Yue Fei was killed, everybody called Qin Hui, but he is arch-criminal, he should also be kneel

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Yue Fei was killed, everybody called Qin Hui, but he is arch-criminal, he should also be kneel

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A FuRuJieZhi Zaju of Yuan Dynasty, a famous dramatist Guan Hanqing, called "dou", "dou" tells the story of people home for women Dou suffered framed, Canbei killed, but lucky is this pile injustice was finally rehabilitated. We sing the praises of Dou Chen unjust get snow at the same time, in fact in the history of the many injustices are not rehabilitated, especially some back for master of blame.

The Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao went for the yuan, but have been chasing the enemy, causing the rear of food supply. In the face of the former enemy soldiers after the bear look at fiercely as a tiger does the food is of no use. For the military is very incompetent, when Cao Cao army in charge of forage officials of Wang Hou in accordance with the instructions of Cao Cao came up with an idea.

The idea is: the daily food halved, to rice inside with water. But this was soon discovered by the men who were not satisfied. In the face of the soldiers in the heart of anger, Cao Cao had ordered the beheading Wang Hou, and the soldiers, said to be Wang Hou for selfish, corruption and forage. This provoked soldiers have bate, requires it to be guillotined.

However, Cao Cao on this for their own back Hou Wang of the blame can be considered to make a compensation, promised to take care of his wife and children. Of course, Wang Hou know with Cao Cao's ability will certainly not be missed appointments, oneself also can only submit to humiliation, the blame back under the. Although Wang Hou Cao Cao back the blame is therefore sent life, but I still understood the story of the future. But for the Qin Hui, the blame back but a vast.

The Northern Song Dynasty, the rapid rise of Jinbing, let the cowardly collapse of Northern Song dynasty. People not only took away the two emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, but also for the large tracts of land. A big, famous general Yue Fei but our childhood know hero, not only many film and television drama series mentioned the heroic deeds of Yue Fei, there are many famous works mentioned the general. At the same time, we also have as their descendants general Yue Fei failed to expel the recovery of land and the Central Plains Jinbing, sad. Of course, this is also mixed with some of the anger inside. Anger! Of course Qin Hui was a traitor. If it is not blocked when Qin Hui, but also will not have the arrogant jin.

Everyone said, with Qin Hui Jin, secretly against Yue Fei, or that which will come to a general Yue beheaded him? "After all, lies in the history to become the truth. But why is this the truth? Maybe history is not always true. Although Qin Hui's favor, but really have so much power to be able to control the choice of a king? This is obviously impossible. Yue Fei to welcome the emperor returned to Beijing, which shook the Zhaogou emperor throne, a unified army Marshal also not a Qin Hui can topple behind if there is no Zhaogou inspired, Qin Hui not the strength. The emperor Emperor Qin Hui perspective, or Yue Fei, or just Zhaogou pawn.

Therefore, the truth of history do not want Yue Fei to fight with Jinbing not Qin Hui, but the emperor Zhao gou. That's what it says. If there is evidence, there are several.

As everyone knows, Yue Fei is a loyal person. However, he is loyal to the emperor of the Song Dynasty, rather than one person. At the same time, the love of his country, and not the small Southern Song Dynasty imperial court, but the Song Dynasty had unified the central plains. This kind of species is not what Zhao wants to see. But as the emperor, Zhao Gou had to think more about it. For example, people. At that time, the Central Plains land have plunged into gold hands, in this regard, the enemy suffered relentless bullying. The hearts of the people are already unbearable indignation. This will finally out of a can not fear Jin forces in general, how can not the people support?

Zhao Gou had to consider this point high power main shock of an emperor, after all the people is very important. Since it is not clear to express their ideas, it is dark to always be able to. Zhao is not only often to appease the people of the general, but also often send a lot of precious treasures to Yue Fei. However, for the emperor's enthusiasm, Yue Fei is clearly not able to understand. Did not stop chasing the enemy, also wrote the Song poetry to express strong lofty sentiments and aspirations will their love of the motherland.

These poems in our opinion is very passionate, but in at that time, Zhao structure view, like bunches of needle in the center of the chest. So, this time, Zhao anxious to find a person who can work for their own. This time, Qin Hui use appeared. After all, Qin Hui can openly for the emperor to do many of the emperor of the can and the things, which includes framed Yue Fei. Since the Qin Hui Zhao what do all sorts of things against Yue Fei, we have said Qin Hui is not good.

Of course, maybe Qin Hui is not a good thing in itself.

Do good for Zhaogou is Qin Hui after the death of Yue Fei, had been an officer of high rank. After the death, is also taking a nice posthumous title "Zhong xian". Of course, Qin Hui behind can be people to scold miserably. Certainly the end of Qin Hui is not entirely so, Qin Hui the Zhao structure back of blame not only to bear a thousand years old, and will always back down.

There is a small to say in here, no one called the Ming Dynasty Wanli, Yue Fei died, nobody scolded Zhaogou, why is this? Chinese dynasties are the Confucian Rule the world, in the history of the ruling group the pedant, the country's biggest feature is the three cardinal guides keep slave kingship is not rebellious and minions are absolutely cannot and will not qualified to ask the master sins. Zhaogou emperor, generations of emperors have clearheaded pities the hypocritical, who is willing to cast a like the emperor kneeling in front of the tomb of Yue Fei and to challenge the monarchy? Officials who dare it? Since the death of Yue Fei a scapegoat, then reproved them, not to mention they had also siyouyugu scolded scolds has become a habit.

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