17. The king perished China history

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17. The king perished China history

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Text / Comrade Guevara

The Song Diguo emperor Liu Huai was forced to abdicate, had cried and said: "may the generation after generation,No imperial family ", a statement that the body of the subjugation of the prince of sorrow. Since the summer solstice, Chinese history has experienced 25 dynasties, intermediate greatly small existed nearly 70 regime, naturally produced nearly 70 King perished. These unfortunate destiny mostly very miserable, chance survived in the new regime is low, lucky to hospice nothing more than the following 17 (in the order of national subjugation):

1 Han Xiandi Liu Xie

Liu Xie as the puppet of 31 years, the emperor career is to suppress the fourth generation in Chen Dong Zhuo, Li Jue, Cao Cao and Cao Pi, not a day can feel pleasure masters, life can be described as an abyss of darkness. In 220 AD, Cao Pi from the Eastern Han Dynasty of the brand, the formal establishment of Wei empire. To his predecessor fairly polite. Not only the letter of Liu Xie as the Sanyo public, also be to ceremony of the foreign monarchs, allowing him to Han zhengshuo kimono color in the fief invoke, establishment of the Han Dynasty temple.

When Liu Xie Anyang public 14 years, in the year 234, died at the age of 55. Wei Mingdi, Cao Rui of Ministers personally cry and offering, the Han Emperor was buried in the mausoleum of Zen etiquette, respect for his filial piety emperor xian.

The 2 after the Lord Liu Chan

Liu Adou is actually a scheming male, dumb show with father Liu Bei, did not strive. Said Liu Chan when the emperor for 40 years, in addition to Zhuge Liang reign period was strong, but also with old rivals Wei a few strokes, the rest of the time, basically house that, as time passes knowingly arrogant laziness heart more and more concentrated. The later stage of his career in Chongxin, the eunuch Huang Hao, the erosion of the get out of hand. 263 years, Chengdu will Ai Wei surprise, Liu Chan surrender.

Liu Chan to Luoyang, with Sima Zhao jointly played a thick black drama, not only saved their lives, and has been dubbed the Anle county public. After the establishment of the Jin Dynasty, Liu Chan continued to spend the rest of my life in Luoyang, and died in 271 ad at the age of 65.

3 Wei emperor Cao Huan

Cao Huan before he ascended the throne, authority already sidelined the Sima family, why he can when the emperor, the reason is only one: honest and obedient. Five years of emperor Ren, Cao Huan is obedience to the Sima family to usurp power work, very fit. In 265 ad, Sima Yan's "love in", "desperate" to replace Cao Huan, the establishment of the West Jin dynasty.

Sima Yan was very satisfied with the performance of Cao Huan, sealing the king of Chenliu, Shi Yi million households, can also enjoy the use of emperor flags and other privileges, courtesy extremely generous. Cao Huanzai, the king's seat for 37 years, died in 302 ad at the age of 58. The offspring inherit, until the time was abolished.

4 Wu Sun Hao after the main

SUN Hao reigned for 16 years, ascended the throne at the beginning of the fairly wise, the rule is, too long temperament big change, exposing the cruel and oppressive nature. Dissipated at the same time, most like to do a thing is a metamorphosis technique of mass murder, of which the peeling face, cut off the feet of the human foot is the most common, the national human hearts are evil, precarious. In 280 years, the Western Jin Dynasty conquered Jianye, SUN Hao Wu's death to surrender.

SUN Hao was moved to Luoyang, Jin Dynasty not only spare him a dog's life, but also to seal him to return to life Hou, treatment is fairly generous. 4 years later, Sun Hao died in Luoyang city at the age of 42.

5 into the Han Dynasty after the main Lee

Lee potential in the 4 year, arrogant brutal overindulge in wine and women, full of a HunJun image. In 347 ad, the Eastern Jin Dynasty Sima Huan rate crusade into the Han, Lee's surrender potential, into Chinese death.

After the surrender of Lee potential, called GUI Yi Hou, 14 years after the death, at the age of unknown.

6 former Liang Dao WangYamaguchi

In the 13 year of Zhang Tianxi, the country has almost no time to stop domestic trouble and foreign invasion. 376 BC, Qin ago male Fu Jian sent General Yao Chang attack, to cool before, Zhang Tianxi potential poor surrender, was appointed Shang Fu Jian, seal to return Hou Yi, was also given to luxury, the treatment quite generous.

