The most famous in the history of the four big comeback campaign each is a classic

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The most famous in the history of the four big comeback campaign each is a classic

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In the long river of history, so a group of people, they though unarmed, frail little scholar, but the guards renamed things. Of course, in their life, this kind of thing only appeared one or two times, but if not them, the history of the wheel may be heading for another direction. Here we come to take stock of these changes in the history of the war.

First, the battle of Chibi

This is a classic battle for the history of the most famous The weak overcame the strong. Cao Cao a force known as the 800 thousand, 400 thousand, the battle of thousands of members, a myriad of moonsoon hundreds of ships. In contrast, Shu Wu Lianjun, 50 thousand troops and dozens of ships, only the natural barrier of the Yangtze River is a big advantage.

It is clear from the paper data, this is not a grade level, the equivalent of the king of lol to fight the bronze. Cao Cao was probably thinking, I just let the soldiers each spit, also bring you the Jiangdong children drowned.

But the reality gave Cao Cao a big mouth. Cao Cao cable connected to the boat by hundreds of thousands of troops, Gongjin set fire to a clean, only to thousands of people fled to Xuchang. Zhou Yu is a famous battle, among the three class character of the column, but!

Mr. Su Song "niannujiao" infinite yearning: calm, laughing, strong line and ashes to ashes!

Two, the battle of

Qin Jian established, after all force or political annexation, Fu Jian finally in the Huaihe River to the North established a unified regime, however his rule has not been stable, and are eager to lead and just a patchwork of hundreds of thousands of army to the south, known as one million, to sweep of the Southern Dynasties, unify the whole country.

Most ancient Chinese military strategist has the two characteristics, a, generous, troops frequently is tens of millions, to know the European war are several tens of thousand; second, bragging, hundreds of thousands of non to say 2 00000, 2 00000 to said 500000. However, cattle forced to blow too often to be struck by lightning.

Fu Jian is the same, confrontation between the two sides on both sides of the, at the southern coincided with the period of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Jiankang's ruling and opposition parties a panic, war came not. Information asymmetry leads to the scare of gall bladder. Which people do not believe in evil, he is Xie an, as a dissolute the first prime minister who said of the Eastern Jin Dynasty prime minister, not at this time but Wu Yi Xiang is in the Southern Dynasty under the only spiritual pillar, in order to show determination, he appointed his heart brother Xie Shi Generalissimo, Xie Xuanfu my nephew of.

On paper, Fu Jian is accounted for the absolute superiority, but to know that this patchwork of motley crew, on the surface looked strong, actually is not in use, million strong stem.

So Xie Xuan rate 8 million North Fubing, dark Du Fei River water, to Zhu Xu secretly coordinate, in before Qin Dynasty after the army shouted "Qin Junbai, the Qin army defeated." Well, the ancients knew the importance of public opinion. Xie Xuan shuaibing onslaught, Qin A rout is like a landslide., Yan murongchui had thirty thousand troops to escape.

Three. The battle of the quarry

The main rate of 170 thousand person gold Wanyan Liang army revolted against song. At this time of the Song Dynasty on the sackings, Jiang'an defense retreat. Life is too good, are afraid of death, responsible for Jiangfang Jiankang are controlled is not to fight back, while sitting on the river itself, we should see the country perishes.

At this time the main gold Wanyan Liang can be described as high spirited, facing the succession and drop of the Southern Song Dynasty City, can not help but poetic, prose poem: "Wanli book for any confusion, Jiangnan hath don't border seal. Mention the soldiers million in West Lake, immediately Wu Shan first peak." Well, people would like a harp bragging bragging, one will be in trouble. In the eyes of his conquest of the Song Dynasty, seemed to capture an enemy easily, usually out of one's pocket.

This time the song out of a character, is Yu Yunwen, this person to shout, originally is mandated to treat troops in the front, to see people bragging, Kan., then decided to come forward. You know, this matter could have root pressure round he could not, because the government of the monarchy was removed and sent the Li Xianzhong took office, but he is tardy not arrived. Why? He said, the fear of death! Which, if put in peacetime, the Jiankang are controlled but a real gravy train, estimation and now the military commander of a level, at this time who sent to the office, like Gehenna jump.

When this song, no boss, morale and lax. Yu Yunwen although a cavity blood, but just to the quarry, the road can be seen everywhere song soldiers diukuixiejia sitting on the side of the road, eyes filled with despair. So, it is the first to ignite the morale of the soldiers! He summoned all the soldiers open war mobilization meeting said: "brothers, Kim thieves Wanyan Liang is in the north shore, to occupy my song of the great mountains and rivers. Once they cross the river. Not only we will be killed, and to our home, our parents, wife, children, and so on will die of thief iron hoof. We are not only for ourselves, but also for our family and for the sake of our country. The emperor called I brought gold and silver to beat their swords into plowshares and appointment are in this, have the ability to you the army of 200000 Wanyan Liang nipped in the north of the Changjiang River, at that time as a reward, rise through the ranks, the glorious cases. Although I am to sympathy, but the nation on the occasion, I do not play who come. I'm not forced to quit if I'm afraid."

Okay! This call who suffer ah, if run or lost, not only his own death, his wife and children, the parents have to die, rape, not to mention, if win, you can reward money fame is. This is certainly excited ah. Although this time the song is not less than 20 thousand troops, 5 ships ship. In 200 thousand, 70 ships. Although it seems that song is a bit low, but a warship of the song is called "sea loach" ship, listen to this name will know, flexibility is certainly leverage, and the bow with tin coated.

So dramatic scene appeared, Songjun general Chun ship impact Jin Jun, such as unhindered, just put the Jin army more than half the ships crashed, but suffered heavy casualties.

Well, the Wanyan Liang angry, because in front of just blowing the cow force, on the side suffered a defeat, so put the blame, blame the shipbuilding and suggestions Liang Hanchen crossing to kill the. Really lying in the gun ah! So, the following people can tolerate such leadership? So are men to kill Wanyan Liang, Caishiji battle was over.

Four, Beijing defense

Tumubao incident, the above people fear no leader in the following. While the opposition, are said to have fled to Nanjing. At this time of the Daming king really tired, such as dangerous eggs, in the face of just beat 20 million Ming elite of the first army, can bring against the courage of the people is really not much.

Fortunately, Beijing is a place of talent, he is Yu Qian. This Yu Qian is not that smoking and drinking hot head laughed. Because this time, as bingbushangshu he is the actual leader of the Ming dynasty. Of course, the course of the war isn't what to say, to put it plainly is to mobilize all can mobilize, mobilize the masses, vow to resist. Also first, after all, deep into the hinterland, afraid of being cut. "Ming Dynasty those things" a wonderful description, I will not show off.

Finally, summarize, today, similar to the ancient people of the heroism, critical moment dare to stand up, like in our side faded away, have the courage and play more and less, cowardly, while avoiding disadvantages, timid everywhere. Lost in the way of the physical development of the gradual loss of self, so go really good?

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