The only one on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala founding generals, retired after 30 years to do good deeds

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The only one on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala founding generals, retired after 30 years to do good deeds

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In an article the day before yesterday, the inn referred to a one hundred year old major general Celest Chong, today I came to talk about.

Read this year, CCTV Spring Festival evening show may have the impression, in the sketch of the generals and soldiers ", there have been an old man, to the people of the whole country to respect the a standard salute. The old man, is major general Zhang Yuhua, this year exactly 100 years old, is so far the only on the Spring Festival Gala founding generals.

Celest Chong is Weihai Shandong people, early in the local primary school when the teacher, and later participated in the uprising army, was incorporated into the Shandong people's Anti Japanese national salvation army.

Later, Celest Chong recalls:"My first time to take part in the fighting, commander warned that political cadres in the Red Army to have very high prestige and appeal. At that time, we a party member, a battalion commander, a regiment, a detachment commander and political commissar of the, you can go outside and the development of armed forces. In the brutal war environment, how to establish the prestige of political cadres? There is nothing else, it's the charge. Each led the army to carry out combat tasks, I was the first charge, and sometimes the hat was destroyed, and sometimes the side of his comrades fell, but I have not retreated from the."

Charge this risked their lives, naturally, inevitably injured, Zhang Yuhua once wounded time: right hand was playing through a, his left leg was also playing through a, abdomen still keep a piece of shrapnel.

During the war of liberation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in order to fully for the northeast, from Shandong transfer past a large number of elite, Zhang Yuhua is the a. In the northeast, Zhang Yuhua as a political commissar, director of the division of the political department, participated in the battle of Liaohe River, battle of Siping, Liaoshen campaign, Pingjin campaign and so on, also follow the Shino army miles south, liberation Hainan Island.

After the outbreak of the Korean War, Zhang Yuhua served as political commissar of the 40th army 118 division as the first group of volunteers, went to North Korea, started the Chinese volunteer army into the dynasty after the first battle victory. The five battle in the 118 division, often as the vanguard of many meritorious service, also has a division of Korea weijian.

In 1955, Celest Chong was awarded the rank of Colonel, and was promoted to major general in 1964.

In 1986, 70 year old Zhang Yuhua honorably retired, but he did not at home, an old lady, but throughout the country, to help the country's impoverished masses to raise money. Celest Chong told reporters:"To see that there are some areas are not out of poverty, there are some people did not solve the problem of food and clothing, I can not donate it? 40% of my wages have been donated. In 2010 I went to two places, a Shanxi, a Inner Mongolia, a place to donate 10 thousand."Please note that Celest Chong was 94 years old in 2010.

Not only for poor people to donate money, Celest Chong also served as a dozen schools outside the school counselors, the obligation to do ideological guidance for young people,"I now have 'four', one for the next generation of young people service and the in-service personnel services, services for the elderly, four for the old service."

Therefore, in 2012, Celest Chong was named "China's good man"".

For these actions, he explained:"I have three mom, the first one is my mother, I was her father, she lived 87 years away. The second is to raise my people, from an early age to the present, are working people in the support of me. I live with food and clothing, are the people of the. I was wounded 3 times during the war, are recovered in the masses of the people under the care of the. One time, I was injured in the mountains of combat, is the masses to carry me back, feed me, give me to scrub the wound, I have survived the death. Third mother is to cultivate my growth of the party, is the party to guide me on the road of revolution, the party's training and education, I have today.

"People want to know how to be grateful. Now, for the first mother, I is the responsibility, have a clear conscience. For the second mother, I will never repay, as long as the breath, we must do something for the people. For the third mother, my belief is that we should always listen to the party's words, with the party to go."

2015 the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan at a huge military parade, Zhang Yuhua as veterans, in Tiananmen Square, in front of the camera, king a standard salute.

In addition to a very interesting thing, Zhang Yuhua's wife named Liu Zhenhua, and his then in 118 division of colleagues, director of the political department also called Liu Zhenhua, and later the two also became relatives by marriage.

Like Zhang Yuhua Liu Zhenhua, 1955 was awarded the rank of Colonel, was promoted to the rank of major general in 1964, but higher than Zhang Yuhua, 1988 in the second big Shouxian was also given the rank of general. General Liu Zhenhua is still alive, is 95 years old.

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