Not the Anti Japanese drama, but the miracle of war, Chinese infantry really done this thing seems to be God play

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Not the Anti Japanese drama, but the miracle of war, Chinese infantry really done this thing seems to be God play

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In recent years, in order to see the war drama, the writers can be described as the brains ah, the God dramas such as coming out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. By the God of War series poison friends, must have seen the Chinese infantry, all kinds of fancy shot down by Japanese aircraft, from a rifle readily shot down, the sniper gun burst pilot, the onslaught of grenades, readily throw, is a plane was shot down, the Japanese aircraft like paper paste, really is stunning.

So in reality, China soldiers lack air defense equipment is how to deal with the Japanese aircraft bombing?

To understand the history of the friend, a mention of the Japanese aircraft, the first impression is strong, the number is more than second. Before the war of resistance against Japan, China has a total of more than 600 aircraft, while Japan has a full 28 aircraft, the number of even if, when the Kuomintang government in Song Meiling, the mother of the air force in the lead, to carry out a series of aviation development plan, just let the Chinese air force has started well. However, the equipment is found to be imported from the United States, France, imported many outdated models of aircraft, pilots of the technology is far worse than Japan. The fact is, early in the war, air supremacy basically rests in the hands of japan.

The frontal battlefield air like this, not to mention the battlefield behind enemy lines. Not said the plane, and equipped with air defense are not the Eighth Route Army, to deal with the Japanese aircraft flying, can saying simply is a fantasy.

Shandong battlefield behind enemy lines, there is no constraint Japanese pilots can be said is very arrogant, low altitude flight is commonplace, even low quickly rub on the roof. The task of the Japanese fighter, is against unarmed Chinese people, people large tracts of land by Japanese fighters "harvesting head", the scene of bloody cruel.

In order to curb the arrogance of the Japanese fighters and the protection of people, the Eight Route Army and the Japanese aircraft had to play positional warfare.

For us and Japanese aircraft deal with the eighth route are also summed up a lost air superiority and no air defense equipment, how to deal with the Japanese aircraft of the routine. The most important is, of course, to evacuate people, and concealed himself and in himself tied to the plant, using the terrain to hide, quite commando style, even with the scarecrow camouflage soldiers and waste of the Japanese aircraft ammunition.

Therefore, when the Japanese aircraft began flying low tech show, the Eighth Route Army who will set fire to the shooting, although a lot of time in vain, but also to the expulsion of the Japanese aircraft to suppress the arrogance of the unprovoked massacre of Chinese civilians by Japanese aircraft.

Finally, a miracle happened in the early hours of May 1, 1943. Was Jiaodong military forces in the transfer of troops, quietly in a hill arranged some rich combat experience of the Eighth Route for air defense.

These to complete the task of air defense soldiers, and as usual, quietly hiding in a corner of the hill. All of a sudden, from the distance came the sound of the aircraft, and soon, the Japanese aircraft to fly, but the flight was very slow, dangling, as if walking. At this time, ready for a long time the laobalu are instantly and shoot at the same time, 4 shots, unsuspecting Japanese fighters, did not fly to the top of the hill, they fall into the bottom of the hill, the soldiers with crazy like shouting, hit, we "red Plaster" (Japanese aircraft fuselage printed with the Japanese flag)

There are lucky enough to see the plane was shot down the aircraft laobalu memories: This is a Mitsubishi Type 99 bombers, is preparing to night bombing 8 are. As a result, an unfortunate is planted.

Frustrating is that if during the period of the war of resistance against Japan US soldiers with anti-aircraft equipment, not a with rifles and the ferocious Japanese fighters "melee" the. When the army of other countries crazy shout air support, our army only sigh, and then quietly pick up the equipment, doing things that other countries seem impossible.

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