The ancient emperors have been seeking ever-young prescription drugs, this is the original

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The ancient emperors have been seeking ever-young prescription drugs, this is the original

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Ever-young medicine is the emperors are seeking the elixir. The Qin Shi Huang twice sent the necromancer traveled east to seek the drug history is most famous, the regret is no matter is the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty and later emperors, failed to achieve the immortal exploits, had go native and soul to heaven.

Ever-young medicine

History really have this ever-young medicine?

The answer is yes! The drug, called "wushisan", said a "Hanshi power", in different periods of prescription is slightly different, period of the Western Han Dynasty period prescriptions are as follows: turquoise, ochre, amethyst, realgar, sulfur, Three Kingdoms and Jin Dynasty: "cinnabar, realgar, alum, azurite ore, CI Shi", the Sui Dynasty is "stalactite, sulfur, white quartz, amethyst, Akaishi", to the Ming Dynasty actually also joined the minium. Although "five stone" formula each are not identical, but its resistance to all hot drawn fierce. After serving the human body heat, and produce a short-term effect of confused people, in fact, is a kind of chronic poisoning, many long-term ingestion are due to poisoning and died, in Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao called for the world "meet this side shall be burned, not Kurume".

Wushisan pop:

Before Han Dynasty wushisan only within the imperial family popular, until the Three Kingdoms period was widely circulated, the widespread benefits in the Three Kingdoms Wei country a metaphysicians, he Yan.

This He Yan who is? We all know he has a stepfather and father-in-law. He Yan lost his father at an early age. His mother was big Lothario Cao Cao Na as a concubine, Cao Cao together adoption Heyan, so his stepfather to Cao Cao, and he married Cao Cao's daughter Princess Jinxiang, for his wife, so he old father-in-law is Cao Cao.

Is the so-called: 'tis, near lady-killer, no turtle! He Yan inherits DNA his stepfather and father-in-law's (what is the relationship? This is with DNA) And has become a big satyr, trails all day, so tired, after taking wushisan, Dunjue God, cheerful, physical enhancement. In his lead, wushisan spread. Its wind from the Wei and Jin to Tang, calendar five hundred or six hundred years without interruption.

Contribution to medicine

It is hot drawn fierce resistance wushisan. Cao Xi, Huangfu Mi, Jin Shao, Fan Qu, Shi Daohong, a deep study on wushisan, impact on pharmacology.

Adverse consequences

We can have a little bit of common sense knows, this is equivalent to the poison, excessive intake of dead time. Ancient Chinese clothing this medicine lethal celebrity: Pei Xiu, Emperor AI of Jin Sima Pi, road, the Northern Wei Dynasty emperor Tu Bagui, the Northern Wei Xian emperor Tuoba Hong and so on.

In the early Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao "Qian Jin Fang" CAV powder in abundance. However, the deep spending their misfortunes, and called on the world "meet this side shall be burned, not Kurume".