Don't say Cao Cao is ganxiong, Chairman Mao could not stand

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Don't say Cao Cao is ganxiong, Chairman Mao could not stand

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I have mentioned a few times, Cao Cao is one of my favorite historical figure, rare gifts and bold strategy, with both civil and military ability, enlightened unmoved either by gain or loss, thrift.

Not to say that Cao Cao has a kind of political and military talent, on the little things, Cao Cao gave me the most impressive is his liberal and frugal.

enlightened: it is said that Cao Cao lewd, wives and concubines, but he doesn't care about the woman of birth and the past, what the brothel female, what remarriage female, Cao Cao had embraced, his queen, lady Bian also just a Kabuki. I am more impressive is that Cao Cao before his death, on his harem account, after his death, without the need for his feast, to find a good man to marry. This mind is not all men can do it all.

Thrifty:Compared with the other emperor Cao Cao's tomb, much to shabby. Experts explained that the thin burial system is advocated by Cao Cao has been. With his early involvement in the tomb, the tomb witnessed many stolen bones in the. Two is related to the frugal life he has been advocating. It is said that he only covers a quilt for 10 years, when he dies, he still wears his clothes. Three star Lu Xun's grandson Luyun year in Dongjak Taiwan see Cao Cao Relics: in addition to Cao Cao cover bedding, the use of waist fan, wrapped a towel outside, there are a few things but people are surprised that a is Cao Cao at the time actually used on things like toothpicks Tiya! Cao Cao had heard a frugal life, the use of "toothpick" refused to drop, verified here.

History to Cao Cao portrayed as a "scoundrel" image, in fact, in my opinion, Mendelssohn's great light is far better than his flaws.

In ancient Chinese characters, Cao Cao Mao Zedong's comments are the most. Certainly Mao Zedong Cao Cao's political achievements, praised Cao Cao's military ability, also appreciate Cao Cao's literary talent...... At the same time, it also points out the shortcomings of Cao Cao. According to statistics, Mao Zedong Cao Cao evaluation of the various forms of a total of 32 times!

In November 1, 1952, Mao Zedong visited Henan, Anyang, visit the. His entourage said: Zhanghe, Cao Cao is practicing local sailors. Cao Cao is also a great person. He has carried out a large-scale expansion in this, this area is also the implementation of Mita system and make the people have ample food and clothing, the power savings gradually unified the north. For the later Jin Dynasty unified the lay the foundation.

In the summer of 1954 he "langtaosha Beidaihe" wrote a word:

The past years, Wei whiplash, Jieshi have left the East article.

The bleak autumn wind is this, change the world.

This is Mao Zedong Cao Cao's famous. A few words, a statesman, military strategist and poet's image yueranzhishang.

July 23, 1954 that day, Mao Zedong gave his daughter Li Min, Li Ne wrote to say: "Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao, Shanhaiguan area is the place where Cao Mengde had been. He is not only a statesman, but also a poet. His poetry is famous jieshi."

Mao Zedong Cao Cao of the opposition derogatory, very traditional concept of Cao Cao as a traitor of the discontent. April 10, 1957, Mao Zedong in with "people's Daily" talking to the person in charge, Cao Cao's comments: History said Cao Cao Jianxiong. Don't believe those kingdoms.

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