The country was divided three times no hatred and China, why support Japan launched the 918 incident

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The country was divided three times no hatred and China, why support Japan launched the 918 incident

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In the modern international society, we tend to see many wonderful and ugly performances, such as some countries today with this tomorrow and the establishment of diplomatic relations, is no ideas for their own interests. In the first half of the last century, China repeatedly by foreign powers, the powers to obtain benefits look at fiercely as a tiger does, in China. A country, its power is very weak, and China is no resentment, and Japan has no involvement, but twice on very important occasions on China adding insult to injury, public support for Japanese aggression. This country is Poland.

Poland in the history of the 1772, 1793 and 1795 three were divided up, until the end of the war in 1918, Poland has regained its independence. The history of suffering, and to China ordinarily should Similarly afflicted people pity each other. but he did not like this.

Paris and the meeting.Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the powers of the re division of spheres of influence, Japan wants to grab the German interests in China, want to put in a war looting get Shandong's legitimate rights and interests of. Was China's surging domestic patriotic fervor, on behalf of the Chinese Gu Weijun in meeting impassioned argue, many small and medium-sized countries of China expressed sympathy, even Britain, France, Italy and other powers temporarily scruples. At this time, just Zionist Poland representative is openly jumped out, delivered a speech, public support for Japan's requirements of Shandong, against the legitimate demands of China. Gu Weijun until his old age to write his memoirs, still do not understand and in the days of Poland why do not have anything to do.

After the 918 incident.In September 18, 1931, sharpening the Japanese rushed into the Northeast Army resident beidaying. Subsequently in just four months, 12.8 square kilometers, equivalent to the Japanese homeland three point five times in Northeast China all fall, more than 3 0000000 northeast people became slaves. Second years of Japanese puppet Qing emperor Puyi established a puppet regime in Manchuria.

At that time, the national government tried to turn to foreign forces, and the request of the United Nations to administer justice. Britain and France and other countries to manipulate the United Nations, although did not give China the sound of justice, to give substantial help, but after sympathy for China, condemned japan. But the most surprising is that, at this time, Poland jumped out, incredibly enthusiastic support of Japan's occupation of the northeast. International Union vote on sanctions against Japan, even the British and French and other major powers have voted in favor, but Poland publicly expressed its opposition.

Why Poland does this

Poland is certainly with China without what sworn enemies that the reason to support the Japanese invasion of China, in fact, is to through at the expense of China, prompting Japan and Russia in the Far East full-scale military confrontation, thus weakening enemies of the Soviet Union. Poland in the history of the 1772, 1793 and 1795 three were divided, each with the Russian empire. For the Soviet feud, Poland certainly must be eradicated. Poland's military government supports the Japanese invasion of Northeast China, which is expected to attack the Soviet Union in the next step after the Japanese occupation of the northeast.

Poland also went to Japan to teach officers make light of travelling a thousand li code breaking skills. Under the Polish people's advice, the Japanese password cracking technology advances by leaps and bounds. On the eve of the "September 18 Incident", the Japanese Kwantung Army have fully deciphered the Zhang Xueliang and Nanjing, Shenyang, both contact with radio password, fully grasp the trend of Northeast China army.

However, this kind of action in Poland has no effect, not only offended China, but also did not stop the Soviet union. Finally, in 1939, the Soviet Union and Germany to Poland to be divided again. It turns out that the fate of the country to rely on their own hard powerful, pinned to their fortunes in others, is always unreliable.