This is notZhang to the end of life. Said Zhang Tianxi seven years later in order to sign the identity of the Southern Army participated in the battle of Feishui, while Qin defeated fled to the motherland, worship, Prince, very greatful. Zhang Tianxi in the life of 15 years, died in 399 ad, at the age of 61, after the death of Dr. Jin Lu was posthumously.

7 Chen Chen Shubao

Chen Shubao is a famous scholar of the emperor, reigned seven years mainly do four things: write poems, built houses, playing a woman, boast, the Jiangnan social atmosphere to get dirty. Ad 589, Yang Guang commander in chief of the Sui Dynasty army conquer Jiankang, from dry to Chen Shubao like chicks generally carry out that ugly ineffable.

Chen Shubao to the new master of the court, because the old sister when the Sui Wendi love the imperial concubine's sake, have been treated fairly generous, was sealed for great wall county public and enjoy Sanpin officials for the treatment, every day, you can drink wine, eat donkey meat. Chen Shubao carefree living for 15 years in the Sui Dynasty, died in 604 ad at the age of 51.

8 min imperial extension

Wang Yanzheng served as governor of statehood, Starling Wang Yanxi came to the throne, with the relationship between Wang Yanzheng and brothers eventually meet on the battleground. 943 years, Wang Yanzheng in the big Yin Jianzhou emperor. 944 years, Wang Yanzheng captured Fuzhou, and changed the name to Fujian, continue to call the emperor. Fujian country gives the opportunity to attack the civil strife, check the emblem of commander Tang army attack and destroy the Fujian, Wang Yanzheng surrender.

After the surrender of Wang Yanzheng, in the Southern Tang has been called habayashi generals, the king of Poyang, king of Guangshan, generous treatment. The Northern Song Dynasty put out, Wang Yanzheng was appointed with Jinling, shortly after the death of Taishi, was posthumously promoted to fukuo.

9 the Jin emperor Shi Zhonggui

Zhonggui stone is "emperor" Shi Jingtang's son, the 4 year of the reign of time. Than the father,Stone Zhonggui got the guts, not only refused to concede defeat to the Khitan, and beat the opponent twice large-scale offensive, and sometimes win a lot of reputation. In the year 946, renewed fighting, unification Army General Du Zhongwei before the surrender, the army of light assault beam, stone Zhonggui poor potential drop.

The stone Zhonggui valley after the surrender, was appointed Guanglu doctor, calibration Qiu, letter of ingratitude Hou, placed in the living state. Arrive at statehood after Zhonggui stone became a farmer to farming for a living. About 18 years later, Shi Zhonggui died, at the age of about 50.

The 10 (South)Maxichong

Xichong Ma Chu founder Ma Yin ninth, former Tiance left Sima. Ad 951, generalXu Wei mutiny, imprisoned king Ma Xie, hold immediately and worship. The horse Xichong Chi-li after drinking the heart of Xu Wei, dissolute, want to killMa Xiguang self-help. Ma marihiro in advance to get the news, welcome the general dense edge picks into Changsha, and the rate of family surrender, South Chu regime perished.

Ma marihiro joined was named after Southern Tang, Yongtai Jiedushi, living in Yangzhou. Zhou Shizong chairong crusade against the Southern Tang, captured Yangzhou, and the family moved to a horse marihiro beam, and the appointed for habayashi military system. It was not recorded in historical stories have never been heard of since.

ElevenAfter the emperor Chai Zongxun

Was Emperor Gongdi of Later Zhou ascended the throne was only six years old, seats for less than one year anniversary of the time, the Imperial General Zhao Kuangyin then humiliates small emperor a widows and orphans. In Chenqiao mutiny, acclaimed emperor, stress chaizongxun "abdicate the throne". The himself as emperor.

Zhao Kuangyin thein God, probably is feel ashamed in the heart, treat chaizongxun a courtesy very plus, for the seal of Zheng Wang, and admonished the son of a feudal lord sun must treat Chai's family. 13 years after the demise of Chai Zongxun died, at the age of 20, their heirs Congyi, until the demise of the Southern Song dynasty.

