The Jade Emperor’s banquet will eat the dragon liver. Why does the Dragon King not resist? Xiao Bailong unveiled the answer

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The Jade Emperor’s banquet will eat the dragon liver. Why does the Dragon King not resist? Xiao Bailong unveiled the answer

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(Snail sees Journey to the West 2883)


"Journey to the West" makes everyone impressed should be Sun Monkey, in After Sun Wukong’s academic success, he stirred up the Tiangong and finally was crushed under the Wuzhi Mountain.

Jade Emperor thanked for the occasion, and specially held a banquet. During the banquet, the Jade Emperor brought up the precious dragon and phoenix of the heavenly court. We must know that the Dragon King and others were at the scene. Does this Jade Emperor’s move not make Long Wang and others feel uncomfortable?

In fact, not only the Jade Emperor will eat dragon's liver, but also a god bird between heaven and earth. At the annual peach festival, only Sanqing, the four emperors, and the five old people are eligible to enjoy the peach, while those below six yuan do not eat the peaches and eat the dragon liver and phoenix on the table. The delicacies of the mountains and seas, as well as the exotic fruits.

Many people think that because the dragons are much worse than the big ones between these heavens and the earth, they dare not say anything. In fact, this is not the case. How come so many dragons come, there are three kinds of sayings. .

1, the dragon is actually a big snake

Jialou Luo is said to be one of the Tianlong Ba Bu in the record, and is called Dapeng. Every day, I eat a lot of dragons, and the dragons are in danger of dying. So the Dragon King found his way to help, and he gave him an old shackle, and let the Dragon King split the scorpion and distribute it to the dragons and grandchildren. As long as they were tied to the dragon horn, Dapeng would not dare to eat them.

The dragon described in the Journey to the West is actually passed from ancient India. It is not a dragon in our true sense. Ancient India worships snakes very much. Now in the portraits of India, everyone You should also be able to see all kinds of snakes. Therefore, the Dragon King mentioned in the Journey to the West is actually a snake king. Since it is a snake, it should not have a high status, and it is not accidentally eaten.

2, Hualongchi out of the liver

After the success of the Western Heaven, if all the people are rewarded, Xiaobailong must be pushed into the dragon pool. Go back to the dragon body. The reason why Bai Longma finally changed back to the dragon body was because he jumped into the dragon pool and came out after the dragon.

Why is Hualongchi so powerful? Because of his main roleIt is the dragon, and any living thing can become a dragon as long as it is baptized by the dragon pool. Therefore, some people say that the Jade Emperor and the dragons and phoenix medullas eaten by the celestial beings are all "fake dragons" that have been formed from the dragon ponds through other species, similar to today's genetically modified items.

Just because the dragon on the table is a genetically modified food, not a real dragon, the Dragon King will not be angry even if he sees the dragon liver.

3, the status of the dragon is low

In the world of the Westward Journey, the ordinary dragon is the Chinese food of the Jade Emperor, eating hundreds of dragons for one meal, and Only eat the liver marrow. The purpose of the Jade Emperor grazing in the four seas is to let these dragons prosper for future generations to feed the Xian family. Therefore, the promotion of the Four Seas Dragon King is only for the sake of letting them bring their own dragon group. Then when the Jade Emperor wants to kill, he can catch one and kill. The leader in the field dare to say that the owner of the sheep is not?!

Journey to the West is full of foreshadowing, Wu Lao especially buried this one is telling people, even The species that is a dragon is still unable to escape the fate of mermaid meat!