Wei Rugui: in the Sino Japanese War of the Qing generals only be Wenzhan

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Wei Rugui: in the Sino Japanese War of the Qing generals only be Wenzhan

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The Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, Chinese people forever pain, two thousand years of Chinese students in Japan, after the Meiji Restoration, beat the teacher, tiny defeated the great country of China.

Before the Sino Japanese War, Japan and Korea in the Chinese contest. Chinese as North Korea's suzerain, in terms of protection measures properly, making the Japanese insatiable.

From the north to Liaodong, defeated, fought back repeatedly.

When songs quipped: civilian pickpocket, military attache of the four legs, a high official of the imperial court are civilian love Choi, generals for fear of death, this battle but also how to play?

Wei Rugui (1836-1895 years), word reached three, Anhui Hefei, late Qing Huai army generals, Wei Rugui person, very interesting, as the generals. He is both a when songs mocking civilian pickpocket Changqing, generals to fight hate not four legs to escape the comprehensive quality.

As the Huai army senior generals, Sino Japanese war broke out, Wei Rugui was ordered to Pyongyang reinforcements. His army discipline is bad, along the way to harass the people, "in case of thieves that collapse, when things away, so notorious.

The Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, Wei Rugui rate army to North Korea marching, marching, Wei Rugui unexpectedly to one-third of the troops of Xiangyin two hundred and forty thousand two corruption appropriation and remitted to their own home.

The Pyongyang garrison, soldiers occupied houses, damaged vessels, spoil, "Han has real deep resentment".

Li heard the news, had telephoned warnings, he said: "enemy atmosphere approximation, if lead to chaos and thy life shall not insured and reputation in my face?" He tried to calm the morale of the troops, the overall situation "".

The most annoying is a letter, Wei Rugui fell into the hands of the Japanese, the war in the history of the laughing stock.

Silver fishing hand, wife would give him a letter, asked thousands of methotrexate methotrexate million: Jun started army, a commander, Rao in fortune, should from the cozy. The spring and autumn and high, looking for good self, not when the front......

This is really a sincere, originally, this general Wei's wife in the letter specially told her husband, husband, you do commander at this level is not easy, we are not short of money, your age and, fighting to must pay attention to, don't rush in front ah.

The Wei adult really does not lose the wife Wang, battle of Pyongyang, he and Lord Ye Zhichao forsook their cities and fled, running all the way to three hundred years, even once fled have disappeared, after seven or eight days just to find the army brigade.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Dalloway letter, received by the Japanese, as anecdotes, as war booty, once into the their own textbooks to humiliate the Manchu generals.

Actually, the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, battle of North Korea, the performance of the whole Qing not, Sheng in the Wei Rugui fighting in the battlefield of Southwest fairly effective, hit the Japanese army. However, during the period of Wei Rugui is the Sino Japanese war is the only path to the hapless court.

Wei Rugui in the battle of Pyongyang was a military exploits, but also bear the responsibility of the city to fall. It is the most important reason is that the path has no objection to the discipline corrupt Sheng Jun. Although the court has hawks, doves political struggle, to fight a wipeout, court to "deterrent" wait for a reason, but in the final analysis or his normally wait caused by soldiers and unforgiving.

1895 January 16, the Qing government issued the Yu: "Wei Rugui normally wait soldiers mean guaen, no constraint, the tongdai Sheng Jun, facing the enemy steadily shrinking, adversely affected by the overall situation and pay deductions, Zong Bing looting circumstances, very heavy guilt, if not from punish do, why Su Jun law and watch a? Wei Rugui with relies on the law on cut and immediately executed.

In January 16th Rugui who was beheaded in Beijing of Caishikou.

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