Anti-Nazi "pilgrimage" Austria or dismantling Hitler's house

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Anti-Nazi "pilgrimage" Austria or dismantling Hitler's house

2019-08-07 00:34:21 1056 ℃

[Text / Observer Network Zhao Noah]

A few years ago, in order to put an end to the visit of the neo-Nazis, the Austrian government decided to purchase the building of the former Nazi German head of Hitler, in order to obtain Full control of the property.

However, in the process of consultation with the owner of the property, the Austrian government was caught in a dispute of more than two years.

According to the French "France24" reported on August 5th, the Austrian Minister of the Interior announced that the Supreme Court had announced on the same day that the government had to compensate the owner for 810,000 euros for the acquisition of real estate.

Hitler’s birth of a small building from Visual China

“France24” said that after the acquisition, the Austrian government may completely change the appearance of the building. It is also possible to demolish this building to stop the arrival of the new Nazis.

In April 1889, Hitler was born in a three-story yellow building in Braunau, Austria. During Nazi Germany's tenure, the small building was transformed into a “holy land” for fascists, and after World War II, the ownership of the small building was taken back to the Pommer family and was transformed into a book. Pavilion, technical college and rehabilitation center for the disabled.

However, in the past few decades, a large number of new Nazis have come to visit. To this end, the Austrian government decided to acquire the small building from the Baumer family in December 2016 at a price of 310,000 euros.

In January of this year, a court in the Reed region of Austria found that the value of the Baumer family property could reach 1.5 million euros and ruled that the government should pay the corresponding amount. In April, the court in the Linz region of Austria ruled that if the extra assets such as rent were deducted, the real price of the small building should be around 810,000 euros.

In the end, the Austrian Supreme Court confirmed the Linz District Court ruling, and the Bowmer family eventually received a compensation of 810,000 euros.

Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Paishorn said in a statement that after the court’s ruling on compensation, the government can finally prevent any form of newness under the legal framework.Nazi activities. Peshorn said the government will invite different architects to propose a transformation plan, but he declined to give more information.

However, the Austrian government’s decision also attracted some opposition. Local politicians and historians believe that this building is part of history, and some cultural groups have always opposed dismantling, on the grounds that the building is historical and should be protected as a cultural heritage. However, many residents of Braunau on the riverside are deeply disgraceful of their hometown becoming the "cradle of Hitler".

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