He is Ci Xi's most wanted to kill people, finally actually escape from death row

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He is Ci Xi's most wanted to kill people, finally actually escape from death row

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1898 coup, the empress dowager, state into chaos. The old woman heart humbled and to murder to vent their anger, first want to kill is Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao, but the pair didn't catch. The second is to kill, four small aircraft Guangxu side, Tan Sitong, Yang Rui, Lin Xu and Liu Guangdi. These four, didn't run all to be caught. The rest of the two Sydney to kill, a military minister Zhang Yinhuan, one is Xu Zhijing shilang. For many years Zhang Yinhuan do diplomacy, there is friendship with foreigners, the British minister to intervene, death free, in exile in Xinjiang. Xu Zhijing did not have such a foreign friend, had to wait for death. The old woman to him also quite angry, a family of three, Lao Tze do Li Bu Shi Lang, two sons a in Hunan political science, a compilation in the Imperial Academy, are involved in political reform, especially the Lao Tzu, recommended a large number of reformers, Kang, Liang are included, is simply not to kill. As for Yang Shenxiu, originally nothing, but as censor, he, the old woman again behind that curtain, actually write bulletproof chapter questioned, sending his home to dicing with death. Kang Guangren, is the brother to catch with brother cylinder.

So, after the coup, I heard that Caishikou to kill, Xu Zhijing's family, early in Caishikou, waiting for the corpse. The paddy wagon, the first car is tan, the second vehicle is Yang Shenxiu. The third car is Rui. The fourth car is linxu. The five cars is Liu Guangdi, the last car is Kang Guangren, without their father. Later allegedly Li to come forward and support the Rong Lu, Rong Lu see the queen mother, said Xu Zhijing is a sing opera nerd,, in fact, do not understand the law and during the hundred days of reform emperor has no summoned him. Empress Dowager a check, and sure enough, see the minions of Rong Lu's, Rao Qiyi die instead of chopped prison waiting (similar to today's reprieve). And Li Hongzhang reason to do so, the way he did sympathize with reform of the scholar, and secondly he with Xu Zhijing father is the imperial examination in the same year, a good friendship, could not bear to see the young brother son die this way, exercise. After all, Li Hongzhang was going to A big tree strikes roots deeply. Ronglu face.

Xu Zhijing entered the Xingbu prison, along with the development of the current situation, the death penalty is free, but still life is on the line. Because people turn back, conservative rampant, or to kill. In prison, the beginning of the family to visit Xu Zhijing, and later even visit is not allowed. On the inside, Xu Zhijing also understand that always ready, when they were dragged out and beheaded and his royal robes always to wear on the body. And this Naoqi boxer, Beijing city of chaos. The British Embassy can not attend to the Chinese people, far away in Xinjiang, Zhang Yinhuan, was made up of a knife. In jail, Xu Zhijing, it's still fine at one thirty. When the fortitude and Dai Yi, Xu Tong et al., are busy mopping up political opponents, the dead tiger can put temporarily. They want to kill people but that is of course the Guangxu emperor and Empress Dowager waste again. The next is to kill Li Hongzhang, but Li Hongzhang has gone beyond the reach of Guangzhou. Celebrate Prince Yikuang is hateful, but the fox tight, hold the handle, and won the trust of the empress dowager. Zhang Yinhuan has a false hand to kill the empress dowager, Xu Zhijing closed in the prison, what time to kill, a word of things. The rest of the courtiers, whenever there is a head in objection to what they are for, one does not stay. Xu Jingcheng, Yuan Chang, Xu Yongyi, Lian Yuan a head. Even always old woman Chongxin Hu Bu Shangshu Lishan, actually because in the boxer Zaiyi mix with a few words of mouth and thrown into prison (also say, is because the Lishan with another support boxer Wangzhuang Zaixun contend for a prostitute, the result is Zai Yi and Zaixun combined black) and breath didn't come up, almost back breath. Lost in prison, Xu Zhijing understand the point of medicine, come to save him. But after a few days Tateyama, this made the years for the minister, the Empress Dowager serve particularly comfortable childe's elder brother, or was killed. This time, the Empress Dowager and a bunch of conservative minister basically half mad, is to break with the western, people stop killing, Buddha block kill the Buddha, red eye.

Originally, in the prison of Xu Zhijing, is sure to kill. But the Eight Power Allied forces call too fast, the Empress Dowager go haste, only enough to Zhenfei thrown into the well, has not sent to go to a Xing Department prison. The coalition City, Beijing police officials zuoniaoshousan. Prison inmates, dispersed, run a surplus. But Xu Zhijing refused to go, saying he is a criminal court, so can not be put to foreigners. Thanks to the prison with the principal, is his student, Xu Zhijing informed the family ahead, take him to pick out strong.

Wait until things in the past, the Empress Dowager fled back, once again, 1898, Xu Zhijing this thing, also a muddleheaded. A pardon, he returned to his home, still call himself only to sing opera, gentleman, meaning is difficult, only the rest of the people. After nearly two years of work, all life on the line every day, tasted the taste of death, actually alive, you're lucky.

(from above "Zhang Ming said in late Qing Dynasty")