Three so many celebrities but I admire most fervent, he

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Three so many celebrities but I admire most fervent, he

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We are too familiar with the history of the Three Kingdoms, familiar with the casual appraisal of what a prize, we can easily choose the first or a few candidates.

Such as the three most treacherous award, everyone will say that Cao Cao; three of the most intrepid award, Riboud also deserved; and as to miss three, that is not Diao Chan.

However, compared to these people, admire this great niche. The God is a contender to three of the most longevity prize, and the age of a lot, but also charge into the enemy ranks. In that I do not know when will the age, he not only did not die, but selected three oldest prize shortlist, I think is really a miracle.

The mention of this person, we first thought is probably a phrase:

"No generals in Shu, Liao Hua as pioneer."

You know, Lv Bu, Dian Wei, Guan Yu these outstanding will all die on the battlefield, Liao Hua's still alive.

Live it, still later to pioneer the identity in the battlefield, I admire.

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms", said the first year of King Yao, Liao Hua as a pioneer with Jiang Wei cut wei. Of course, the novel can not be the whole letter, but read the Three Kingdoms can be seen in King Yao six years, Wei Shu, Liu Chan also sent Liao to support Jiang Wei. At that time, it was already 263 years.

So Liao was born when it is?

No records, the historian not on the birthday of someone else's hobby, so in addition to the very famous is found to date of birth, we have calculated.

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms," said Liao is the Yellow turban army origin, do not know where to get the news Mr. Luo, in short, the history is not recorded. However, Liao Hua's date of birth and the Yellow turban rebellion is the same - time

According to the records of the Three Kingdoms, in the year of King Yaoyuan also is A.D. 258, Zhuge Liang's son Zhuge Zhan began preliminary discusses the management, when Liao want to went to his house to seek an audience with him. The result of a call to the people of the people said to him:

"We are over 70 of the old man and the others have, is to die. Why do you have to younger home visits? What do you want?"

That is to say, Liao at this time has more than 70 years of age. In other words, the late Liao Hua was born in the year 189 (in all age), it is still the most late. The Yellow turban rebellion in the year 184, so the Liao is possible after the Yellow turban rebellion.

Careful analysis of the case, we will find a hidden problem. He said they are people over 70 years old, there may be a case of pre seventy years of age or older, Liao has been over eighty years old or more. That is to say, the age of Liao is not capped......

To know when Guan Yu Huang Zhongzhan only demographics of years old, Zhang he is Zhuge Liang's design shot to death also about 60 years old, Zhao is in more than 60 years old mortality. Liao to over 74 years old in the battles, you say he's not beef cattle!

This is the history of the most conservative calculation results, according to Mr. Luo Guanzhong's statement, even more confusing. He said Liao in the Yellow turbans uprising. The Yellow turbans uprising is in AD 184. That is to say, the ability of Liao troops in 184 years the. Liao Hua is not famous young prodigy, according to the twenty and the crown of the argument, at least he was born 164 years ago. So, Liao Dashen is at the age of 100 in the battlefield, this is too scary......

Return to the official history, Liao is died in the spring of 264 years, he in 258 years is 70 years old of above person, so the most conservative calculation he lived at least 76 years old, not capped.

According to the records of the Three Kingdoms, Liao is on Shuhan extinguishes the country moved to Luoyang Road death, although that Chen Shou is dead, but I think it cannot be excluded that non normal death may.

According to research, the average life expectancy of the Eastern Han Dynasty is only 22 years old (this is because the baby early too much). In ancient times, the ratio of people died before the age of 14 to 50%, the average life expectancy is not so early dead less than 44 years old. And Liao so easily live at least 74 years old, reached now the level of China's average life expectancy of men, Liao Huani can also be the.

What is the Liao is a way of keeping good health? Did not like what, summed up his niche, "this is a way of keeping good health.":

Work in the officialdom life, not fame ya chi;

Zhuge Zhan Yong also plans to visit, have ambitions of hobbies;

His life, not sleep, irregular work schedules;

Guan Yu miscues by Wu captive, then secretly ran Shu, not an indifferent attitude with the home.

This man had a three of the most longevity will be candidates, where it reasonable?!