He was known as the "escorting general", with Chairman Mao passed away more than half China, twice generation length

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He was known as the "escorting general", with Chairman Mao passed away more than half China, twice generation length

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He read history 20160720th bright star

In bright stars of the Chinese people's Liberation Army founding generals, is referred to as the "Three Yang" Yang Chengwu, Yang Dezhi, Yang Yong is undoubtedly the three star unusually bright star. The three will be built from the long march to the new China, from the arrival of the war to peace period, the three of them have experienced too many things. It could even be said that the "Three Yang" revolutionary career can be said to be a microcosm for half a century after the founding of the people's army. And today, the owner of a small series of articles written by the "Three Yang" one of Yang Chengwu.Like most people, Yang Chengwu grew up in an ordinary peasant family. It is also because of family poverty, social unrest, making Yang Chengwu early to establish a military to save the country's ideals. 16 years of age to join the Communist Party of China is the first step to save the country, followed by a decade of revolutionary road. His fierce combat on the battlefield, gradually become an illustrious star.
Why is that Yang Chengwu was "escorting general"? Original,On every national day, Chairman Mao was accompanied by Yang Chengwu to inspect the soldiers of the army,So we gave Yang Chengwu a nickname "escorting general".Yang Chengwu has participated in the nine National Day parade, one of the most famous one is the founding ceremony in 1949. Participate in the parade of the army mostly from Yang Chengwu suobu 20 corps and Tianjin garrison troops. Chairman Mao is the most outgoing inspection, the pace of travels almost half Chinese. In order to ensure the safety of outgoing inspection, Chairman Mao's visit to Yang Chengwu, Chairman Mao to see how much trust.
After the war ended, Yang Chengwu returned to China. The people's Liberation Army of China was held in 1966.On behalf of the general chief of staff, who only took a year will be the "Gang of four" hit. In 1975, Yang Chengwu was back to work after the unjust case vindicated, and as acting chief of the general staff. In February 14, 2004, Yang Chengwu died in Beijing at the age of 90.

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