After the "One Night Dream" of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, he even rewarded Tongshan for his male pet.

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After the "One Night Dream" of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, he even rewarded Tongshan for his male pet.

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Anecdote: For the Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, will Tongshan be awarded to Deng Tong? Originally for a bizarre dream

Han Wendi was praised as the world's life festival. In the history of the Han Dynasty, the Emperor Wendi was in office for 23 years, and the palaces, gardens, car rides, and costumes were not added. He repeatedly banned the county to tribute to the cherished treasures. On weekdays, he wore black thick silk clothes, and everything he built for him was simple. However, it is incredible that this famous thrifty emperor is also saddened by the "love" word, and has the most bizarre luxury "one night dream" in history.

said that it is bizarre because the Chinese emperor is actually a male pet, and the reason is his own dream, which can be described as "a dream." According to the "Historical Records of the Fortunately, the Sixty-fifth", Han Wendi had three male pets in his life: the scholar Deng Tong, the eunuch Zhao Tong, and the Bei Gong Bozi. Deng Tong is innocent, and this is a full-time manager of the boat, Huang Taulang, "I am alone in my body." His favor is due to a bizarre dream of the Emperor Wen. Therefore, at the beginning of the article, Sima Qian defined that "a man is like a woman, and he is lucky to wait for the saint."

According to Sima Qian, one night, the Chinese Emperor was probably drinking a few drinks. After falling asleep, he dreamed that he wanted to go to the fairyland of immortality, but he couldn’t get up. Suddenly, there was a The little cockroach wearing a yellow hat pushed him from the back, and the Chinese Emperor remembered that the man’s cloak was tied behind. After a dream, the Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty went to the gradual stage in the west of the Cangyang Palace, and privately used his eyes to find Huang Taulang who pushed his god in the dream. He saw Deng Tong’s belt from the back, as seen in his dream. Then he called to ask his name, and he replied: Deng Mingtong. Deng Tong and "Dengtong" are homophonic. This makes many Chinese believers who believe in superstitions believe that it is God’s dreams, and they will gradually be favored by Deng Tong. Even, they often move to play in Deng Tong’s home. Deng Tong also escorts every day. Han Wendi, almost close to the shadow. After being favored by Emperor Wendi, Deng Tongguan was the doctor.

said that its extravagance means that the thrifty emperor did not hesitate to make money for Deng Tong, "rewarding the number of giants to ten thousand" (see "Historical Records of the Fortunate Biography"), and rewarded Deng Tong ten times before and after. Billions of money. And this is just a little "money pocket money" that Han Wendi gave to his male pet. Once, the Emperor of the Han Dynasty asked a relative to give Deng Tong a face. Xiang Shi said that Deng Tong would "starve to death" in the future. The Chinese Emperor said: "I can make Dengtong rich in me, how can I let him?What about poverty? "Whenever, the Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty immediately generously gave the Tongshan of the county of Yantong County to the Tongshan County, and allowed him to use copper to cast copper coins. At one time, "Deng's money" spread all over the world. "Deng's money" was meticulously crafted, not mixed when casting money. Miscellaneous lead and iron, so the gloss is bright, the weight is sufficient, the thickness is thin, and the texture is pure. From the minister of the king, the middle to the merchants, and the pawn, they all love to collect and use "Deng's money." At that time, Wu Wang Liu Wei Yuzhang County in the territory owned copper mines, and Hanting allowed mining to cast money. Therefore, for a time, the coins minted by Wu Guo and Deng Tong flowed all over the country. Wu Guoqian had a large circulation, and Deng Tongqian Excellent quality wins.

This life-threatening Chinese Emperor, for his "one night dream", let Deng Tong have nearly half of the "printing money" right of the big man, its rich can be imagined. This "night dream" of the Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty is not a luxury!

Deng Tong is a tribute to the Han Wen Emperor, the Chinese Emperor had a hemorrhoids, and Deng Tong used his mouth and pus. Han Wendi was very moved and asked Deng Tong: Who is the most loved? Deng Tong said that of course he was a prince. So, Han The emperor tested the prince, when the prince Liu Qi came to ask An, the Han Wendi asked him to poke for him, Liu Qi face has a difficult color. Han Wendi said that Deng Tong did this, Liu Qi was very embarrassed, and began to remember Deng Tong. When Han Wendi died, Liu Qi, who had already been Han Jingdi, immediately dismissed Deng Tong and copied his family. No one was allowed to help him. Finally, Deng Tong was starving to death as the priests said! This is a coincidence in the midst of it. Or did Sima Qian include the folklore romance when compiling the "Historical Records"? This is only known to Tai Shigong.

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