Behind a genealogy of his family background, Liu Bei lost the title when the ancestors of what

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Behind a genealogy of his family background, Liu Bei lost the title when the ancestors of what

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Liu Bei, the word Xuande, was born in the Eastern Han Dynasty extension Hei four years (AD 161), census register seat for Youzhou Zhuo Jun Zhuoxian is today's Hebei Province Zhuozhou City. According to the "Three Kingdoms Shu? Book" records, Liu Bei as the son of the Western Han Dynasty emperor Jing of Zhongshan king Liu Sheng. In other words, Liu Bei was born into a family, the fine line down, and now the emperor had to call him a "t".

The emperor to him a "Uncle" cried, this was a bit scary.

Is this the truth?

Modern writer Liu Shaoqing compiled the "Liu Shixin Genealogy", Liu Bei is the seventeenth generation descendant of Zhongshan Jing Wang Liu Sheng.

From Liu Sheng to Liu Bei's lineage is: Sheng (Nakayama Yasuo), Liuzhen (land Chengting Hou) > Liu ang, Liu Lu Zhang Hou, too Yi Shuihou, Liu Qin Yanghou, Liujian An Guohou, Liu Aihua (Guangling Hou), Amato Miu Shuihou, Liu Shu (pray Yi Hou), Liu Yi (pray Yang Hou), Liu will (Yuan Zehou) - > Liu did not suspect (Feng Linghou), Liuhui (Ji Chuan Hou), Liu Xiong, Liu Hong, Liu Bei.

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" as one of China's four major classical, far-reaching impact, not simply a "household word" or "enduring" can be summed up. It is also through its infinite vitality, Zhongshan Liu's lineage is so widely spread in the country Xingzhong liu.

As for the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in the Zhongshan Liu's lineage records from where, can only ask Mr. Luo Guanzhong, and the old man had passed away, the answer nature is a mystery. That is to say, the genealogy of Liu Bei, in addition to the several basic can be sure, other people are a nightmare.

Confused confused, the story has to continue.

Words at that time Liuzhen the son of Liu Sheng is the Zhuoxian Hou Lu Chengting, therefore also is has the Zhuoxian Lius this. However, the luck of the land Chengting Hou adults really not how. Emperoryuan Ding five years (112 BC), Han Wudi implement fan cut policy, to "lack of spirits gold fineness" as an excuse, the abolition of the large number of the same surname princes, known to history as the "spirits gold lost Hou" event. Unfortunately, Liu Zhen is also on the list of laid-off workers.

The so-called "spirits gold event" is a political conspiracy.

Year of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty promulgated the "spirits gold law, requirements of the feudal princes in the ancestral temple sacrifice must be paid full of gold, the fineness difference a bit, your title. The results of hundreds of princely titles were thus deprived, became civilians.

Why should the emperor do? Mainly in order to consolidate the country. To understand this matter, time to go together.

Wu Di's great grandfather emperor Liu Bang was sealed a lot of Wang (Liu Wang), the results of the Han Emperor at the moment. The king of Wu Liu "qingjunce" under the banner of the launch "the rebellion of the Seven Kingdoms", although soon squashed, but so many King around watching, this does not mean better time bomb buried in the side of the emperor? Put who can not stand.

So the Han Dynasty at the moment, he issued a "push en order", the provisions of the king's eldest son is the wife of the eldest son inherited his father's title, and concubines (concubine) brothers, shall be sealed Hou. In this way the king of the land will be dispersed, the power is on average, it is no way to fight against the central.

Now that the king should be scattered, then why should the king? This is not all right to find out, do not seal it all right? To understand this problem, time must also went together...... Not together, you know how it is on the line.

Words Liuzhen was deprived of the title, as a commoner. That is to say, as early as in the Liu Bei was born before about 280 years, his ancestors had been kicked out of the class of the royal family. To the Eastern Han Dynasty to say what way, such as the royal clan aura, even the ghosts do not believe.

In fact, this is nothing, when not Hou ye, when a landlord can be. As the saying goes, thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, Zhongshan Liu's course to the Eastern Han Dynasty has non clan, but finally still local surname, which should be who Zhongshan Jing the king? S worship.

Zhongshan Jing Wang Liu Sheng is a standard model of nobility, ambition, politics, and the people's livelihood. Daytime drinking, carousing, yinfengnongyue, night to reproduce the next generation rather than struggle, "playboy", "extravagant", "extravagance" and other words do perfect interpretation. According to "historical records? Five cases of family" that he only knows the voluptuous, voluptuous, not appease local pension people.

I have the honor to Hebei Mancheng Han tombs, the tomb of Liu Sheng and his wife's grave. Unlike other cemeteries, Jing Wang Mujian in the mountains, the tomb is carved out of the rock, the grand scale, rare in the world. At that time, the Western Han Dynasty has not yet invented explosives, can be in a hard mountain to cut out such a large space, it is not easy. It is said that the tomb unearthed cultural relics reached more than 10 thousand, is priceless.

You may ask: priceless? Never heard of it!

Never mind, said one thing everyone knew -- jade burial suit. I believe that as long as nine years of compulsory education, and the smooth graduation of the students, must read in history books on it. This baby is unearthed from the tomb of Jing. It is said that it is up two thousand four hundred and ninety-eight pieces of the size range of high-quality jade piece with more than one thousand grams of gold clusters, by hundreds of craftsmen spent more than two years to complete, the unearthed immediately caused a great sensation of archaeological circles at home and abroad.

Probably is to guard against theft, Jing King's tomb no marks, tomb nor the statues and monuments, if it weren't for countries to engage in national defense construction, perhaps to today have not yet been discovered.

Liu Sheng, in addition to writing poetry, almost no advantage, but the child has a set of. It is said that he had a total of more than and 120 boys. Change to now, this may be able to break the Guinness world record. This alone, is enough to make Liu Sheng immortal "".

It is because of these issues, Zhongshan Liu a lush foliage. Body for the branch Zhuoxian Liu's, the forces of nature is small not to go, not noble, but there are still certain resources will family children into the upper middle class.

Liu Bei's grandfather Liu Xiong was cited as ITA Xiaolian, the equivalent of today's fan county magistrate, county magistrate. His father Liu Hong also served as the county office, historical data is not Guanming, it is estimated that also is the mung bean sesame small officer, but whatever the outcome is government civil servants. Liu Bei, there should be an uncle called Liu Jing, whether as officer is not very clear, but later he helped Liu Bei school, should belong to the "middle class", at least "petty bourgeoisie class".

This requires a special note, this Liu Jing, also called Liu Zijing, which is in the ancient names can be generic, not strange.

Therefore, Liu Bei although born destitute, but still have a certain family background, which are eligible to go when Daru Lu Zhi door when students, and therefore know his career on the first noble, Gongsun Zan. Source: gourd doll seven