In ancient times, the region would rather belong to Shaanxi and Henan than to belong to Shanxi?

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In ancient times, the region would rather belong to Shaanxi and Henan than to belong to Shanxi?

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Shanxi is known as the "difficult situation", but in the geopolitical point of view there is such a strange phenomenon, Shanxi Hedong region (division of the Qin Dynasty Hedong county area) in history, culture and so on is and Guanzhong area and Heluo area closer to. This is why?

The Western Han Dynasty silixiaoweibu

The Eastern Han Dynasty

From the two pictures can be seen in the Western Han Dynasty, Shanxi Hedong region is not as we imagined as belonging to the state, but are directly under the central silixiaoweibu! To the Eastern Han Dynasty, Hedong County split into the Pingyang County and East County, two County, but still does not belong to the state, but to our state.

In fact, it should start from the Datong Qinhuangdao annexation of the world. Qin dominate the world, first hit the object is in the state of wei. Wei in the heyday of Hedong District is the capital EUP is located, and take part in Hexi area, the establishment of the county in hexi. Qin Shang Yang reform not only recapture the Hexi, also gradually erode the Hedong region, resulting in Wei country lost the dominant position in the basins of Linfen and Yuncheng, so Qin began guarding county located in the east of the river.

In the Han Dynasty, Guanzhong, capital of the Western Han Dynasty, east of the river is the auxiliary three outside the first county, to defend the central task of; of the Eastern Han Dynasty moved the capital to Luoyang after, east of the river is still north surround the capital's first more, so in the Han Dynasty 400 years Jiangshan, Hedong plays a very important role, has not classified to Bingzhou, but has been in the direct jurisdiction of the central government.

The reason, in the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Yellow River basin economic development, population is numerous, wangba industry often need to own Guanzhong, Henan Luoyang area and east of the small triangular core zone, and then control the.

In the northern and Southern Dynasties of the war period, Hedong has since become one of the main battlefield of competition between the regime in the northern, once the decline. But with the arrival of the Sui and Tang Dynasties unified, East again ushered in the peak of development. This is not a reference of Hedong County of Shanxi, began to refer to the entire area. However, the original river ITA area is still important geopolitical factors. Hedong PEIs remains top-notch gentry family, Pei of the Tang Dynasty has a 17 prime minister. In pedigree dominate.

Therefore, the relationship between East region and "off", but more than the province near los. Historical relics in, even East since the beginning of the Tang and Song Dynasties, has been in Shanxi integration for more than 1000 years, but in terms of language, Hedong dialect still and standard of Jin dialect is different, preferring to close, Luo region of Zhongyuan Mandarin system. Shanxi dialect can be gradually extended to the surrounding Northern Shaanxi, Henan northwest, central and southern regions of Inner Mongolia, did not penetrate to the east of the river.