Chairman Mao is the eldest son of Mao Anying. Why not back home for burial?

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Chairman Mao is the eldest son of Mao Anying. Why not back home for burial?

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Mao Anying Mao Zedong and his wife Yang Kaihui's eldest son, died in November 25, 1950 during the Korean War, only 28 years old.

After the end of the war in 1954, the Central Military Commission sent a request to the Central Military Commission, consult the content is how to bury Mao Anying martyrs. The general cadre management department of the Central Military Commission Deputy First Minister laichuanzhu develop complex, requiring the volunteer headquarters anying bones shipped back to Beijing for burial.

Had command of the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, at that time already served as Vice Premier and Minister of defense of Peng Dehuai review this by the Ministry of the Central Military Commission personnel sent telegrams, feel the anying bones shipped back to China for burial is not appropriate. Of course, this relationship is great, he is not a good advocate for trespassing, he wrote Zhou Enlai a letter, show their attitude:

Prime minister:

Last 24 laichuanzhu Comrade intends to draft a letter of electric, the comrade Mao anying bones shipped back to Beijing, I buried in North Korea, to our volunteers or volunteer army commander of the name of the Journal of the monument, that the voluntary enlistment and sacrifice through, is worthy son of Mao Zedong, its at the expense of another parameter seek high Ruixin he buried a. This very good educational and other families of the martyrs have no objection, the original draft power has been sent to you at the above comments are not written on. Special report, properly no, please consider.


outstanding Communist military leader

December 25th

Zhou Enlai read Peng Dehuai's letter, think he is right, then he will be forwarded to Mao Zedong read Peng Dehuai's letter shows.

Mao Zedong read the letter, said: "Lao Peng said that the man of the flesh and blood of the man is not a life of his parents, not because I was the chairman of the party and the state, to his son to engage in special ah!" He drew a pencil from the pen inside, the document generously instructions: "agree Dehuai opinion, the anying bones and tens of thousands of martyrs, buried in the land of North Korea, also do not as he held a special funeral."

Day, Zhou Enlai in Peng Dehuai's letter "respect your opinion and the Korean comrades, please (beads) to prepare complex instructions. Liu Shaoji and Deng Xiaoping also agreed to redlining.

Later, Mao Zedong met with Soviet ambassador, maoanying lifetime friend Eugene said: "the Communists death where, is buried in where...... My son, Mao Anying, died in North Korea. He was told to bring his body back. I said, do not have to, dead which buried!"

However, wife liusiji maoanying and Mao Anqing's wife Shao Hua et al. Still hope be returned to the motherland, buried anying bones, repeatedly to Mao Zedong put forward the request. Mao Zedong's silence for a long time, reference in the early Eastern Han Dynasty famous old General Ma Yuan's words: "everywhere Aoyama buried Zhonggu, why should they died with their boots on. Is not there thousands of martyrs buried in Korea? The bank should be buried in North korea." Mao Zedong did not agree with them.

So, maoanying and hundreds of thousands of sacrifice in the Korean martyrs as, buried in his fight and blood soaked North Korea's land.

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