He is a "abandoned" the Red Army platoon leader, after the founding of new China was awarded the rank of lieutenant general

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He is a "abandoned" the Red Army platoon leader, after the founding of new China was awarded the rank of lieutenant general

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Teng Haiqing, Jinzhai County, Anhui province. 1930 joined the Red Army of Chinese workers and peasants, joined the Communist Party of China in 1931.

In the 25000 Li Long March. During the long march served as squad leader, company commander, division headquarters communications team platoon leader, group such as political commissar of the job. During the Anti Japanese War, he served as Colonel, Brigadier General and other staff, participated in the Huaibei area and anti mopping up campaignsShan head self-defense war dozens of battle, to strive for the victory of the war of resistance against Japan to establish a distinguished merit.During the war of liberation, he served as teachers, column commander, commander and other staff, was in the famous Menglianggu, Huaihai, crossing the river, such as the battle, created the immortal feats for the birth of new China.
Teng Haiqing had been a "abandoned" the Red Army platoon leader. How is he from a "abandoned" the Red Army 21 army commander of the platoon leader for growth? What is the general training and handle him? Small make up today tell him what little people know the story.

fromthe Red ArmylongNotesHeadquarters platoon leader team communication,Ming down dark rise.

One day in June 1932, is red 32 regiment five company commander Teng Haiqing, holding two horses captured from the battlefield of Bordeaux horses ready to practice riding. Just go out and then ran into the teachers Ni Zhiliang (founding Lieutenant) and political commissar.

"Which group are you in?" Ni Zhiliang asked. "I am the thirty-two regiment of the five company commander." "What are you holding two horses for?" Teng Haiqing thought, replied: "Oh, is to hold the teachers and the commissar (in fact he does not know the division political commissar)". Ni Zhiliang said: "the political commissar of the division commander, head the ball." Then, let the correspondent take the two horses. At the outset, Teng Haiqing not turned over to the horse is keep thinking practice riding, did not expect, unexpectedly a head hit teachers and the commissar, also had such a deal. So, two horses were led away by the correspondent.

Mr. Ni Zhiliang saw Teng Haiqing clever minded, have transferred him to the division plan. 10 days later, Teng Haiqing received camp notice of the Ministry of him to report to the headquarters, he thought that is not paid horses, division headquarters to him as' the reorganizationists' arrested. So with the open letter of introduction, very upset to division into the station, commander, political commissar of the office.

Teng Haiqing handed over the letter of introduction, Ni Zhiliang openings way: "your transfer to, want you to Shibu communications team when the platoon leader, you won't be satisfied with it?" "Anything can be done, not satisfied." At this time of Teng Haiqing, only a thought, as long as not to be caught on the line.

Teng Haiqing to the communications team when a platoon, not "rise", is the "drop"? Division headquarters communications team is a special unit, only two rows, the number is equivalent to a reinforced company, is from each group to choose excellent monitor, platoon leader, after a period of time training, assigned to companies, like now troops withholding officers. He began to not think so, think their own tune when the platoon leader to prove that they are not divided into "melding", as long as not to be caught up, shut up, as the company commander down to platoon leader, what good care of! Until four months later, Ni Zhi Liang said the words, just let Teng Haiqing understand to come over, their platoon when is indeed "or", rather than "falling". The teacher said a word to let him understand it? How is it being "abandoned"? This is related to him in a battle in the hospital for a negative.

To carry out guerrilla warfare unfortunately wounded,InsuranceBy"Abandoned".

In October 1932, Teng Haiqing where the red Fourth Army main force transferred to the outside combat repeatedly lost was forced to withdraw from the Hubei Henan Anhui according to the westward transfer. In the time and the enemy's hand to hand combat, Teng Haiqing was voted to enemy grenade into a serious injury, almost blind in the left eye, fragmentation shrapnel destroyed the Teng Haiqing two front teeth. And fight through his right arm.

The red army fought for three days and nights, yet to get rid of the enemy encirclement. So superior decided: "to ensure the light infantry marching and fighting, camp following positions of the injured in situ severance, asking for destination, above the battalion still stretcher a army action." A field hospital to camp the following duties wounded read the decision, and they were each given 10 silver dollars. Teng Haiqing was holding 10 silver dollars, looking disappointed if lost their hospital and a wounded army commander in the transfer. As a field hospital to house empty, sour beyond expression in the heart of Teng Haiqing, he knew his "abandoned".

"I want a revolution! I want revolution!" Teng Haiqing Sixinliefei cried out. He wondered what cannot leave the revolutionary ranks, so that he was holding a pole, solitary strong to the troops go, when he caught the guards army field hospital station, directly to find Dean break to scold a way: "I am a communications team, how dare you to throw me!"

The president explained: "the platoon leader, you don't get angry. I really do not have a way, too many serious injuries!" The air sea Teng said angrily: "that you will grasp the shot!"

At this time, Ni Zhiliang appeared in a field hospital in the camp, he is in search of the sound to hear sound. See Ni Zhiliang, Teng Haiqing knows everything. Ni Zhiliang to the dean said: "a long communication team is tube battalion cadres, deputy regimental level jobs! You should treat the wounded treatment!" When I hear teachers this sentence, Teng Haiqing this just understand oneself is really "or" and stay in such troops treatment and army transfer. A month after the wound has healed. Teng Haiqing was alone on the road to catch up with the division headquarters communications team, and put forward to return to the combat units to Mr. Ni Zhi Liang.

, Teng Haiqing in teachers Ni Zhiliang's guidance and training, became the Chinese people's Liberation Army outstanding military commander and senior military officers, until after the liberation of the country, Teng Haiqing become deputy commander of the Beijing Military Region, Mr. Ni Zhiliang in 1955 was awarded the rank of lieutenant, Teng Haiqing has also been awarded the rank of lieutenant general.

In October 1965 two founding general hospitalized due to illness, again, despite the fact that the Ni Zhiliang condition is serious, but his memory is strong, recognized that year almost "abandoned" "lines" Teng Haiqing.

Teng Haiqing said: "the old head of the past, those things, we will not forget, now think of it, are good memories. You are my honor, I did not live up to your culture!" This sentence is not polite, and thanks in the general sense, but a true revelation of the spirit of Teng Haiqing's benefactor.

In May 1987, the group army Pei huailiang (left), political commissar of the Bao Xiang Li (second from left) in Baoji Railway Station to meet old commander Teng Haiqing (third from left) to pay a visit to camp

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