12 Nanping WangHigh following the impulse

High following the impulse is the first five Nanping monarch, ascended the throne in 962 ad, seats for just a year, song Taizu countered tailgating attack the name of Hunan in Jiangling, end the high Jichong nest, forcing the latter to accept to surrender.

After high Jichong surrender to the Song Dynasty, has been appointed as Jiedushi, Deputy Commissioner, and in 973 died in office, at the age of 32, sijung gifts.

13 South MainLiuchang

Liu Chang Liu Jixing, the 13 year of the reign of king is famous five dynasties. During his reign, trusting eunuch, witch, voluptuous, oppressive and excessive, cause erosion of state, The people are destitute.. In 1971, the song will be Pamela, Guangzhou, Bing Lin, Liu introducing once wanted to exile, but the ship was ahead of the guards and eunuchs to steal, but under can only surrender.

Liu Chang return to the Song Dynasty, not only pardoned crime, and was also appointed right thousands Niuwei general amnesty, Feng hou. After it has been called the left prison guard general, Pengcheng county public and patriotic public. 9 years later, Liu Chang died, was a professor Taishi, made the king of Nanyue, at the age of 39.

FourteenWu YueZhong Yi WangQian Chu

Qian Chu reigned for 30 years, serving the Central Plains with great respect. Zhou Shizong Chai, Zhao Kuangyin Crusade Jiangnan, Qian Chu troops coordinate active, song Taizu awarded the Grand Marshal of the soldiers and horses in the world. 978 years, the Northern Song Dynasty basically unified the whole country,Qian Chu Feng in Kaifeng was detained, was forced to offer two Zhejiang according to thirteen states of the return to the Song Dynasty, Wu Yue's death.

Money Baoshu drop after the song, has been closed for Huaihai king, King Hannan, Nanyang king, Xu Wang, Wang Deng, died 10 years later, at the age of 60.

15 North Chinese EmperorLiujiyuan

Liu Jiyuan, the fourth emperor of the north, was in office for 11 years. During his reign, including credit crafty little, elite exclusion, resulting in political chaos; in rely on Liao, recalcitrant Northern Song Dynasty, unexpectedly also lingered 11 years. In 979 ad, Song Taizong Pro battalion attack and defeat the North Han, Liao reinforcements,Liu Jiyuan trapped poor city, cornered, finally only in table of surrender.

Song Taizong is probably appreciate Liu Jiyuan courage, add courtesy. Not only the letter he is in, calibration of the Taishi, Youwei generals, Pengcheng county public, has also given to the mansion in the capital every year and and reward. 12 years later, Liu Jiyuan died at the age of unknown.

16 Yuan Shun Di - Tuohuantiemuer Khan

Yuan Shun emperor reigned for 37 years, signaled a big decline, civil commotion, various heroes scramble to chase the deer, the ultimate victor belongs to Zhu Yuanzhang. In 1368, Zhu Yuanzhang quashed the South regime should be in the days after the emperor, and sent General Xu Da, Chang Yuchun et al the northern expedition. The Northern Expedition army arrived near Shirupozhu, mostly on the eve of,The emperor family carrying North panic fled, the Yuan Dynasty in the Central Plains region of the end.

The emperor fled after the Yuan Dynasty Mobei, still retained the title of emperor, but the historian yuan regime was renamed yuan. In 1370, the emperor died due to dysentery should Chang, at the age of 50. 32 years later, the red ghost force usurped the power of established Tatar khanate, and perish.

17 Qing Xuantong emperor Aixinjueluo PuYi

PuYi became 3 years old, 1909-1912 year reign, after the establishment of Republic of China to a foreign monarch of the ceremony, live in the forbidden city. 5 years later, Zhang Xun again in the mutiny, Puyi crowned as the 12 day of the restoration of the Emperor (7 - 1-12). After the 918 incident, in Japan, under the support of 12 years to do the puppet puppet emperor of Manchuria (1934-1945). After the Japanese surrender, he was captured by the Soviet Red Army ready to escape, 5 years after being escorted home.

1959 Poyi amnesty and served as a member of the CPPCC National Committee Office, died in Beijing on 1967, at the age of 61.

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