generally have an unusual vision, and they are sure to do it right away. Consultation with others will lead to accidents.

Tigers always walk alone, cattle and sheep flock together.

喜欢独处的人,有更多时间独立思考,不会被流言左右,也更容易掌握大势,做出一番事业。 < p > < p > < strong > 10, governing the world with great virtue, not with small benefits.

Governing the country depends on great virtue rather than small favors. When Zhuge Liang runs the country, he must enforce the law strictly, encourage agriculture and mulberry, select talents and make the country prosperous.

Later, General Fei Zou took charge of Shuhan Dynasty. In order to show his mercy, he often pardoned prisoners without principle. The unprincipled amnesty can only encourage the villains, so the social atmosphere of Shuhan began to deteriorate.

In order to govern a country well, we can't rely on the small favor of pardoning criminals. We should focus on big areas and start with them, so as to achieve results.